10 Best Games to Play When Bored (All Platforms)

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Do you feel relentlessly bored during the day? And, find nothing to do except for watching the Spider-Man Movies. Try something different this time, when you feel bored. I know how to kill your time and so make your screen time constructive at the same time. I have experienced some best of all time, online and offline games in different genres including royale shooting, fast-paced, brainstorming, puzzles, horror survival, and more.

So here, I conclude down my experience with all these Xbox, Play Station 4, PC, and Android games. However, some are paid and others are free. You can choose what you like from the list below and enjoy.

Hope this will help you to get a great experience!

10 Best Xbox Games to Play When Bored

I have listed down some incredible games of different genres including sci-fi shooting like war-fare to battlefield games. But, there are many more to play. I have mentioned a few more details about the games to offer you the best experience so far. Keep on scrolling to know all 10 best Xbox Games of all time.

Here we go:

Apex LegendsAssassin’s Creed Odyssey Battlefield 1Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)Call of Duty: WarzoneCelesteControlCupheadDoom EternalFIFA 20

1. Apex Legends 

Genre: Battle Royale/ First Person Shooter

Apex Legends based on the genre of battle royale shooting comprises three different teams (each carries 60 players). The team combats with other contenders which you can choose from the pool of legends. The specialty of Apex Legends is that each character possesses unique player abilities. The game has a very classic ping system that offers players to communicate without using vocals.

Amazon Best Price: USD 19.99 

Reasons to Buy:

Fun and exciting gameBrilliant ping systemOutstanding alignment of personalities 

Reasons to Avoid:

Certain weapons need to be refinedBoring battle pass

2. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Genre: Action role-playing

Assassin’s Creed RPG Franchise has developed Assassin Creed Odyssey. The game setting is of the Peloponnesian War. It offers you to choose between Kassandra and Alexios who are the title characters of the game. The game offers some excellent graphics. Each choice you made throughout the game is going to build a narrative for you. The game requires a thought-provoking action.

Amazon Best Price: USD 25.90

Reasons to Buy: 

Dimensional graphicsExplore the great worldMajestic protagonistGripping game story

Reasons to Avoid:

Long-drawn-out game

3. Battlefield 1

Genre: First-person shooter

Battlefield 1 is set during World War 1. It offers one of the most intriguing level designs to portray the blood and brutality of war. The graphics have incredibly touched on every detail of the historic setting. In battlefield 1 each character goes into a different section of the game following a single-player mode. The game also has some interesting weapons and vehicles.  

Amazon Best Price: USD 6.29

Reasons to Buy: 

Great historical set-up, renew seriesStellar single player-role, model experienceUnremittingly exciting combat

Reasons to Avoid:

Stealth details missing

4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

Genre: First-person shooter

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is recently the best installation in the Xbox game series. The game is directed by Activision. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is based on 2007 modern warfare. As the title, Modern Warfare offers some great gears, weapons, shooting pace, graphics, and gadgetry to give the player that effect of Russian and Middle East Modern Wars.

Amazon Best Price: USD 36.36

Reasons to Buy:

Great strategy and gameplay techniquesChanging tone and formatMulti-player mode available

Reasons to Avoid:

Unvarying mechanicsRescripted historical events

5. Call Of Duty: Warzone

Genre: Battle Royale, First-person shooter

Activision Call of Duty: Warzone is the best-selling game from the CoD series. The game has a complete plot with many different and interesting content in it. All in all, it is based on the battle royale shooting, fighting off with 150 players, collecting loot. The best part is that the game has gripping aspects like Gulag and Contracts. The shooting is quite impressive!

Amazon Best Price: Check Amazon

Reasons to Buy:

Huge, enthralling mapSolid, amenable gunplayUneasy Gulag encountersContracts offer different new ways for game-play

Reasons to Avoid: 

Not-so-creative weaponryOverwhelming kill strikes.

6. Celeste

Genre: 2D Platformers

Celeste is the best of the indigo games. It is based on the story of a young girl who has decided to face his mental health problems and navigate his way to the Celeste Mountains. In the game, there are many optional objectives that a player must pass to reach the next board. The game is easy to understand but difficult for beginners.

