2021 Halloween Books and Literary Costumes for Kids and Adults

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It’s spooky season, so light your candles and curl up on the couch with these incredible Halloween Books for kids and adults.

What makes a book the perfect one to read for Halloween? It can be a lot of things, some of these books take place on Halloween, while other are about things that go bump in the night.

The adult book lists below feature vampires and magic, but they also feature haunted houses, serial killers, and ghost stories to keep you up at night.

The children’s books have tons of not-so-spooky suggestions for babies, toddlers, new readers, and older kiddos.

You’ll see monster books, haunted stories, silly ghost tales, and more!

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Adult Halloween Book Lists

Halloween Thrillers

19 Creepy Thriller Books for Halloween that will keep you up at night. Haunted Houses, Paranormal stories, Stalker fiction, and more books to read this Halloween season.

Vampire Books

13+ Vampire books to read during the spooky season or all year long! Romances, YA novels, scary books, and vampire series are all included in this list! If you are vampire-obsessed, you’ll want to check this list out this Halloween season.

30+ Magical Realism Books

What is magical realism? Well, in this list, you will not find faeries or vampires, hidden magic schools, or new worlds. The magic is woven into the story so realistically, that it leaves you wondering could it happen? 

YA Fantasy Fiction

Looking for more fantasy books to read during the spooky season? Check out this list of more than 50 Young Adult Fantasy Fiction books. You’ll see books about vampires, witches, fae, ghosts, and more on this extensive list of fantasy books.

Children’s Halloween Book Lists

Baby and Toddler Halloween Books

18 adorable books for babies and toddlers to help them get in the Halloween spirit. These sweetly spooky books are an interactive and silly way to introduce the holiday to your littlest monsters. You’ll find some favorites for sure.

Halloween Books for Kids

31+ Halloween Picture Books, Chapter Books, and Early Readers for the spooky season. Featuring haunted houses, ghost stories, trick-or-treating tales, and more fun spooky books to kick off the Halloween season.

Monster Books for Kids

Not-so-scary picture books about monsters for babies, toddlers, and kids to enjoy during Halloween or all year long. These are great for kids who adore monsters and also for those frightened by them.

16 Family Halloween Movies Based on Books

We’ve rounded up the stories that inspired incredible Halloween movies. Since finding the movies can be hard, we also added the location of where you can watch each one!

Literary Costumes

Children’s Costumes Based on Books

Looking for literary Halloween costumes for kids? Check out the options below for picks inspired by Dr. Suess, J.K. Rowling, and more.

Adult Costumes Based on Books

We couldn’t leave adults out of the literary Halloween costume round-up. Find options for grown-ups below.

Did we help you get into the Halloween spirit? What other holidays would you like round-ups for?

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