2022 March Madness: Top 25 TVC

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JTA has been invited to participate in the @SWTVC March Madness bracket again this year! In preparation, we are asking our readers to list their top 25 The Vintage Collection wants. Click here to find instructions and to leave your comments.


From the @swtvc Instagram page:

We want to know YOUR top 25 most-wanted all-new Vintage Collection figures!

Please comment below with a ranked list of your most-wanted all-new Vintage Collection figures, up to 25 total. Can be updates to existing characters or never-before-made, but no repack requests here, please. [And don’t pick something we already know is coming via pipeline/reveals]

Be sure to rank them in order of most wanted. We will use these numbers to build this year’s SWTVC March Madness bracket, so choose carefully! Also, for characters in multiple appearances, please be specific. For example, do not list “Palpatine” because we do not know what version of Palpatine. List the character, movie, and costume appearance if applicable. Also, do NOT write things like “The Bad Batch” or “the Rebels Crew”. ONE character per number slot!

You have from now until midnight on Monday, January 31 to create and submit your lists. You can do so either here on this post, or on one of the other participating sites, or create your own post and tag @SWTVC and use the hashtag #SWTVCMarchMadness. Be sure to tell your friends, as the more people who participate, the better the bracket will be!

Please note: this is just for fun, to see where fans’ priorities are with The Vintage Collection. This is not officially involved with Hasbro in any way.


I’ll post my list in the comments! There are a lot of characters to choose from!

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