Amazon Best Price: USD 18.16

Reasons to Buy:

Challenging and appealingIntriguing narrativeTensed gameplay

Reasons to Avoid:

Repetitive gameplay 

7. Control

Genre: Third-person shooter, action-adventure

Remedy’s Entertainment develops one of the best third-person shooting games. In the game, the player found himself in the role of a protagonist Jessie Faden who is searching and combating different paranormal mysteries including the para natural force of hiss. The game provides some great service and shotgun weapons. The player can control these unnatural phenomenal using his superb abilities like mind control.  

Amazon Best Price: USD 25.48

Reasons to Buy:

Amazing particle effectsStimulating art directionCrackly gameplay

Reasons to Avoid:

Slow-going startSmall structural compromises

8. Cuphead

Genre: Run and Gun

The 2017 Game of the Year Award Winner Cuphead is one of the most exclusive indie games on my list. This game is so wholesome that it will often become unputdownable for challenge-seekers. The game Cuphead offers a great and exciting picture of the 1930s animated edition. You may get done dying again and again but it will never let you down.

Green Man Gaming Best Price: USD 19.99

Reasons to Buy:

Phenomenal visuals from the 1930sAuspiciously challengingThe gameplay offers classic platformers

Reasons to Avoid:

Often becomes bothersome.

9. Doom Eternal

Genre: First-person shooter

Doom Eternal is the best of the Xbox games of the genre precise to the first-person shooting. The game graphics and soundtracks are so appealing. In the game, every player is offered innovative weapons and great skills to combat. Doom eternal is intriguing for the special abilities, one can enjoy the most are the flame thrower and all-powerful blood punch. However, double-jump and air-dash are the next-level features of the platformers.

Amazon Best Price: USD 19.99

Reasons to Buy: 

Expeditiously combat and flawless performance.Challenging yet, riveting arenasSteady gameplay Different levels make it enjoyable. 

Reasons to Avoid: 

The end feels fast and hasty.

10. FIFA 20

Genre: Sports, Online gambling (ultimate team)

EA Sports have developed the best game of the year popularly called FIFA 20. FIFA 20 offers both single-player and multiplayer modes to compete for different (3 vs. 3 to 5 vs. 5) matches. You can also customize your players with different costumes, accessories, and shoes. Overall, FIFA 20 gives an outstanding experience with some new updates like new penalties and free-kicks. 

Amazon Best Price: USD 7

Reasons to Buy: 

Neon revelation produces Volta SoccerExcellent game pacingDefending tweaks

Reasons to Avoid:

Career mode needs to updateInsignificant visual upgrades

10 Best PS4 Games to Play When Bored 

Here is another interesting games list to play on Play Station 4. If you are looking up to some worth-playing games you are just at the right place. From different gameplay genres including cinematic single-player models to enthralling multi-player shooting games, this list has everything you need to know about before getting into a game.

Here we go:

BloodborneDeath StrandingDivinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive EditionDreamsFinal Fantasy 7 RemakeFortnite Battle RoyaleGhost Of TsushimaGod Of WarGrand Theft Auto 5Horizon Zero Dawn

1. Bloodborne 

Genre: Action, Role-playing

Bloodborne is the best game to play on PS4. The game is all devised with an excellent combat atmosphere and creative storytelling. The game is easy and challenging. You just need to watch out for your enemies and recognize their attacking patterns for a great fight-off and more chance to win.

Amazon Best Price: USD 14.99

Reasons to Buy:

Grand action-oriented gameplay with RPG combatAppreciative Eerie VictorianChallenging and satisfying 

Reasons to Avoid:

Tough and often feels punishing at times.

2. Death Stranding

Genre: Action

Kojima Production developed this very enthusiastic PS4 game called Death Stranding. The game has a peculiar effect and so, you might not love it but, you can enjoy it. You will be the protagonist Sam Bridges. Sam is a delivery boy who sent in mysterious cargos in the wake of death stranding. 

Amazon Best Price: USD 24.50

Reasons to Buy:

Real hysterical momentumComplicated yet instinctive mechanicsAttractive player performancesCompatible narrative

Reasons to Avoid:

Lethargic combat (in beginning)

3. Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition

Genre: Role-playing

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is the classic edition in the PS4 gameplay. In this game, the players are free to choose the system they want to play. The game is diverse in the plot. If you want to combat, you can go for it. If you want to experience an undead adventurer, just play like that. This game is the finest for the RPG title.

