20 Best Anime Like Erased You Can’t Skip (2021 Update)

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Erased is also called Boku dake ga Inai Machi, literally translated as “The Town Where Only I Am Missing”. This anime is a mystery, sci-fi thriller about 29 year-old Satoru Fujinuma, who possesses the revival ability to alter future tragic events. Moreso, the plot is based on time travel and efforts which are put in to save people’s lives.

I’m sure when the anime ended, you found yourself craving more for your eyes to feast upon. Well, calm your minds because we’ve got you as there are all genres of anime with similar themes and plots to keep you entertained. Therefore, stay on, as I’d take you through the 20 best anime like Erased you can’t skip!

20. The Lost Village (Mayoiga)

It all begins when thirty young people venture on a trip to find Nanaki. Nanaki is a village with urban legend tales of perfection hidden deep in the mountains where they all troop, to escape life’s troubles. However, upon arrival, they are thrown into dismay as Nanaki is nothing like its tales. 

To everyone’s surprise, it is a lifeless bizarre village with no inhabitants. However, the situation gets worse as some people begin to act abnormally. 

But as the story progresses, will they uncover the truth about Nanaki?

19. Case Closed

Case closed is a Japanese detective manga series that follows a high school detective Shinichi Kudo. It begins when he gets attacked by members of a syndicate called the Black Organization during a criminal investigation. Also, they give him an experimental drug that shrinks him to a seven-year-old, but with his sleuthing skills intact. 

Subsequently, he adopts the name Conan Edogawa to cover his identity. He then lives with his childhood friend, a detective who solves cases posing as Mr. Kogoro Mori. As time goes on, he investigates the Black Organization and meets with Ai Haibara, the maker of the drug.

I promise you; this is a fun anime which you won’t regret watching!

18. The Promised Neverland

Emma, Norman and Ray are three children who live in an isolated orphanage alongside others. They live a happy life with a golden rule: never cross the orphanage gate until they are adopted at 12.

Emma breaks this rule and discovers the lifeless body of a child believed to have been adopted. As such, Emma gets suspicious of the home and their Mama. Eventually, she finds a grave truth and takes it upon herself to save all the orphanage children from such a catastrophic fate. 

The similarity between this anime and Erased lies in the protagonists fighting to save loved ones.

17. Again

Kin’ichiro Imamura prepares to graduate from high school after living a solitary life. On his last day at school, he attempts a  break-in but falls down a flight of stairs and wakes up transported back 3 years in time. Thus, he reappears on his first day of high school, grasps the chance to make changes, and even joins the Ouendan club. 

Interestingly, Imamura doesn’t go back in time alone, he goes with Akira Fudieja; the class queen bee. Imamura works to reconstruct his social life and revive the Ouendan club.

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16. Another

Another is a spooky horror anime that will leave you in cold and frightful suspense. Another and Erased have a similar plot; the protagonists are drawn to lonely girls whilst attempting to save their classmates from impending death. 

The story revolves around Koichi Sakakibara, who is drawn to a strange girl called Mei Misaki upon transfer to middle school. She divulged to Koichi that the class is cursed with death. Therefore, he makes inquiries on this, but no one discloses any information.

True to Misaki’s words, death revolves around the members of class 9-3. Therefore, Koichi takes it upon himself to learn the truth and bring an end to the horrors of death plaguing his class.

15. Your Name

Taki Tachibana, a high school boy in Tokyo and Mitsuha Miyamizu, a high school girl in a Japanese village, find themselves in a body swap. Unknowingly, the body-swap ability runs in Mitsuha’s family as they are guardians of the shrine.

Through the body swap, Mitsuha tries to evacuate the inhabitants of her hometown before the crash of a comet. However, this crash would destroy Itomori and everyone in it. The story involves a lot of time travel and movement between time frames. 

Thus, Taki struggles to understand the situation and does his best to help.

14. Colorful

This anime relates to death and a chance to change the past and correct wrongs; in the same manner, Satoru tries to erase past mistakes. A sad soul is offered a second chance at life in the body of 14 years old Makoto Kobayashi, who committed suicide. However, Purapura, a guardian spirit, aids the soul.

The soul is given six months to figure out the most significant mistakes and sins committed in his past life. Additionally, he has the responsibility of discovering why Makoto overdosed on pills, killing himself. 

The soul discovers a bit of a shocker, albeit excellent, because he is given a real chance to live again without a time frame.

13. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Makoto Konno, an outgoing 17 years old high school girl, discovers from her aunt Kazuko Yoshihama that she can travel through time. Thus, she experiments with issues like avoiding lateness and cooking errors. However, she does this till she discovers her alterations have adverse effects on others. 

When she discovers a limit to her leaps, she strives to make things right. In the course of this, she falls in love with her best friend, who she discovers is from the future. 

This anime has to do with love and time travel, however, on a lighter note when compared to Erased.

12. Tokyo Revengers

Nakamichi Hanagaki, an unemployed 26 years old learns of the murder of Hinata Tachibana, his ex-girlfriend from mid-school and her brother Naoto. On the same day, he encounters death but finds himself teleported 12 years back to middle school. Therefore, he meets Naoto and creates a time paradox with a handshake, where Naoto is drawn into the present. 

Whenever they hold hands, Takemichi is transported back to the past. So, he vows to save Hinata from being killed by the Tokyo Manji Gang. Subsequently, he shuffles between past and present to prevent her death and discovers a much bigger problem. 

If you love Erased, you’ll inevitably love this anime because its class is high.

