20 Kids’ Reading Chairs to Snuggle Into With a Good Book

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There’s nothing like adorable kids’ reading chairs to spruce up a reading nook and encourage your kiddo to read. Let’s face it: we’re all way more likely to get caught up in a good book if we’re cozy and comfortable. Why not invest in furniture that adds to the ambience?

Are you unsure that investing in pleasure reading is beneficial? Don’t be! According to a longitudinal study, pleasure reading is an indicator of cognitive function and social mobility. It’s an even better predictor of these things than parental socioeconomic status and educational attainment.

However, the benefits of reading for pleasure don’t stop there. According to a British study, kids who read for fun actually learn better. That’s right! They do better in all subjects. Avid readers are also better test takers and are lest anxious in academic situations. Plus, they grow into adults with more extensive vocabularies who are also more empathetic. Using books as mirrors, windows, and sliding glass doors prepares children for a variety of social situations and interactions.

Unfortunately, studies over the past few decades have shown that people in the United States are reading less. Adults can counteract this decline in children by reading more themselves, as well as by offering children choice while exposing them to lots of great books.

While none of these studies suggest that cute reading chairs increase pleasure reading, it certainly can’t hurt, right? Check out the list below for some great kids’ reading chairs to inspire your young readers.

Fabulous Kids’ Reading Chairs for Independent Pleasure Reading

Comfy and adorable, your child will love cozying up with a good book in this adorable personalized elephant chair. $90

Any child will feel like royalty in this personalized reading recliner that comes with a cup holder to hold their favorite juice box or additional crayons. $190

This super comfy animal print chair comes in over 40 different patterns to fit your child’s ever changing imagination. $160

With its denim upholstery, this customizable reading chair is both stylish and durable. $100

I am such a sucker for polka dots. This cute toddler chair can be embroidered with your child’s name for maximum adorableness. $115

If you like a simpler style, this kids’ reading chair is sure to appeal. $110

This super cute kids’ rocker is waterproof and foldable. $45 and up

Look at this sweet little reading couch! Multiple kids can cozy up, or one can stretch out and get really comfy as the cushion flips out to a bed. $75

This cozy gray chair is great for reading and rocking with the rocker option you can add to it. $100 and up

The chevron pattern of this chair (also available in a rocker style) will surely allow your kid to feel fancy, especially with the additional option to customize with name. $100

Watch your child enjoy a good read while laying down or with friends on this comfy spacious couch. $170

Convertible from couch to bed in one move, this navy dinosaur sofa is perfect for a relaxing read…or a nap. $78

Who doesn’t love a personalized bean bag chair to sink in as you enjoy a fun read? $135

If you prefer more storage instead of a cup holder, then enjoy this recliner arm chair in a variety of ways to personalize the chair just for your child’s preferences. $220

Want your little one to know what it’s like surrounded by a snuggly animal as they read? Then this soft plush panda chair is perfect for your little one. Also available as a unicorn. $73

This bean bag pouf has a real “no worries” vibe. Obviously, it just screams “relax and read on me!” It’s a perfect addition to a carefree environment ripe for creativity. $113

Your child will feel like a royal ready to meet the queen for tea and crumpets in this beautifully crafted black and white armchair. $119

What a delight to watch your child read in this soft plush yellow puppy chair sure to bring smiles to everyone involved. $65

What’s black and white, and re(a)d all over? Not quite this two-toned armchair, but with over 40 different combinations of prints and fabrics, your child will have a ball as they combine their favorite book with their new favorite chair. $149

This beige armchair is a tiny replica of a more grown up chair…kind of like how a child is a tiny replica of a more grown up adult. Your child will soon have a bubble pipe and spectacles as they read in an attempt to be like you. $155

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– Mikkaka Overstreet

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