30 Coolest Minecraft House Ideas

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There are different and new ideas in Minecraft that you can choose from to build your house. From simple to complex and huge houses, the creativity of Minecraft is always there for you.

In this article, you will find the 30 best Minecraft house ideas for your next build. We will also help you learn about the building materials, perks of Minecraft builds, and many other things. Read it all to learn about all these things in detail for your next build. 

Coolest Minecraft House Ideas

Here are some of the coolest Minecraft house ideas that you need to go through to make your next build an amazing one.

1. Minecraft Medieval House 

Image Source:  youtube.com

Minecraft medieval house is one of the simplest building structures in Minecraft. Nothing would be as simple as a medieval house is in Minecraft. 

Minecraft medieval houses are products made out of solid wood. There would be timber as a primary building block in your Minecraft house. 

You will also find chimneys around your house to help you remove smoke coming out of furnaces or any other fire source in Minecraft. 

2. Minecraft Underground House

Image Source:  youtube.com

Making a basement is another incredible feature of Minecraft. Basements are unique ways to keep your enemies far away from you. There would be no looting in such Minecraft houses. 

Minecraft Underground House consists of walls, stairs, rooms for different purposes, a well-made roof, and everything that demands a perfect house in Minecraft.

3. Minecraft Treehouse

Image Source:  youtube.com

Well, to improve the overall looks of your Minecraft house, you have several options. Minecraft helps you a lot in this regard. There are plenty of Minecraft house ideas that are captivating with their looks and designs. Minecraft Treehouse is one of the most beautiful houses. 

What does this Minecraft house do for you? Well, it makes you able to shoot arrows at the undead mobs of your Minecraft world. Here you will be able to build a brand new tree from scratch. 

Minecraft Treehouse is a great place to start your Minecraft journey as it will be full of flowers, roses, and beautiful bushes. 

4. Minecraft Modern House 

Image Source:  youtube.com

Minecraft modern houses are no less than a blessing for you. You can easily make a modern house in Minecraft.

What would you need to make a Minecraft modern house for you? You will need wood or any other kind of building block for your home. To make it more stylish, you can use concrete blocks of various colors for your house. There would be storage, enchanting, smelting, and living rooms in your Minecraft modern house. 

5. Minecraft Beach House 

Image Source:  youtube.com

Are you looking for a perfect house alongside Minecraft beach? Do you want to start or shift your house near the coast of the ocean in Minecraft? No worries. Minecraft is always there for you. 

Minecraft beach house would provide you a perfect and enchanting location for your house. You will not only feel comfortable but also get a chance to grab some of the marine resources in your Minecraft gameplay. 

6. Diagonal Minecraft Home

Image Source:  gamerantimages.com

Are you up for something fabulous for your Minecraft world? Here you have this fantastic Diagonal Minecraft home. A diagonal Minecraft home will undoubtedly cater to your needs and desires. 

It also gives a cottage style to your Minecraft building. Diagonal Minecraft home is for you if you want to get rid of the old and regular Minecraft homes and buildings. It would also freshen up your gameplay with many other new house ideas. 

7. Japanese House 

Image Source:  futurecdn.net

Minecraft Peace has become elusive in most of the Minecraft buildings and structures. Still, a few house ideas will let you build a calm and peaceful place for yourself. 

Minecraft Japanese house has got you covered. The roots of Minecraft’s Japanese house lies in traditional Japanese architecture. You will find it soothing due to the blossom trees surrounding your Minecraft mansion. It is easy to build in Minecraft world. 

8. Minecraft Wooden House 

Image Source:  youtube.com

Minecraft wooden houses come in several shapes and look. You can grab one of those house ideas for your Minecraft house. You can make a single, double, or three-story wooden house. That’s all depends upon the amount of wood in your stock. 

Minecraft wooden house is simple to make. You will need wood to make your house. With time, you can also add other useful things (cobblestones, stones of any kind) to your Minecraft house. 

9. Wooden Starter House

Image Source:  gamerantimages.com

Want to start your Minecraft journey with fewer resources in your stock? Are you new to this Minecraft world? Well, Minecraft has so many options for you to solve your problems in the blink of an eye. 

As the name suggests, a wooden starter house is a suitable choice for you if you are looking forward to starting your Minecraft career. You will find it unique for your start-up and the most accessible house to make in Minecraft. 

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10. Minecraft Farmhouse

Image Source:  futurecdn.net

Minecraft farmhouse is another addition to the list of best Minecraft house ideas. Farmhouses are the best ways to grow your favorite food items. You will be able to grow and harvest any crop or other food items in your Minecraft world. 

Farmhouses usually exist in a square shape with amazing architecture in your Minecraft world. Your farmhouse will provide you with everything needed to run your gameplay in a much better way. All these things will allow you to enter into a fierce competitive Minecraft world. 

