12 Awesome Star Wars Cross-Stitch Patterns for Your Next Embroidery Project

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Star Wars is such a huge fandom that you can find all sorts of goodies to showcase your love for it. Take for example embroidery patterns! To me, these are extra fun reminders of one of my favorite movie sagas because I also get to make my own project — which can be time-consuming but oh, so satisfying too. Diving into everyone’s favorite online store Etsy, I found tons of Star Wars cross-stitch embroidery patterns that seem super fun to make. So I wanted to share them with you!

Couple of small disclaimers before we start with the actual patterns. First, for this list I chose a range of easy to complicated patterns that all come with detailed, downloadable instructions. So while some projects are harder, they are still “easy” to do. Plus, they’re all in the cross-stitch pattern, which is easier to follow for beginners. Another thing, most if not all of these also come with recommendations of fabric and floss colors to really match the original design if you want. But all of them are downloadable PDF files with the patterns and instructions on how to make them — NOT embroidery kits. So keep that in mind as you shop!

So without further ado, let’s take a look at 12 fun Star Wars cross stitch patterns!

12 Star Wars Cross Stitch Patterns from Etsy

Display our favorite Mandalorian’s helmet with this simple cross-stitch pattern. This is the way. $3

You can show your love for any (and all) of the trilogies with this lightsaber cross-stitch pattern. $5

How about embroidering six of the most iconic Star Wars ships with this tiny cross-stitch patterns? $5

This pair of cross-stitch embroidery patterns with Han and Leia’s iconic quote are super easy to follow and look great on display! $5

Leia’s hairstyle is iconic, as is this beautiful cross-stitch pattern of it! $4

This botanical pattern makes the Rebel Alliance logo look super unique. Believe it or not, most of it is actually cross-stitched too. $5.50

This pretty cross-stitch pattern is a gentle reminder that the force will be with you, always. $5

This Darth Vader cross-stitched embroidery is absolutely hilarious and pretty simple to make. $3

This Tatooine silhouette cross-stitch pattern also doubles as a Death Star. Plus it’s actually easier to make than it looks! $9

This is a slightly more complicated silhouette to embroider. But seeing Baby Yoda and Mando together is absolutely worth it. $5

This BB-8 pattern is a little more complicated because of the amount of detail. But even beginner embroiders can follow it with ease! $3

I left the most complicated designs for last. They require a lot more time, but the instructions keep them simple enough. Plus they look great together! $9

Looking for more Star Wars goodies? Check out these enamel pins. Or if you want to check out more bookish cross stitch and embroidery patterns, we have them, too!

– Rey Rowland

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