10 Puzzles Based on Kids’ Books to Help Keep Your Home Piece-ful

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Somehow, this bookish weirdo didn’t know that puzzles based on kids’ books existed. I’d just never thought of it. Without a doubt, there’s nothing like doing a jigsaw puzzle to while away a piece-ful evening. (Haha get it? Like puzzle pieces? I’m here all week. Don’t forget to tip the waitstaff.) If you are a bookish puzzle lover, this post is for you.

Did you know that the first jigsaw puzzles were deconstructed maps of the British Empire created by mapmaker John Spilsbury in the 1760s? Although he called them “dissected maps,” the gist was the same. Puzzle pieces weren’t cut into fancy shapes until 1873 when the jigsaw tool was created. Subsequently, the term “jigsaw puzzle” first appeared around 1909.

The world record for the biggest jigsaw puzzle is 551,232 pieces! Sixteen thousand students from the University of Economics of Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), at the Phu Tho Stadium in Ho Chi Minh City, puzzled over it for 17 hours before completing it. Obviously, lots of people enjoy and collect puzzles, but Luiza Figueiredo of Brazil takes the cake. She has the largest collection in the world at 1,047 sets.

If you’re hoping to catch up with Figueiredo, you’d better get started! Many fabulous and talented folks over on Etsy have created beautiful puzzles based on kids’ books. However, I do know that some of these might be a bit of a reach. When I found a puzzle that gave me bookish vibes, I couldn’t help but include it. Without further ado, here’s what I’ve put together (get it??)!

These Puzzles Based on Kids’ Books are the Perfect Fit

Nobody is surprised that I started with this fabulous Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland–themed puzzle. With 1000 pieces, this whimsical puzzle will keep kids busy for hours. $19

If you enjoy Alice’s adventures, but that first one was a little too intricate, this teatime puzzle might be the right fit for you. (That’s right. I’m still punning. You’re welcome.) $19

Evidently, there are lots of Wonderland-inspired puzzles out there. If you prefer a more vintage take on the tale, then you’ll love this classic puzzle. $23

Finally, if you like a little surrealism with your fun, you’ll love this Alice in a Dali Dream puzzle. $23

Honestly, I’m not sure if this one is intentional or if I’m reaching. However, this inclusive puzzle feels reminiscent of the excellent picture book All Are Welcome. $20

Next, this charming 200-piece puzzle is based on The Tale of Peter Rabbit. Lovers of his mischievous adventures will are sure to love this gorgeous rendering. $23

Alternatively, if Peter Pan is more your speed, you’ll enjoy this exciting puzzle that captures a sword fight between Peter and Captain Hook. $18

Spend some time with Dorothy and the gang with this whimsical puzzle based on The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. $20

Anyone who loves kids’ books will want this fabulous puzzle featuring covers from many childhood favorites. $30

Also, this classics-inspired puzzle will please lovers of adventure. $15

Bonus: More Bookish Puzzles for Your Collection

Naturally, I couldn’t help throwing in a few more options for you, my fellow book nerds. Enjoy these bonus offers.

All I need in life are cats, books, tea, and maybe this puzzle of cats sitting on books. $20

This puzzle captures the feel of a library brimming with imagination. $17

I hope that you found a puzzle that is the right fit for you or the bookish kiddos in your life. If you enjoyed this list, you might like these other Book Riot posts:

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– Mikkaka Overstreet

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