11. Minecraft Suburban House 

Image Source:  youtube.com

Minecraft suburban house is a perfect mixture of all the essentials of a house in one place. It’s a two-story house with a garage on one side of the house. 

You will need concrete, quartz, and stone for making a suburban house in Minecraft. The size of a Minecraft suburban house depends upon the available resources and building materials in your Minecraft inventory slot. 

12. Ultimate Survival Farmhouse

Image Source:  wondershare.com

How can you miss out on this amazing Minecraft house idea for your survival journey? You should take a look at this beautiful creation of Minecraft gameplay. 

Minecraft’s ultimate survival farmhouse is all that you will need to make a two-story building for you. There would be a kitchen and bedrooms on the ground floor. You will find other rooms on the first floor of your house. 

A nearby pond also adds a beauty factor to your ultimate survival farmhouse in Minecraft. 

13. Modern Survival House 

Image Source:  wondershare.com

Minecraft’s modern survival house is all that you can use for your protection and security Minecraft. There are tons of Minecraft mobs, zombies, and foes around you. You will also face severe competition in your gameplay. That’s what asks you for a secured and protected Minecraft building. 

Minecraft modern survival house will not only protect you but will also cater to your needs and desires. You will find everything up to date and latest in your Minecraft modern survival house. 

14. Fantasy Cottage

Image Source:  wondershare.com

Making a fantasy cottage is all about fun and thrill in Minecraft. You can get yourself avail of the endless benefits of this Minecraft creation in your gameplay. 

Fantasy cottage is as fancy as its name is in your gameplay. You can make your world stylish and appealing by creating a fantasy cottage in your world. There would be fewer resources that you will need to make your house.

15. Simple Survival House 

Image Source:  wondershare.com

Minecraft allows its players to start their journey with different kinds of Minecraft builds and structures. There are tons of ideas for Minecraft houses. To start your Minecraft journey, a Simple survival house would be the best choice Minecraft. 

Not only does this house is simple to build, but it also gives a fabulous look to your Minecraft world. A simple survival house requires wood for its crafting. You won’t need additional building blocks for your build. 

There is no denying that this Minecraft house idea is suitable for all those Minecraft players who want to start their Minecraft career. 

16. Large Oak Survival House

Image Source:  wondershare.com

There are several houses in Minecraft that need oak for their construction. Oak is one of the ordinary and convenient resources that you can find in Minecraft. 

Large oak survival house is one of those Minecraft houses that consist of a courtyard. There would be a farm in that courtyard. Along with portraying a traditional look, a large oak survival house is convenient to make in Minecraft. 

It would be a perfect choice for you to choose this marvelous house idea for your Minecraft world. Making a large oak survival house is pretty simple in Minecraft. 

17. Tuscan House

Image Source:  gamerantimages.com

Minecraft has several unique and surprising good ideas for your house. You can make a Tuscan house (a Unique and adorable Minecraft structure) with different color schemes and building blocks (quartz, wooden blocks, stones, and cobblestones). 

What makes it unique is the never vanishing presence of two different colors of clay in your Tuscan house. 

18. Desert House

Image Source:  gamerantimages.com

Minecraft deserts are also decadent in many Minecraft resources and several loot items. Still, making a house in Minecraft deserts is a bit tricky for you. You will get limited food items and resources there.

As every coin has two sides, that is the case with Minecraft desert house. You will get a chance to grab a totem of undying (a Minecraft resource that saves your life from your enemies) to enhance your gameplay performance.  

19. Small Modern Bungalow

Image Source:  pinimg.com

Are you new to the Minecraft competitive world? Do you want to make a perfect and unique house to make your gameplay run in the Minecraft world? Well, some ways can help you a lot in this regard.

A small modern bungalow is all that you will make for your Minecraft world. Minecraft Modern Bungalow needs quartz for its crafting. It would be a bit difficult for you to get a large number of quartz from your Minecraft world. That’s what makes this house less popular in Minecraft.

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20. Multi-level Survival Base

Image Source:  ytimg.com

Minecraft’s survival journey is quite interesting and full of amazing gaming experiences. You will see that there are different survival houses to build in Minecraft. 

A multi-level survival base is the right choice for you to make a house for your survival game. You can make different levels of this house by using a large number of resources and building blocks. 

21. Cozy Cottage 

Image Source:  momsgotthestuff.com

Minecraft has dug various ways to make you relaxed and comfortable in your gameplay. You can build some relaxing and calm structures or houses to live in a competitive Minecraft world. 

It’s a wonderful creation of Minecraft arts. You will need to put in a lot of time and hard work to make this beautiful cottage. Being a stylish Minecraft house, a cozy cottage would be a soothing choice compared with the other Minecraft house ideas. 

