27 of the Best Witch Books That are Wickedly Addicting

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Halloween is fast approaching and every year, as soon as the weather begins to cool for fall, I can’t get enough of witch books! This year has some amazing new picks that I cannot read fast enough! Whether you like YA witch books, witch book series or witch romances, we’ve got you covered with our favorites.

There is something about witch books that has always captivated my attention. I’m not saying that I wish I could make a potion or two but, I would really love to make a potion or two that was not just what my kids are eating for dinner. Which witch book is your favorite?

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YA Witch Books

Akata Witch by Nnedi Okorafor

I absolutely loved this book about Sunny, a twelve year old girl who lives with her parents and two bothers in Nigeria. Sunny is albino and teased for her looks.

When Sunny discovers that she is a “free agent”, someone with magical abilities whose parents are not magic, she enters a world she didn’t know existed. Sunny and her three fellow magical students must study and learn their abilities in order to stop the Black Hat Killer before he brings about complete destruction.

Unlike anything that I have read before, the story is woven beautifully.

Plain Bad Heroines by Emily Danforth

I started Plain Bad Heroines and I did not know what to think.  I was debating giving up on the book for a little while because I just wasn’t sure where the book was going.  Fast forward.  I loved it and I am glad I stuck with it. This book is unlike any other book I have ever read. It has all the makings of a cult horror. It is scary, complex and so well written.

The lines of reality and fiction are perfectly blurred. It is a book about a book and making a movie about that same book. ( follow that? Lol) The story intertwines the lives of all those that read the book and the mystery and supernatural that follows them 🐝. I don’t usually read horror but I loved this book. Thank you to @librofm for my copy! If you’ve read this I have to talk to someone about it!!!

Serpent and Dove by Shelby Mahurin

Louise Le Blanche is a witch, Reid Diggory is a witch hunter, but when they are forced to be married Lou has to keep her identity a secret and try not to fall for her handsome husband.

Set in the pre-industrial age in Paris, France, this historical fantasy book is perfect for lovers of YA! It’s got funny, fierce heroines, a steamy love story, and a cast that is actually diverse! I devoured all three books in this series.

The Watchmakers Daughter (Glass and Steel#1 by C.J Archer

I read this book in a day. I then read the next three is as many days. I am not sure what is do addicting in them but they are just that- addicting.  There is a little magic, a great story and a whole lot of chemistry going on in these books.

India Steel does not know what to do when her father dies and her fiancé steals her inheritance- the watch store where she always worked. Members of the watchmaking guild are afraid of her. Left with no other choice, India takes a job with Matthew Glass. A charistmatic, if not mysterious man from America. 

The Wren Hunt by Mary Watson

I loved this book and read it in only a few days.   Once a year, Wren is chased through the forest by a group of boys who deliberately taunt her and terrify her.  They are judges-  a powerful group of families who control magic.  Little do they know that Wren is an Augur- another magical family who has to keep her identity hidden. 

The war between the Judges and the Augur is old and deep.  In order to save her family, Wren must take an internship within the walls of a Judge’s home and risk everything.  The lies and the deceit are spellbinding I cannot wait to read the next book in the series

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Witch Book Series

Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman

I just adore this tale of magic, family, and sisterhood. When Gillian gets into trouble, Sally tries to help her sister out with some magical spells.

But trouble comes back to haunt them, and when a hunky police chief comes to town, the sisters try hard to cover up their family secrets.

Practical Magic is also featured on our list of Halloween Movies based on books.

A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

Delve into the world of fantasy with this scholarly novel that explores the history of witches, wizards, and vampires. Diana is an Oxford scholar who discovers an ancient manuscript in the Bodleian Library that triggers a magical reaction. She quickly realizes that there are creatures who will go to any lengths necessary to find this book. 

However, an unexpected alliance forms with Matthew, a vampire who has spent centuries searching for this manuscript. When he meets Diana though, he cannot help but protect her as she discovers her magical heritage and new powers.

