25 Best Minecraft Food Items In 2021

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Minecraft has tons of different items. Some items have intended uses, while others have hidden benefits. Every item serves a purpose in Minecraft. Such is the case with Minecraft food items. Food items are necessary for your survival and longevity. Minecraft food items contain different nutrients that will help you to reduce your hunger points. But what are the best food items in Minecraft? 

Minecraft best food items include an Enchanted Golden Apple that is the rarest food item and best for PvP in Minecraft; Steaks are the best meat food items; cooked cod, a kind of seafood that gives you enhanced taste than other food items; & golden apple that is a symbol of superiority and royalty. Other food items include golden carrot, cooked salmon, cooked chicken, and pumpkin pie. 

Minecraft’s best food items help you survive even better in your gameplay. You will be able to make yourself healthy and active with these food items. You can take any food in Minecraft Creative Mode at any time. This article will help you learn about the top 25 food items in Minecraft. You will also learn about the pros and cons of all food items. 

You will learn how to get each of the food items and whether these are craftable or not. Let’s get started.

25 Best Minecraft Food Items In 2021

Here, I will enlist the top 25 best food items in Minecraft. I will explain these food items based on their availability, usage, and services in Minecraft. Minecraft consists of different food items that serve other purposes for you.

Each food item has its functions, characteristics, and benefits in Minecraft. You can get any food item of your choice in your gameplay. You will be able to remove the hunger pangs with these valuable food items. Let’s explore each of them in detail. 

1. Enchanted Golden Apple

Minecraft has a few rarest food items. One such item is an enchanted golden apple. Enchanted golden apple will help you improve your chances of taming a horse. You will be able to breed horses effectively. 

How would you get Minecraft Enchanted Golden Apple?

You can obtain enchanted golden apples in several ways.

You can get it from Minecraft chests, dungeons chests, woodland mansions, and pyramid chests. Looting is the most crucial way to get enchanted golden apple in Minecraft.


You will be able to get maximum absorption with Minecraft’s enchanted golden apple. You can get quick health refills as well. Considered as one the most luxurious food items for Minecraft playersYou will also find it helpful in PvP situations. 


You won’t be able to craft an enchanted golden apple for your meal. This thing is the only downside of Minecraft’s enchanted golden apple. 

2. Carrot 

Want to start your Minecraft journey with the most abundant food item in the Minecraft world? Here, you have your food item. Minecraft carrot is a kind of staple food for you. 

How would you get Minecraft carrots? 

You can obtain carrots from Minecraft zombies. You can also harvest crops to get Minecraft carrots. 


Minecraft carrots allow you to restore four hunger points. You can use carrots for breeding Minecraft pigs. Carrots will help you craft many other valuable food items in Minecraft.


You can’t make carrots with a crafting table. 

3. Apple 

Minecraft apples are the best food items that you can use to get rid of your hunger pangs. You will get them quickly. Minecraft apples are the renewable food items for most of the strong Minecraft players. 

How would you get Minecraft Apple?

You can acquire Minecraft apples to deplete your hunger points in the following ways:You can trade, harvest, and mine Minecraft apples. You can also get them from dark oak leaves in forest or jungle biomes.


Minecraft apples are the best replacement for edible mushrooms. Minecraft apples let you increase your compost level. You will get access to golden apples with apples in your Minecraft world. 


You will not be able to craft Minecraft apples in any way. 

4. Cooked Rabbit

Want to make adventure by cooking delicacies in your gameplay? Here you go. Minecraft-cooked rabbits are tastier than raw rabbits. 

How would you get Minecraft Cooked Rabbit? 

You can get cooked rabbits by:

Use a fire aspect weapon to kill raw rabbits. You will need a campfire as a job site block to cook raw rabbits there. Hunting is another way to get the rabbits and then cook them in your Minecraft gameplay. 


You can replenish your food meter with cooked rabbits. A cooked rabbit will help you make rabbit skew (A useful food item in Minecraft) to feed yourself. 


You can’t make cooked rabbit with your crafting table. 

5. Cooked Cod 

Minecraft-cooked cod is a kind of marine food item that will allow you to enjoy the endless resources of ocean biomes. Cod is a kind of fish in Minecraft.

How would you get Minecraft Cooked Cod?

