13 Beautiful Bookish Temporary Tattoos

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I would love to be covered in bookish tattoos, but the reality is that my wallet would not love it, and more importantly, I find it incredibly hard to decide on what I would have on my body for the rest of forever. Because of this, I only have two small tattoos (so far). Lucky for me, temporary tattoo technology seems to have increased in quality exponentially since I last got a temporary tattoo as a child. Have you seen these things?! You can get a temporary tattoo that is an entire chest piece!

As I was down the rabbit hole of temporary tattoos, I found a bunch of bookish temporary tattoos that I wanted to share. Some last only a couple days, but some of these can last up to two weeks. A real tattoo, especially a good real tattoo, is going to set you back at least a couple hundred dollars. The temporary tattoos I’ll share here are affordable fun without the commitment (and without the needles). They’re also great to slip into a greeting card for that bookish teen you know who is not yet old enough for real ink. Of course, if you’re like me, even trying to make a decision about a temporary tattoo is a monumental effort, so here are some of my favorites:

Small Quotation Marks Temporary Tattoos: Classic with endless possibilities! $4

Large Quotation Marks Temporary Tattoos: Also classic, but when what you have to say is a bit bolder. $5

Not Today Temporary Tattoo: What do we say to the god of death? $4

Drogon Temporary Tattoo: Calling all mothers of dragons! $14

Smaug Temporary Tattoo: I really do love this tattoo inspired by Tolkien’s dragon, Smaug $7

Frodo’s Brooch Temporary Tattoo: “Not idly do the leaves of Lorien fall.” $14

Tolkien Quote Temporary Tattoo: Perfect for all my fellow Tolkien-loving wanderers $5

Typewriter Temporary Tattoo: I like this so much that I’m considering getting a permanent one $10

Open Book Temporary Tattoo: Maybe you’re an open book or maybe your story is yet to be written $3

3 Book-Lover Temporary Tattoos: Can I just cover my body in book tattoos? Is that allowed? $7

Auryn Temporary Tattoo: Watching the movie as an adult is a bit of a chore but the theme song still slaps $17

Turn the Page Temporary Tattoo: If you’re excited to find out what’s next, just turn the page! $19

Alice in Wonderland Temporary Tattoo: I knew I wanted to include at least one big one and this artwork of Alice is lovely! $6

– Patricia Elzie-Tuttle

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