A blend of heart-pounding action and historical study, this book was the perfect mix of fantasy and history. It’s one of my favorites on my list of Halloween Books For Adults

The Magicians by Lev Grossman

Quentin Coldwater is a high school student obsessed with the made of world of Fillory.  He finds himself admitted to a magical college that is both secret and elite.  

The best way I can describe this series is if Harry Potter was admitted to Hogwarts in College.  It has a different feel but it is fun, imaginative and entertaining.  I’m a little obsessed with the tv series as well.  

Salem Witch Trial Books

Magic Lessons by Alice Hoffman

I started it the minute I got it but made myself wait until Halloween to finish the book because I wanted to enjoy the book to the fullest.  I absolutely loved this prequel to the amazing Practical Magic.  

The  Owens women have a centuries old curse that started with Maria Owens in the 1600s.  With her amazing ability to weave a story, Alice Hoffman has once again written a book captured my heart on the first page.  Part historical fiction and part love story, this book had everything that I wanted from a prequel

The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare

This children’s story is the book that sparked my interest in witch books. It’s all about Kit Tyler, a child new to colonial America, who befriends a woman named Hannah Tupper.

But the townspeople believe that Hannah is a witch, and soon Kit is swept into a trial similar to the Salem Witch Trials. She has to prove her innocence or risk being killed like a witch.

A Break with Charity by Ann Rinaldi

Ann Rinaldi inspired my love of historical fiction with her books, and A Break with Charity is no exception. This book tell the story of the Salem Witch Trials.

Susanna knows that Ann Putnam is planning to falsely accuse women her mother dislikes of being witches, but when she is threatened by Ann, she has no choice but to go along with her plan. But once her own parents are swept into the madness, Susanna seeks a plan to stop the witch trials once and for all.

Witch Romance Books

Witch Please by Ann Aguirre

This charming romance is perfect for Halloween! Danica is a witch hiding as a mechanic with her cousin, Clem.

Swearing to her grandmother not to fall in love with a mundane (non-magic man) so as not to lose her power is easier said than done.

She meets baker, Titus, and is instantly smitten. Can she casually date him or will she catch the feels?

The Ex Hex by Erin Sterling

This is the most charming Halloween romance book about witches EVER. I don’t think I’ve read anything quite like it, but it’s perfect for the spooky season.

9 years ago Rhys Penhallow broke Viviane Jones’ heart and so she cursed him. Now he’s back in the town his family founded to infuse magic back into the ley lines but everything goes wrong!

As his curse takes over the town, Rhys and Vivi have to work to end the curse and restore the right magic back to the town…if they can keep their rekindled romance at bay long enough!

Chocolat by Joanne Harris

In a small town where everything stays the same, Vianne comes and sets up her chocolate shop. She has the ability to know exactly what everyone needs to mend their souls.

Warning: do not read this book if you are hungry because the description of the chocolate confections are almost as good as the book itself. Add in a touch of romance, and this book is a delicious treat.

Historical Fiction Witch Books

A History of Witches by Louisa Morgan

Five generations of witches must decide what they are willing to do to protect their family. Ursule is a powerful witch whose power was thought to be lost when she dies.

When her granddaughter steps into the circle, the magic is reborn.

The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley

An alternative telling of the tale of King Arthur, featuring the Lady of the Lake, Paganism vs. Christianity, and an epic struggle for power.

Merlin and the Lady of the Lake practice pagan witchcraft, as they try to keep the old ways alive against the new religion gaining popularity, the choices they make for Arthur’s kingdom inspire the tale we know so well.

The mini-series adaptation of this book is wonderful too and well worth the watch!

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clark

This book. So many people recommended it to me because of my love for Harry Potter. The writing style was Victorian, which fit the book’s time period but felt hard to read at times. The story, however, is full, complex and epic.

In nineteenth century England, people believe that magic has disappeared until Mr. Norrell reveals his powers. He then takes Jonathan strange as a student. But when Strange is drawn to darker magic, the two men develop a rivalry that can change history.