You can get cooked cod in Minecraft by getting a raw cod first. You can use a furnace, campfire, or a smoker to cook the raw cod. This way, you will get your cooked cod on your dining table. 


You can get many valuable drops from cooked cod. Cooked cod is full of nutrients and vitamins that are necessary to make you alert. You will also get food supplements from cooked cod. 


You can’t use an enchanting or crafting table for cooked cod. 

6. Bread 

Bread is the most reliable food item in Minecraft. Minecraft bread will help you improve your health and keeps you active. You will also get rid of the deficiency of food items in your Minecraft world.

How would you get Minecraft Bread?

You can get a large amount of bread from Minecraft villages and dungeons. Wheat is a source of bread. You can craft and harvest wheat to get bread to feed yourself. Farming is another way to get bread in Minecraft.


You can restore five hunger points with Minecraft bread. You will be able to get it relatively quickly for your meal. 


There is no such harm as using bread. 

7. Baked Potato 

Want to make or get delicious food in your Minecraft world? Well, no worries. You have baked potatoes for you to fulfill your desire. Not only are bakes potatoes abundant, but they also give you a good taste in Minecraft.

How would you get Minecraft Baked Potato?

You can get baked potatoes from campfire or furnaces in Minecraft. These job site blocks will help you cook baked potatoes in a large amount.


Quickly cooked and get in Minecraft overworld. 


Baked potatoes are hard to farm. A baked potato is not a well-known food item in Minecraft.

8. Sweet Berries

Minecraft sweet berries are the only food items that you can get from bushes. Sweet berries can regrow on the same bush in Minecraft.

How would you get Minecraft Sweet Berries?

You can get sweet berries by following these steps:

Find a jungle or forest biome. Then, find a sweet berry bush around the Minecraft biomes. Now, break the sweet berry bush by using your hands or any cutting tool. You will get a few sweet berries with this method. 


You can breed foxes with sweet berries. You will be able to damage other Minecraft entities with sweet beery bushes. 


You can’t protect sweet berries from bees. Bees usually pollinate them.

9. Suspicious Stew 

Suspicious stew is a Minecraft foodstuff that allows you to become more powerful. You can also use it for your hunger. During its crafting, you can use any kind of flower with enhanced food positive effects. 

How would you get Minecraft Suspicious Stew?

You can get suspicious stew from several methods. These methods include:

You can get it from blue orchids. Again, you will need a bowl and mushrooms to craft suspicious stew in Minecraft world. You can get suspicious stew from dandelion as well. 


The best thing about suspicious stew is its ability to bestow you with extraordinary power in your gameplay. That power is “Regeneration,” and it will help you stay alive for a long time. You will also get a chance to stock six hunger points in your inventory. 


You can’t use suspicious stew from your Minecraft creative inventory. There is no chance for you to use a “give” command for this Minecraft food item. You will find it as the most suspicious dish in Minecraft. 

10. Mushroom Stew

Minecraft mushroom stew is a pretty good food item. You will be able to get a good amount of food bars with mushroom stew. 

How would you get Minecraft Mushroom Stew?

Getting Mushroom Skew requires you to get bowls and mushrooms in Minecraft. You can craft bowls while mushrooms will be present in Minecraft caves and dungeons. 


You can get an unlimited supply of mushroom stew with a mushroom cow farm. 


Mushroom stew is not craftable in your game. 

11. Cooked Salmon 

Minecraft-cooked salmon is the specific food item in Minecraft Vanilla. It helps you develop a good taste and increase your hunger with cooked salmon on your dining table. 

How would you get Minecraft Cooked Salmon?

You can get a cooked salmon for your meal by using one of the given methods:

Find the raw salmon in hidden treasure chests and then cook it. You can also cook raw salmon with fire. You can also spawn near a landmass to find the raw salmon for cooking. 


You will get more hunger points as compared to the cooked cod. Cooked salmon has the maximum hunger saturation for you. 


You can’t craft cooked salmon in Minecraft. 

12. Cooked Mutton

Minecraft-cooked mutton is the best version of cooked raw foods in Minecraft. You can make cooked mutton quite easily in Minecraft. 

How would you get Minecraft Cooked Mutton?

You can trade with Minecraft villagers for the cooked mutton. You can kill raw sheep with the fire aspect weapon. Then, cook it with the suitable job site block. 