Amazon Best Price: USD 19.99

Reasons to Buy:

Adjustable controls and clear systemFinest RPG foundationsDiversity and fast progress

Reasons to Avoid:

Infuriating camera problems.

4. Dreams

Genre: Playground of creativity

The best PS4 gaming platform that offers players to engage in different creative modes. The dream is more than just a game. Players can do and share every sort of their creative artworks, music, games, on this platform. You can also be accommodated to enjoy other creative worlds made by different players.

Amazon Best Price: USD 17.99

Reasons to Buy:

User-friendly tutorialVariety of creativity toolsNoninnovative players can get many chances.

Reasons to Avoid: 

Some tools have a weak grip

5. Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Genre: Action role-playing

Sony Enix had developed Final Fantasy 7 Remake. This game is the reboot of the best JRPG game. The remaking of the game is incredible because it expands the story of the game and adds more interesting characters. Final Fantasy Remake 7 is so far the best game and a perfect game partner when feeling bored.

Amazon Best Price: USD 43.99

Reasons to Buy:

Engaging VisualsCombat is greatStory additions are incredibleGameplay encourages new experiments.

Reasons to Avoid:

The gameplay plot is nonlinear and the same.

6. Fortnite Battle Royale

Genre: Third-person shooter, battle royale 

Fortnite Battle Royale is the best in the third-person shooting royale games on PS4. It offers you an exclusive experience of multiplayer, fast-paced gameplay. The concept is very intriguing and so, the new content makes it more compelling for many Fortnite fans.

Amazon Best Price: USD 62.99

Reasons to Buy:

The lively and energetic worldZesty combatExclusive mechanics for buildingsPerfect monetization

Reasons to Avoid:

Persistent drifting of worlds

7. Ghost of Tsushima 

Genre: Action-adventure, stealth

Ghost of Tsushima brings an innovative and greater experience to their worlds of feudal and lords. The gameplay is a feudal Japanese setting. The game is an open world where you can live a Samurai life in an astounding historical era set-up. The game covers different aspects with blood-dropping combats.

Amazon Best Price: USD 39.99

Reasons to Buy:

Aesthetic experience to explore the worldStartling and irresistible combatSignificant diversity in gameplay

Reasons to Avoid:

Cling to open-world staplesThe title character is monotonous

8. God Of War

Genre: Action-adventure, Platformer, Hack, and Slash

Sony Santa Monica developed the classic play station 4 God of War. This game is based on an intriguing yet unique concept of a protagonist Kratos, with his war against the Greek mythology of Gods. In this game, Kratos has become a father. The duo encounters different combat scenes now and then.

Amazon Best Price: USD 1.29

Reasons to Buy:

Captivating and wholehearted storylineProfound charactersGreater experience through semi-open world 

Reasons to Avoid:

Slow-paced gameplayLacking DLC

9. Grand Theft Auto 5

Genre: Action-adventure

Grand Theft Auto 5 – the best and the latest installment in the GTA Series. The gameplay is an excellent and adventurous experience with different characters and plots including tennis sim, virtual yoga, racing, and MMO. It is the best of the third-person shooter, action, and story-driven PS4 games.

Amazon Best Price: USD 15.02

Reasons to Buy:

Huge, great worldImpressive GTA 5 gameplayFantastic first-person mode

Reasons to Avoid:

The violence level is terribleOutmoded mission designs.

10. Horizon Zero Dawn

Genre: Action, Role-playing

Guerrilla Games has developed Horizon Zero Dawn. With an overall interesting and fast-paced gameplay, it is set in a prehistoric apocalyptic environment. Aloy is a great protagonist who hunts for the robot dinosaurs. The game has flabbergasting high details to the world.

