27 Christmas Books Perfect To Snuggle & Read With Baby This Year

The first Christmas with Riley was so wonderful — even though she had no idea what any of it was at 6 months old. But I sure loved dressing her up, getting her little presents, playing Christmas music…and getting out all the Christmas board books I had already bought her. Love making all those Christmas memories and traditions!

Books are always my favorite way to immerse and introduce Riley to new things and reaffirm the things we do/talk about as she gets older. Christmas was no exception and I went in search for all the best Christmas books for babies — even though I know she wouldn’t really have a concept of Christmas yet.

I shared all my favorite Christmas books for toddlers aged 1-3 recently and I realized that way back when Riley was a baby I never shared what Christmas-themed board books we loved when Riley was that age.

These are great picks to snuggle up and read with your 0-12 month old baby or ones that baby will love to page through on their own. PLUS they will all survive those little hands that just love to destroy books.

If you are looking for a bit longer books/more story or looking for books suited for toddlers, check out my list of best Christmas books for toddlers!

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Best Christmas Board Books For Babies

A Little Tip…

Below you’ll see Bookshop.org mentioned. Bookshop.org is a fantastic place to buy books online that supports local bookstores. If you are looking to shop small when it comes to your books, I personally buy my books from here (when I can’t shop in person) and highly recommend! Local bookstores are the heart of communities and Bookshop.org makes it SUPER easy to support them.

I love Peek-a-Boo, I Love You! Sandra Magsamen for babies and this one is such a delight. A puffy cover, lift-the-flaps that hold up and joyful rhyming text in celebration of Christmas — what’s not to like! It’s simple & bright — a fun one to explore on their own and read aloud.

A sweet little lift the flap (felt flaps!) about little reindeer giving presents to all his friends. 

An adorable little book about all the things baby loves about Christmas — perfect if you are looking for something a little bit longer.

This one is a cute sentimental little board book perfect for baby’s first Christmas!

Salina Yoon’s board books are always my fave for babies and this ADORABLE book about a puppy looking under the tree for his present is one of the best Christmas books for babies. Great illustrations and a pull tab that makes the puppy’s tail wag!

Another great pick for baby’s first Christmas and makes a sweet present with a gentle and sentimental lullaby-like wish for baby through each page.

This one is so cool and mesmerizing — each image changes as you turn the page to get Santa ready for his big day!

These 100 Words books were like holy grail series in our house when Riley was a baby. She loved the realistic pictures and would stare and flip through by herself. They are nice to introduce all the elements of Christmas as they get to become toddlers. Not a story at all just pictures with the words next to them.

I love the original version of “I Love You Through and Through” (a must-have for any baby’s shelf) and this Christmas version is sweet and simple — perfect to read with baby this Christmas…especially at bedtime.

Check out these great bedtime books for babies and toddlers to make for snuggly nights and a great routine!

A wonderful little introduction to the magic of The Nutcracker in a baby-appropriate way with an interactive element of music that plays when they press each page’s button. Definitely one that got a lot of action around Christmas.

This is one of my favorite versions of your classic 12 Days of Christmas. Adorably little woodland animal illustrations.

If you are looking for a simple and accessible way to introduce the Nativity story to your baby, this is a great pick that we enjoyed reading before bed in December.

One of our favorite little rhyming Christmas-themed stories even still in the toddler years. This one feature the polar bear and his arctic friends enjoying all the fun and blessings brought by the Christmas season. 

Looking for a FANTASTIC gift for your little one?

One of my favorite gifts I got for Riley was a book subscription box called Bookroo. We’d get some truly fantastic board books that were engaging AND age-appropriate. Always discovering fun, new reads (for less price than they’d cost me to buy them outright). Check out my review of Bookroo.

Talk about cheerful – this book series and this particular Christmas installment in it such a bright and cheery delight that just exudes warmth and tenderness for the holidays. Perfect Christmas book to gift especially on baby’s first Christmas!

Another great one to read with baby if you are looking for the story of Jesus’s birth. LOVE how diverse this book is, too

Oh how we love this little series that puts a spin on the simple tune of “Itsy Bitsy Spider.” It started with “Itsy Bitsy School Bus” (one of our fave bus books) and then we found this adorable one for Christmas. Fun to sing it to baby, too!

Listen, the Indestructible books are my fave books to gift because they TRULY stand up to even the most destructive hands and are so handy for on-the-go. This one is a simple little book all about sharing Christmas traditions. Makes a great stocking stuffer, too! 

A simple little book about Maisy and her friends decorating their Christmas tree!

Karen Katz’s lift-the-flaps are seriously faves for the baby and younger toddler years and this is a great Christmas themed one. The flaps aren’t as sturdy as some other ones for babies (like the real chunky ones) but they did hold up even when Riley was under 1 years old. 

When I first got this one I had hoped for more of a STORY but LET ME TELL YOU…Riley loved this one for all the tactile goodness on each page. So while it might not be a great STORY, this is a Christmas book that got a lot of love from baby Riley. Such a good touch and feel Christmas book!

Riley was around 6 months during her first Christmas and she was MESMERIZED by the real pictures of the babies in this one plus she liked the flaps and the touch and feel element. 

Similar to the one above, this one (while not 100% Christmas), Riley loved this one when I brought it out around — finding penguin’s friends under the flaps was so fun for her.

Another one of those wonderfully developmentally appropriate ones that engage babies with its real pictures of babies and animals — with a Christmas theme. Not as much fun for us as adults to read but baby Riley sure loved it.

Simple yet visually stunning and engaging for babies with the vibrancy and contrast. Not a story but rather illustrations of Christmas concepts and the word next to it.

A simple little rhyming story about Llama Llama getting up to all sorts of Christmas merriment. Perfect introduction to the character before you get into the longer books in the series as a toddler!

P.S. Looking for a great book subscription box for kids? Here’s what I think are the best book subscription boxes for kids.

Tomie dePaola’s are always good for any book collection and this one is for the smallest of readers introduces all the traditions of Christmas.

A cute rhyming ode to the joy of Christmas cookie traditions. Little longer than some of the others and Riley REALLY loves this one as a toddler.

So these were our favorite Christmas books for under age 1. Though Riley is past this stage, I’d still love to know some baby appropriate you love for ages 0 to 12 months because 1) love gifting people Christmas books for baby’s first Christmas and 2) I’m not opposed to checking out any faves and adding them to this book list if I think they are great!

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