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11.  A Distant Neighborhood

As a middle-aged worker named Hiroshi Nakahara journeys back to Tokyo, he mistakenly boards a train heading to his hometown. Thus, after arriving at Kuroyashi, he visits his deceased mother’s grave and discovers that he is fourteen again. 

Hiroshi Nakahara is forced to deal with the harsh realities of his childhood life. Things like the sudden disappearance of his father and the fatal death of his mother come back to haunt him. Amidst these, his mind races with thoughts of his wife and children in Tokyo.

He slowly opens up to this chance to relive his youth with foreknowledge of events. But will he be able to change his past for the better? 

Those who find themselves often wishing to return to their childhood will find this anime interesting.

10. Mirai Nikki: Future Diary

Yuki is a teenage loner who has a dear diary he pours out his emotions into. He wakes up one morning to find his cellphone filled with diary entries about the next 90 days. However, he dismisses this at first but goes back to it when he sees the entries occurring. 

Eventually, he discovers he is part of a game of eleven players who also have similar diaries. However, the players must contend against themselves, and the sole survivor would emerge as the god of time. 

9. Charlotte

In an alternate world, a comet called Charlotte passes by the earth every 75 years. This affects 0.3% of the population who gain special abilities when they hit puberty. As a result of Charlotte’s effects, Yuu Otosaka can possess others and absorb their powers.

He successfully conceals his abilities and lives an everyday life until he meets Nao Tomori. A series of sad events show him the downsides of possessing powers, and he takes It upon himself to rid the adolescents of their abilities.

8. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Years ago Meiko Menma Honma died in an accident. After her death, her group of friends parted ways. However, five years later, Meiko’s ghost appears to Jinta Yadomi, their group leader, to ask a favor. 

She seeks help in fulfilling her last wish, which she has no memory of before passing on to the afterlife. Jinta summons the group to put memories together and decipher her last wish. However, he is accused of hallucinating as he is the only one who sees Meiko.

Meiko later appears to the group, and feelings are rekindled. They all come together to find a way to help. Nevertheless, Meiko would remind you of Kayo as their friends try to help them both.

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7. When They Cry

This is a story about a group of friends and a series of murders in the village of Hinamizawa. The town seems a peaceful settlement until it is revealed that a series of deaths always occur before the yearly Watanagashi festival to celebrate the deity. 

Without an explanation, the villagers named it the Oyashiro curse. Rika Furude, Keichii and their friends have tried to investigate the murders with no positive results. Also, Rika, the priestess of the Furude shrine, can communicate with Hanyu the goddess of the clan. 

They discover they have been living through a series of time loops and seek Hanyu’s help to prevent the disaster and end the loop.

6. Steins; Gate

Self-proclaimed mad scientist Rintarou Okabe and his hacker friend Mayuri Dari form the Future Gadget Research Laboratory. Their inventions are never worthwhile, but this changes with the phone microwave. 

Through a wrong experiment, they discover they can send messages to the past that will alter future events. Thus, using the phone microwave, Rintarou travels through time to fix the past and save the present. 

However, there are unforeseen consequences, but what could they be?

5. Zestuen No Tempest

This anime is as complex as Shakespeare’s “Tempest” and as enjoyable as “Hamlet”. Best friends Fuwa Mahiro and Takigawa Yoshino proceed on a voyage to unmask the culprit of Aika’s murder. Note that, Aika is Mahiro’s younger sister and Yoshino’s secret girlfriend, murdered alongside their parents a year ago.

Hakaze Kusaribe, the leader of the Kusaribe clan being estranged from his followers, brokers a deal with the duo. He helps them nail the culprit while they help him prevent the actions of his clan. Therefore, the Kusaribe clan threatens to awaken the Exodus tree whose power can ruin the world.

This is a touching story of a sacrifice to save the world, including some time travel elements.

4. From the New World

This anime is set a thousand years in the future when the world is in chaos with only one eerie town left. The surviving humans have mystic powers called “Canto”. Consequently, the use of these powers for the crime had led to the fall of modernity. 

As a result, genetic modifications were made to prevent violence by psychic individuals. There are subservient monster rats and cats used to eliminate seemingly powerful children. Therefore, Saki Watanabe discovers the truth about the era and strives to change the world at all costs.

3. Orange

If you’re a fan of surprises, then this anime is the one for you. It tells the tale of 17 years old Naho Takamiya who receives a letter from her 27 years old friend. 

The letter, which travels through time, informs Naho to watch out for Kakeru Naruse and avoid falling in love with him as he would die before the year elapses. It also spells out other regrets. Nevertheless, the older version of Naho warns the younger of mistakes and things she could do differently. 

But, it’s easier said than done. As the knowledge of the future doesn’t make it easier for younger Naho to do things differently.

2. ReZero

A NEET, Natsuki Subaru gets transported to a fantasy world on his way home from a convenience store. Not long after his arrival, he is killed while trying to help Emilia, a half-elf and successor to the throne.

Natsuki reawakens with the realization that he can turn back the hands of time. Therefore, he does this on countless occasions to help Emilia and his other friends. 

Unknown to his friends, he suffers pain every time he dies, and the memories never disappear. Nevertheless, he remains a selfless protagonist.

1. ReLife

Twenty-seven-year-old Kaizaki Arata can’t find a job he loves after quitting his first job. Depressed and frustrated, he meets Ryo Yoake, a member of Relife institute. However, Yoake offers Kaizaki a job offer as a drug tester. 

The drug is aimed at providing a chance to experience youth again and fix past wrongs and mistakes. Consequently, this drug turns Kaizaki into 17 years old in the experimental process.

ReLife is an intriguing anime that draws you to the fantasy of a second chance to live again while helping yourself and others.

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