Amazon Best Price: USD 14

Reasons to Buy:

Protagonist Aloy is eminent.Combat is non-repetitiveBig, sophisticated world to explore

Reasons to Avoid:

The story feels upsetting and perplexedSlow-paced gameplay

10 Best PC Games to Play When Bored 

If you are a PC Gamer and tuning in to check some best PC games released in these years. Then, read the article to the end and try out the games which give you an ingenious experience to the most. So without any further due let’s take a look for the most compelling fresh and latest PC games that offer amazing visuals with the best storyline and characters so far.

And, here we go:

ValiantCyberpunk 2077Wasteland 3Gears tacticsRed Dead Redemption 2League Of LegendsMicrosoft Flight SimulatorResident Evil VillageThe Witcher 3: Wild HuntGhost Runner 

1. Valorant 

Genre: First-person, hero shooter, F2P Tactical shooter.

Valorant is the classic example of the CS: GO type games. The game consists of two teams with 5 players in each. One of the teams is the attackers; they plant the bomb at different spots. The other team is the defenders; they are required to defuse them before they explode. The game is so entertaining and enthralling.

Similar: CS: GO, Overwatch

Graphics: Cartoonish Graphics, low-end PCSs, TF2-Like

Gameplay: FPS, team-based, 5 vs. 5, Competitive

2. Cyberpunk 2077

Genre: Action, Role-playing

Cyberpunk 2077 is the greatest of all PC games. This installment offers an impressive and driven open-world exploration. If you have played Cyberpunk before you must know that the game offers multiple options to customize your character according to the part of the story you are engaged within the gameplay. A player can explore beautiful Night City and enjoy great combat pace.

Similar: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, The Witcher 3, GTA 5, CloudPunk

Graphics: Astonishing and classic visuals

Gameplay: Open-World gameplay, first-person, single-player mode 

3. Wasteland 3

Genre: Role-playing game (RPG)

Wasteland 3 is the best role-playing game. The RPG gameplay has some great details to the characters, creation, levels, and other special aspects and all present therein the Wasteland 3. Apart from the specifications, Wasteland 3 is unique because it figures out your actions. If your actions result in meaningful consequences, you are provided with some cool rewards. You can play this game with your friends. 

Similar: Divinity: Original Sin 2, The Amulet Of Chaos, XCOM Series, Wasteland 2, Baldur’s Gate, The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk,

Graphics: Aesthetic for the genre

Gameplay: Squad combat and exploration 

4. Gears tactics 

Genre: turn-based tactics

Gear Tactics is overwhelmingly the all-time best PC game with no troubleshooting, smooth moving, good pace, and special actions. The game has five different classes of soldiers. Each soldier has different skills and weapons. You can select from the pool to make out the best of the bunch that complements your missions. The collection of loots is so enjoyable. Also, the ready-for-risk and reward-winning moments are worth it.

Similar: Warhammer, XCOM Series, Battletech, 40,000: Mechanicus 

Graphics: Amazing visuals, variety of options, cut scenes are stunning 

Gameplay: top-down, turn-based, linear gameplay 

5. Red Dead Redemption 2

Genre: Action-adventure 

Rockstar developed Red Dead Redemption 2 which is the best installment. RDR2 is huge open-world gameplay. RDR2 has everything in it from side quests, minigames, activities, and more, or you can simply explore what’s around you. The game is quite impressive for fascinating PvP shooting, great horse racing, and picture-perfect scenery. Red Dead Redemption 2 has everything in the world. 

Similar: The Witcher 3, Mad Max, GTA V, Assassin’s Creed: Origins/Odyssey,

Graphics: Mind-boggling, mods made it look even better 

Gameplay: Third/first-person shooter, Open world, Cowboys 

6. League of Legends

Genre: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)

League of Legends is the leading PC game for many years. League of Legends requires countless hours and great efforts to master the gameplay mechanics. Players can have an outclass experience of real combat, defensive techniques, individual and team strategy. To upgrade the character’s strength, players can accommodate various items and weapons. If you want to experience something more incredible than watching Avengers Infinity, play League of Legends now!

Similar: Heroes of the Storm, Dota 2, Smite

Graphics: World of Warcraft-esque

Gameplay: multiplayer, competitive, battles, 5 vs. 5

7. Microsoft Flight Simulator

Genre: simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator is technically the best airplane simulator game of the decades. This game offers some very jaw-dropping moments when you test your skills against others. The game is challenging and intriguing because you will always find yourself trying a better strategy to become a master in flying, landing, and spinning skills. For newbies, they can make the processes turn to automation. This is how it becomes easy, but, don’t worry the experience will be the same – the best.

