20 Best Christian Movies On Hulu You Can Watch Right Now

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Plenty of people go on Hulu to watch movies that are about specific topics that are dear to them. There are those who hold their Christian faith close to their heart and would want to watch films that allow them to feel proud to be Christian. That is why there are some amazing Christian movies that you can watch on Hulu right now.

Even though some people don’t necessarily enjoy movies about religion, you should know that Christian movies are not entirely about religion but about the lessons and teachings that you learn. That said, regardless of what your personal beliefs may be, you will still enjoy the best Christian movies on Hulu that we have made a list of.

Best Christian Movies on Hulu

If you are someone who wants to enjoy a nice quiet day watching Christian movies that will allow you to feel proud to be Christian, or if you are someone who feels down and wants to watch a good Christian movie to feel renewed spiritually, the good news for you is that Hulu has a good library full of the best Christian movies you can watch. Of course, we have made a good list that you will surely love.

1. Silence (2016)

Starring Andrew Garfield, who you are probably familiar with in the Amazing Spider-Man films, and Adam Driver, who you are familiar with as Kylo Ren in the new Star Wars trilogy, Silence is about two Portuguese Catholic missionaries who are in search of their mentor, who they haven’t heard from for a very long time.

Silence is set in the 17th century, when Catholicism was still spreading throughout Asia. In that regard, the film explores the journey of two priests who went on a journey to Japan to search for their mentor. But when they heard about how their mentor abandoned his faith, the duo went through all lengths to uncover the truth. 

2. Catching Faith (2015)

When you first look at the poster of Catching Faith, you will instantly think that this is a movie that is about football and religion. We are not certain why there are plenty of football movies about religion but what we can say for sure is that Catching Faith actually has little to do with the sport, in case you don’t want to watch a cliché football movie about religion.


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Even though the poster might say it’s a football movie, Catching Faith is more of a family movie that dwells on a Christian family dealing with the different trials of life. It covers a lot of relatable issues that parents and kids should be able to connect with, and that makes this Christian movie a good film to watch with the entire family.

3. Greater (2016)

For those who are looking for Christian movies on Hulu that are indeed about football, then this film is for you. Unlike the previous movie on this list, there is no mistaking the fact that Greater is about football because of how it revolves around the true story of a football player in Arkansas.

Greater follows the true story of Arkansas football player Brandon Burlsworth, who was an undersized player throughout his entire life. Being undersized, Burlsworth needed to prove himself every single day by putting in a hundred percent of his effort every single time. So, in a sense, this is a film that explores the self-belief, faith, hard work, and determination of a player that needs to be greater than himself so that he can do whatever it takes to follow his dream.

4. Priceless (2016)

Priceless is a story about a man who needs to cling to his faith as he is tested to the limits in a film that is all about knowing what it means to believe and to strive hard to set things right. And it is important for you to note that this is a movie that really tests the limits of someone’s faith as a Christian.

The movie follows James Stevens, who had a good life but suddenly found himself in the most difficult battle of his life. He lost his wife to death and his daughter in a custody battle because he didn’t have enough money to keep her. That said, he takes a job as a truck driver, but he unknowingly smuggles two girls. So, in a way, the events test James’ resolve and faith as he strives to earn enough money for his daughter while fixing some of the other issues in his life.

5. I Still Believe (2020)

I Still Believe is another movie that is based on a true story. And what you will love about this movie is that it isn’t only about faith but is also about love and how someone strives hard to get over the loss of a loved one. In a way, it tells you that there will always be something to be hopeful about.

The movie is based on the life of American contemporary Christian singer Jeremy Camp and his first wife, Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp. Melissa was diagnosed with ovarian cancer just before they got married, and Jeremy’s faith and resolve are pushed to the limits in this heartwarming story.

6. Paul, Apostle of Christ (2018)

We now depart from the usual Christian movies that are set in the modern-day to give you a film that happened nearly two thousand years ago. Of course, this is about the story of Paul, one of the greatest preachers in the history of Christianity.

Paul, Apostle of Christ, follows the story of Paul, who was sentenced to death by the Roman Emperor Nero. So, for him to tell his story as a preacher, Luke visits him in the dungeons, as Paul urges him to tell his story to the world.

7. I Can Only Imagine (2018)

I Can Only Imagine is a movie that explores the growing pains of a teenager living under the roof of an abusive parent. It also tells the story of how powerful forgiveness can be and how anyone can have the power to forgive.

Arthur is a troubled and problematic teen who almost always fails in the things he does in life because of how he often finds himself in distress due to the fact that he grew up with an abusive father. However, when his focus shifts to music, he finds success in it as he tries to fix his relationship with his father by writing a song based on forgiveness.

8. Remember the Goal (2016)

Remember the Goal is another Christian movie that revolves around sports. However, unlike the usual vanilla football movie, we now have one of the sports that you will hardly ever see on the big sports channel, as cross country running is the sport highlighted in this film.

The movie focuses on female athletes of a sport that you hardly ever see in movies. Its story follows the arrival of a new coach at a private school, and the coach manages to change things in a different way. In that regard, the coach manages to discuss spiritual matters with the different girls of the cross country running a team of that school, as they face growing pains and different issues.