The Lost Queen by Signe Pike

If you love Outlander, The Mists of Avalon, or The Clan of the Cave Bear, then you will love this story. Set in Britain when Christianity is poised to become the religion of the country, a future queen swore to the old-ways is learning how to balance the needs of her people and her religion with the role she’s expected to play.

Meanwhile, her twin brother is training to be the man history knows as Merlin. The first in a new trilogy about Arthurian legend, I’m looking forward to the next book coming out in September.

Books with Witches

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

How do we love Outlander? We cannot count the ways. The ninth book in the series, Go Tell the Bees That I am Gone, will be released on November 23, 2021.

This epic story begins in 1945 when Claire Randall and her husband take a second honeymoon to the Scottish Highlands to celebrate being reunited after the war. When Claire touches one of the standing stones, she is transported to 1743.

This is when the real story begins. In order to stay safe as an English women in Scotland, she must depend on Jamie Frasier for protection. Amazing history, magical realism, romance and witches overflow in this iconic epic saga.

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The White Queen by Philippa Gregory

The White Queen is one of my favorite Philippa Gregory novels, revolving around Elizabeth Woodville and her relationship with the King of England. I love the magical elements of this book as Elizabeth and her mother were said to be witches.

It’s really a wonderful story. I learned so much about the tumultuous history of Britain. Also of note, Elizabeth was the mother of the boys in the tower which this book covers as well.

If you love books about royalty, check out our list of historical fiction books like The Crown.

Macbeth by William Shakespeare

Macbeth is one of William Shakespeare’s most well known works. When three witches tell Macbeth (a Scottish general) that he will be king, Macbeth makes sure this comes to pass by killing the king himself.

Soon, Macbeth is paranoid and begins to kill more people in order to remain the reigning king. Obviously, this is a very simplified version of the story but, all the death and destruction begins with the prophecy of three witches.

Middle Grade Witch Books

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K Rowling

I was in university when this book was published and the first four were sitting on my younger brother’s bookshelf before I picked it up to see what the fuss was about. 

I read all four books in as many days and was married with a child before the final book was published. 

This book is so much more than just a book.  It is a vernacular that is used in our house.  It is the book that changed all books and our culture forever. 

I am so grateful for the world of Harry Potter because I think it opened up the world of books to people who may never have known they love to read.

The Witch Boy by Molly Knox Ostertag

Boys grow up to be shapeshifters and girls become witches.  But, what if you are a boy who loves witchery? Would you show your talents if it meant you would be exiled? 

This Middle grade challenges gender stereotypes and is a perfect witch book for any middle grade reader.

The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S Lewis

The iconic book is actually the second book in the Chronicles of Narnia Series. However, since the first book is technically a prequel, I consider this the first and it can be read independently of the rest of the books in the series,

When four children discover a secret passage from a wardrobe into the Land of Narnia, they find a land enslaved by the white witch. They find friends, enemies and magic in this book that has withstood the test of time.

The Witches of Brooklyn by Sophie Escabasse

This graphic novel is the first in a series and I love it for so many reasons. It’s about modern day witches in Brooklyn. It is a diverse book with female heroines and it’s amazing!

When Effie finds out that her aunts are witches, she want to join them in practicing witchcraft, but she has a lot to learn. This is a charming one-sitting read for your favorite little witch or wizard.

Stand Alone Witch Books

Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West by Gregory Maguire

Everyone know the Wicked Witch of the West but not everyone knows how she became that way. She wasn’t always bad. This is the story of a girl that would grow up to become one of the most hated villains in history.

I think of Professor Snape from Harry Potter in the same way. If you love witches and rooting for the bad guy, this is the book for you.

The Mermaid, the Witch and the Sea by Maggie Tokuda-Hall

Flora and her brother are pirates on the Dove. In order to protect her identity, she has become Florian and is tasked with protecting Lady Evelyn on the ship until the time she can be sold.

Flora does not intend to fall in love with Evelyn and when the two free a captured mermaid, they change the fate of more than just her.

I am so glad that someone recommended this book to me. It is one of those books that really did not get the visibility that it should have. This book is so well written and is filled with magic while also exploring the power of love.

More Witch Books to Read

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