Similar: X-Plane 11, Previous MSFS Games

Graphics: Intriguing gameplay and out of the world graphics

Gameplay: flying, simulating, exploring the earth

8. Resident Evil Village

Genre: Survival horror

After the Resident Evil 7, it is so far the best installment that kicks off the Franchise with some best reviews. Resident Evil Village is the perfect balance of a story and horror survival. The player will encounter different enemies like Lycans, Vampires, and Zombies. The graphics make it more horrible and realistic.

Similar: resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Far Cry 6, Returnal, Resident Evil Series

Graphics: excellent graphics, sinister soundtracks

Gameplay: single layer, multiplayer, open-world

9. The Witcher 3: Wild hunt  

Genre: Action, Role-playing 

The Witcher 3: The wild hunt is the best of the genre of open-world games. Apart from the gorgeous world, there is much more than just exploring. Witcher is referred to as a Monster Slayer, who has several weapons and magics to kill and fight with humans and other creatures including animals. You can increase Witcher’s powers by giving mutagens. The game has different interesting items to increase Witcher’s health. It is though very interesting and the best of the PC games.

Similar: The Witcher Series, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and Oblivion, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Gothic 2, The Fallout Series 

Graphics: Strong visuals, intriguing graphics, mods bring everything to the next level 

Gameplay: Open-world, team-based, exploration, single player

10. Ghostrunner

Genre: Action, Platform

The game is set during the post-apocalyptic dystopian. The Dharma tower is the only place left for the refuge of humanity. You want to ascend to the top of the tower but, it will not going to be a piece of cake. You either have to scratch your enemy’s head or break down his leg, in case; you don’t want to run out of the tower. It is as challenging as the best one could be. 

Similar: Cloudpunk, Mirror’s edge, Cyberpunk, NieR:Automata, Wasteland 3

Graphics: graphics are pretty good 

Gameplay: Tough, Fun, Single-player, Challenging

10 Best Android Games to Play When Bored 

We all have androids yet we feel bore or doing nothing because we don’t have some goods game applications installed. Following are the 10 best android games of all time which you must download now and enjoy. I bet you will never get done with these games until you finished. So, play what feels more interesting but, better know that all are addictive. You are warned!

Here we go:

Candy Crush SagaPlants VS. ZombiesCrossy RoadSuper Mario EmulatorTwo DotsIncrediboxGardenscapesAge of 2048Unpuzzle 2Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

1. Candy Crush Saga

The best tile-matching video game

Genre: Puzzle

Candy Crush Saga is popular among all. And the reasons are quite obvious. It is the best game with a good user interface, is easy to play, and is free of cost. However, it contains certain in-app purchases which are completely optional. If you are interested in a match-3 puzzle this is perfect for you.

Good Qualities:  

New levels entry after every two weeks.Variation in game modesYou can play both online and offline

Bad Qualities: 

The game is repetitive after some levels.Later levels are frustratingly difficult

2. Plants VS. Zombies

The great real-time strategy game

Genre: Tower-defense game, Strategy

The plant vs. Zombies is a fun and exciting game with a unique concept of planting trees to stop the invasion of zombie visitors. However, this one is also great but, the original Plants vs. Zombies; from the franchise was the best.

Good Qualities:

The gameplay is peaceful, easy-to-understandLater levels become more challengingAfter 50 levels you get access to survival modeThe endearing graphics and presentation.

Bad Qualities:

Ads can be infuriating all the timeThe music turns off often.

3. Crossy Road

The fantastic action-adventure game

Genre: Arcade, Endless runner 

Crossy Road is the upgrade version of Froggie. But this one is without that cute animal. Crossy road provides you easy gameplay. In the game, you must be guiding the animals across highways and roads. It is addictive and cost-free.

Good Qualities:

The gameplay design is so nostalgic. It often feels intriguing to playersMultiplayer mode of the gameUnlocking cute characters throughout the gameEnjoyable and worth-playing

Bad Qualities:

The game becomes nonlinear at times.Relentless ads. It is optional to pay and get rid of all at once.Earning game currency can feel arduous.