9. The Song (2014)

The Song is a film that gives you a refreshing look at Christian movies because it is no longer about sports. Instead, we have a romantic tale about two people who raise a family but manage to stumble upon problems of their own. In a way, the events of this story were inspired by the Song of Solomon, as we are promised a heartwarming movie about faith and romance.

What happens in this movie is that the work and passions of the main characters make them feel strained. In a way, they try to resolve their own personal issues regarding the line between career and family. This makes it a great movie for the entire family if you want to watch a Christian movie that everyone in the household will love.

10. Pilgrimage (2017)

The Pilgrimage is something entirely different from the other films that we have discussed above. That’s because it is set in the 1200s and is not about family, romance, sports, or anything similar to any of the other themes we have talked about.

Instead, The Pilgrimage is about a group of Monks in Ireland as they reluctantly transport an important religious relic from one monastery to another. And their journey forces them to travel in lands that are too perilous for them.

11. Jonah: The Musical (2017)

The tale of Jonah is one of the most popular bible stories ever, not because of the different life lessons you learn but because of the fact that Jonah was swallowed by a huge fish or a whale, whichever story you might have heard.

That said, Jonah: The Musical is a stage musical play that was filmed. It follows the story of Jonah, who received the word of God that he must forgive and show mercy on the Ninevites, who Jonah hates the most. While it might be nice to see the big fish here, take note that this is a staged musical play and not a movie.

12. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)

Yes, The Lord of the Rings series is about Christianity. JRR Tolkien said it himself when he said that The Lord of the Rings is fundamentally Christian in a lot of different aspects. Of course, there are plenty of different religious symbols that you can take out of this all-time great story. The only reason why LOTR films aren’t ranked higher is that not a lot of people understand that these movies are Christian in nature.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring is the first of arguably the greatest trilogy of movies ever filmed. It follows the story of Frodo, who was forced to become the bearer of a dangerous ring owned by an evil warlord, as he and his friends seek to destroy it to end evil once and for all.

13. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002)

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers is the second film of the LOTR trilogy. It continues Frodo’s journey, but it also branches into a lot of different subplots after the members of the fellowship were separated from one another.

As Frodo seeks to find a way to Mordor, the rest of the members of the fellowship seek to try to fend off the forces of darkness in the kingdom of Rohan. It promises to be a treat for those who can’t get enough of medieval action.

14. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King is the final movie of the LOTR trilogy. With 11 Oscars, it is tied for the top spot among all of the movies that have won Academy Awards. That means that this is one of the greatest films ever made.


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The Return of the King explores Frodo’s journey in Mordor as he faces different types of temptations in his attempt to destroy the ring. On the other hand, his friends are back in the kingdom of Gondor, trying to push back armies of darkness in an attempt to buy Frodo some time.

15. The Case for Christ (2017)

The Case for Christ is another film that is based on true-to-life events. In this case, the story follows Lee Strobel, an American Christian author who once lost his faith. That means that this film is a story about how Strobel changed his outlook on life.

In case you aren’t familiar with Lee Strobel, this is a man who wrote different books that all tried to disprove Christianity through scientific evidence. However, his research eventually led him to the conclusion that what he believed the entire time was wrong and that Jesus is indeed real.

16. War Room (2015)

The War Room is another one of the Christian movies that you need to watch if you are feeling down and you want to find a way out of the sadness that you feel in your life because of the different problems that you are facing.

This movie explores the story of a couple whose marriage was at its lowest until they discover prayer. Through prayer, the couple found the strength to persevere through their problems. They even went on to become volunteers in their church’s small group as the main characters rediscover themselves through prayer and faith.

17. God’s Not Dead (2014)

God’s Not Dead is a movie that explores what it is to be devout and loyal to one’s faith. In a lot of ways, God’s Not Dead is a good way for people who are doubting their faith to find a way to believe in Christianity once more.

The story follows a student who stands up to his faith as an atheist professor in his school tries to prove that God is not real. Through the help of the student’s family and friends, he was able to rediscover his faith in God.

18. Noah (2014)

Noah is another one of the most popular bible stories because of how memorable the entire story is. This movie follows the same story that we have read from the bible, as it focuses on Noah’s ark.

What happens here is that Noah was chosen by God, who commands him to build an ark that is large enough to fill two of every animal. Of course, the reason why God made such a command is that he was about to flood the earth in an attempt to wash away those who did not believe in him as much as Noah did.

19. Heaven is Real (2014)

Heaven is Real is a movie that is based on a book written by Todd Burpo. The story is an attempt to retell the story that Todd’s son experienced, as the young boy himself became a testament that heaven is indeed real.

The movie focuses on Todd describing a life-changing event involving his son, who he almost lost due to an illness. During surgery, the young boy went on to meet Jesus himself. So, in a way, the boy’s experience areas what led to the events in this movie.

20. Fireproof (2008)

Fireproof is another amazing Christian movie that focuses on family drama. That means that we are looking at how the problems in life can easily test one’s faith and how religion can also help keep an entire family together.

The movie follows the story of a fireman whose marriage is at its lowest point. However, he decides to save his marriage. As much as he tried to attempt to save his marriage, he received unexpected results from God.

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