You can use cooked mutton for breeding tamed wolves. You will be able to make the growth of baby wolves faster with cooked mutton. 


Cooked mutton is expensive to get in Minecraft. 

13. Cooked Chicken 

Minecraft-cooked chicken is one of the delicacies of Minecraft world. It helps you get valuable emeralds. 

How would you get Minecraft Cooked Chicken?

You can trade with the wandering villagers in Minecraft to get cooked chicken. You can use a weapon for hunting raw chicken. Then use a relevant block for cooking raw chicken.


You can restore six hunger points with cooked chicken. You will also get a lot of saturation. You can also trade for emeralds with Minecraft villagers.


You can’t get it from the Minecraft crafting table. 

14. Pumpkin Pie

Minecraft pumpkin pie is a suitable food supply for your gameplay. The best thing about pumpkin pie is its ability to be craftable in your crafting grid.

How would you get Minecraft Pumpkin Pie? 

You can trade for the pumpkin pie with the Minecraft villagers. You can also get it by mixing a few things such as eggs, pumpkin, and sugar. You can find pumpkin pie in the dungeons. You can go for the auto-farming option as well. 


Pumpkin pie is one of the readily available food items in Minecraft.Minecraft has placed pumpkin pie in the top 5 food items because of its easy availability and abundance. 


The thing that hampers pumpkin pie to become the best Minecraft food is its inability to restore hunger points. 

15. Golden Carrot 

Are you looking for the best-saturated food item in Minecraft? Then, this golden carrot is in your service. Minecraft golden carrot is one of those food items that help you get maximum saturation points in your game. 

How would you get Minecraft Golden Carrot? 

You can either trade for golden carrots or craft them in Minecraft gameplay. Crafting a golden carrot requires you eight gold nuggets and carrots.  


You can easily find these Minecraft food items. Golden carrot is the most favorite food item of the Minecraft players. No other food item can beat its taste level. 


You can’t easily craft golden carrot as it is pretty expensive for you. 

16. Steak 

Minecraft steak is the best food item that you can get in the Minecraft world. Minecraft steak has its name and fame due to its delicious taste. 

How would you get Minecraft Steaks?

You can obtain Minecraft steaks by these methods:

You will trade with the Minecraft wandering and trading villagers. You can set cows on fire to get your steaks prepared for your meal.You can also get raw meat from cows and then cook it.  


You can get eight hunger points with Minecraft steaks. 


You won’t be able to use steak daily as it costs you a lot in Minecraft. You will not consume steak regularly in the absence of a reliable cow farm. 

17. Cooked Porkchop

Minecraft players will help you remove your hunger for a long time. You can withdraw your hunger quite easily with this useful food source in Minecraft.

How would you get Minecraft Cooked Porkchop?

You can use the trading method to get cooked Porkchop for your meal. You can set pigs on fire to get this food item. Raw Porkchop and fire will help you get cooked Porkchop in Minecraft.


Cooked Porkchop is super easy to craft and obtain. Minecraft-cooked Porkchop is one of the best and frequently eatables. 


You can only cook it but not get cooked Porkchop from the crafting table.

18. Rabbit Stew

Minecraft rabbit stew is the only food item that restores 12 hunger points in Minecraft. 

How would you get Minecraft Rabbit Skew?

You can get rabbit stew by using these methods:

You can trade carrots with the Minecraft wandering villagers. You can use cooked rabbits to serve the same purpose. 


Rabbit stew is the most common and best food item in Minecraft.You will get maximum saturation from rabbit skew. 


You can’t get it easily.

19. Golden Apple

Minecraft golden apple is the most expensive food item to get in one’s Minecraft world. Golden apple symbolizes royalty and it is food for the rich Minecraft players. 

How would you get Minecraft Golden Apple?

Getting a golden apple is not tricky in Minecraft. All you need to do is:Collect eight gold nuggets and a few apples to craft golden apples. You can also find golden apples in the treasure chests around your Minecraft world. 


You can get extra absorption with Minecraft golden apple. You will also get a chance to restore two hearts in your game. 


You won’t be able to restore hunger with Minecraft’s golden apple. 

20. Raw Cod

Minecraft raw cod is a kind of food item that helps you get many other valuable food sources. You can fill your dining table with many other food items as well. 

How would you get Minecraft Raw Cod?