4. Super Mario Emulator

Super Mario – An incredible platformer game

Super Mario Emulator is the best android game of all time. Super Mario is fun playing for long hours. Just target the turtles that come along Mario’s way and use the right controls to jump and walk through small tunnels at the right time.

Genre: Platformer

Good Qualities:

If you have played Super Mario Bros then this game is just like it.Game controls are familiar and captivating settingFree of cost

Bad Qualities:

Continuous ads feel disgusting to playersThis game is illegal and can abolish any time. Play at your own risk!

5. Two Dots

The glorious puzzle video game

Genre: Puzzle game

Two Dots is an adventure, hunting game for all casual players out there. You can enjoy different matching games and treasure hunting games. It is easy to learn and play while having a great experience every time. It is completely free to download. 

Good Qualities:

A perfect balance of having an adventure while solving puzzle mysteriesIt has more than 2000 levelsAppealing and heart-captivating design and graphics

Bad Qualities:

Power-ups and extra moves are monetizedAds slow down the game control, often the app crashedYou need a decent deal of coins to play Scavengers Hunt

6. Incredibox

The Fascinating musical game 

Genre: music video game 

Incredibox is one of the best music games. Believe me or not, it is worth paying $4.49 for Android. If you love composing music you can customize your music library by adding different playlists of your own. There are 6 different musical types including various sound effects, melodies, and beats to offer a complete finishing to your music. 

Good Qualities:

You can compose your music with different sound effectsUsing Automation Mode can compose a mixture of different effects and tonesMore enhancements to tunes can be added by animated choruses.

Bad Qualities:

The game has high-cost for Android usersMy saved music library is hard to navigateBluetooth support is nutty.

7. Gardenscapes

The exciting puzzle video game

Genre: puzzle game

Gardenscapes is as colorful and sweetly addictive as its visuals. You can set your beautiful garden with flowers, vegetables, or fruits. It is a complete fun package with both puzzling and gardening together. It is free to download.

Good Qualities:

You will enjoy mending different areas of the plotYou can be a friend to many NPCsMatch 3 level has up to 100 rounds 

Bad Qualities:

Later levels cost in-app purchases or either you cannot compete.Cross-device saving works well only with FacebookMinigames come out scarcely

8. Age Of 2048

The smartest sliding title puzzle video game

Genre: Puzzle game

Age of 2048 is a civilization game. It has three different plots, all in one game. You can recreate history by making different buildings and solving puzzles. Be aware of your every next move because it will contribute to add a new block to the building area. It is fast-paced, challenging, but impressive. 

Good Qualities:

An easy yet challenging gameplayIt seems quite interesting that each civilization can have their background musicA brilliant and compelling art design

Bad Qualities:

Game controls feel fumblingYour game will end with any accidental swipe. So be careful with handling

9. Unpuzzle 2

The amazing online puzzle game

Genre: Puzzle game

Unpuzzle 2 is the most challenging and unique jigsaw puzzle game. In the beginning, it gives you a feeling like it’s an easy job. But, soon you will realize that you cannot replace any part of the puzzle unless it gets fixed to the new placement. You need to brainstorm before moving every part of the jigsaw puzzle in the right way to unpuzzle all the parts.

Good Qualities:

The game is challenging, fun, and brainstorming neededA clear and impactful art design with soft musicThe game is not frustrating which is a good point

Bad Qualities:

No tutorials for newbiesMobile versions unavailable

10. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

The awesome life simulation game

Genre: Social Simulation game

Animal Crossing Pocket Simulator is the best of the Nintendo social simulating games. You can choose your favorite campsite and enjoy yourself or with your friends as you like. You can also customize your campsite by building an open-air café or amusement park. This is great fun!

Good Qualities:

The adoring characters are so fun to play Clear and attractive visuals Gameplay has a lot of exciting clothing and furniture accessoriesThese accessories are more than thousandsThe game always come up with new exciting content seasonally

Bad Qualities:

The game lacks feature-packed qualities like other main seriesPlayers depend on leaf ticket currency which is irksome at timesGameplay must update with more interacting ways for making friends.

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