Getting Raw Cod is a bit tedious in Minecraft. Still, you can get Minecraft raw cod from one of the following sources. 

Use a fishing rod for fishing You can use a slaying cod for the same purpose. Dolphins and polar bears also help you get raw cod to feed yourself. 


The only benefit that you can get from raw cod is your chances to get cooked cod. 


You can’t cook raw cod. 

21. Melon Slice

Minecraft Melon slice will help you brew potions of healing. You can make a mundane potion with a melon slice as well.

How would you get Minecraft Melon Slice?

Melon slice is easier to find in Minecraft. Use the given methods to get your Melon slice. 

You can find it in the Mineshafts. You can also search for a melon slice in the jungles, tillage rooms, woodland mansions, savannas, and forest biomes. You can also get a melon slice by fighting and killing an enderman holding a melon block. The Minecraft Enderman will drop melon blocks on its death. 


You will get valuable enderman drops with a Melon slice. 


Again, you can’t craft it from any other item in Minecraft. 

22. Cake 

Minecraft cakes serve you a lot to refill your hunger. Cakes are probably one of the best foods in Minecraft. 

How would you get Minecraft Cake?

You can get Minecraft cakes from these methods:

Making a cake in Minecraft is not difficult. You will need a few things to make your cake. You will need wheat, sugar, and milk to make your cake in Minecraft. You can trade for the Minecraft cakes with Minecraft villagers.


You can get a different taste with Minecraft cakes. Cakes are the fresh food items in Minecraft. You will be able to save your time when you take your meal. Cakes also store many hunger points in Minecraft. 


You can’t keep your cake in your inventory. You can’t stock cakes for a long time. Cakes will not remain fresh in Minecraft. 

23. Dried Kelp 

Minecraft dried kelp is one of the mysterious food items that allow you to survive longer in Minecraft. You will be able to get rid of your hunger with dried kelps. 

How would you get Minecraft Dried Kelp?

You can get kelps from the marine biome. Then, dry them in a relevant job site block. You can get dried kelps from a furnace or a smoker. You can also set kelps on fire. 


You can fill a composter with dried kelps. On composting, dried kelps will give you valuable compostable items. Dried kelp also replenishes your food meter. Considered as the fast and easy food source in Minecraft overworldYou will get dried kelp blocks that you can use as fuel in your game. Dried kelps will allow you to use them as a decorative item on your dining table. 


Dried kelps are not craftable in Minecraft. 

24. Milk 

Minecraft milk is a liquid food item that you can easily get from cows. Milk is a source of many valuable vitamins. You will be able to prevent yourself from many bones and teeth diseases. 

How would you get Minecraft Milk?

The only way to get milk is from cows. You will need a bucket for this purpose. 


You can use milk as a staple food item.Milk has a high percentage of proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids. You will become healthy and fight better with your Minecraft enemies.


You can’t use milk to remove your hunger for a long time. 

25. Honey Bottle 

Minecraft honey bottle is the most nutritious food item for you. 

How would you get Minecraft Honey Bottle?

You can get a honey bottle with the help of a glass bottle in Minecraft. The other thing that you will need is honey. You can collect honey from bee nests or beehives. You can find a honey bottle in Minecraft dungeon’s chests as well. Honey bottles also reduce your fall damage as you will become more active. 


A honey bottle serves you as an antidote to poison. If you take any poisonous food item, the honey bottle will help you cure the side effects of taking the poison. You can take honey with a full hunger bar as well.


You can’t get honey from all Minecraft biomes.

The Best Food For PVP In Minecraft 

There are a lot of food items in Minecraft that are more than desirable, but the Minecraft enchanted golden apple is the best food for PvP in Minecraft.

What Food In Minecraft Fills The Most Hunger Bars?

Minecraft-cooked food items fill the most hunger bars. Cooked Mutton and cooked chicken are the best ones that help you fill most of your hunger bars.

Best For Healing In Minecraft?

Cooked pork chops are the best food items that let you heal in Minecraft. Raw chicken also serves the same purpose. 

What Is The Best Meat In Minecraft?

Minecraft Steaks are the best meat in Minecraft. 

What Is The Rarest Food In Minecraft?

The enchanted golden apple is the rarest food item in Minecraft. You can’t get it from any source but looting. You can get enchanted golden apples from all kinds of looting in Minecraft.

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