22. Red Roof House With Small Garden

Image Source:  momsgotthestuff.com

This Minecraft house idea needs no introduction among Minecraft players. It is a pretty cool build that will inspire you a lot. You won’t find any reason to miss this awesome Minecraft house idea. 

A red roof house with a small garden is one of those house ideas that will take your game to another level. What makes this house desirable among Minecraft players? 

A red roof house consists of a small house that consists of a red roof. The red and white color combination would give a pleasant look to the roof of your house. Aside from that, a small garden in your house would be a perfect fit for making your house. 

23. Acacia Mountain House

Image Source:  momsgotthestuff.com

Want to make a house at the side of a mountain? Minecraft helps you fulfill your desires. Acacia mountain house is a perfect translation of a mountainside house. 

What makes this house fabulous is its building material. Acacia Mountain house requires Acacia wood. You can increase the size of your house by keeping in mind the amount of Acacia wood in your Minecraft inventory. 

Being a perfect example of a mountainside house, Acacia houses will cater to your needs. You can make a large number of rooms and craft many useful items there. There are some basics that you need to learn to make your Acacia Minecraft house.

24. Soft Pastel Pink House 

Image Source:  momsgotthestuff.com

Minecraft has so many creative options for you. You can take and use any of those options for your Minecraft gameplay. One of those creative options is building a soft pastel pink house. What this house contains? And what are the things that make this Minecraft house a creative option for you? Let’s find out.

As the name implies, the Soft pastel pink house is one of the most beautiful houses in Minecraft. Along with being beautiful, it also gives a soft touch to your buildings. To make one, you will need concrete of different colors. 

If you find it confusing about making this house, then this guide will help you a lot. 

25. Three-Story Wooden House 

Image Source:  momsgotthestuff.com

Some structures require you a lot of time and effort for their making. Such is the case with a Three-story wooden house. 

Making this amazing house requires you a large amount of wood in your Minecraft inventory. You will also need many other building materials for your Minecraft house. 

Here, you will see that each floor of this house will consist of an entrance to your house. There would be storage, enchanting, crafting, and bedrooms in your three-story house. You can also make a smelting room in your house. These things would be enough to make a perfect Minecraft building in your gameplay.

26. Modern Luxury House

Image Source:  momsgotthestuff.com

No doubt, this Minecraft house would be a perfect inspiration for all those Minecraft players that want to experience unique ideas for their Minecraft house.

Want a clean and sleek house for your living? Minecraft is there for you to cater to your needs. A modern luxury house not only requires a large number of glass and concrete blocks but also makes your house distinguishing from other Minecraft players’ houses. 

It would be a perfect translation of 21st century Minecraft architecture in your gameplay. 

27. Ultimate Japanese Pagoda

Image Source:  momsgotthestuff.com

Minecraft has endless building options for you. You can choose from them as per your wish and need. There are different kinds of religious building ideas in Minecraft. Real-life structures are possible to make in Minecraft as well. 

Pagodas are those sacred structures that you can make for yourself. Ultimate Japanese Pagoda is an adorable Minecraft creation. Pagodas come with multiple tiers. That’s what makes them different from other Minecraft houses and structures.

Ultimate Japanese Pagoda has become a trend for Minecraft players to get it for their gameplay.  

28. Forest Cottage

Image Source:  momsgotthestuff.com

Building a house in Minecraft certainly takes your time. With the growing age, the demands for different Minecraft houses are skyrocketing. Different and new Minecraft house ideas require a lot of your precious time. One such structure is Forest Cottage in Minecraft. 

You can make a Forest Cottage with the help of lots of extra resources and building blocks. The shape of a Forest cottage is all you need to make your competitors jealous. 

What’s so special about this Minecraft house? You will find your house stylish and appealing. There would be flowers at the windows of a fancy cottage. There would be lamps near the main entrance as well. These things mentioned above will certainly give a fancy look to your cottage.

29. Survival Igloo

Image Source:  momsgotthestuff.com

Nothing can beat the same importance of a survival igloo in Minecraft. Survival igloo is all that a Minecraft player needs to get rid of its infamous enemies in Minecraft. 

Igloo is one of the rarest things that you can find in Minecraft biomes. That’s what makes this Minecraft house unique and somewhat difficult to grab for your gameplay. Still, you can create one by using wood and other stones as your building blocks. You will also find it useful to start your Minecraft journey. 

30. Mini House

Image Source:  momsgotthestuff.com

Minecraft has so many options for you to make your house depending upon your needs and desires. These Minecraft house ideas will help you create your dream house from small to large to complex houses. 

A mini-house in Minecraft is a perfect pick for you if you want to make a small world of your own. You will get every resourceful and needed item in your world. You can easily make this house and rule over the Minecraft world. 

A small house can also fulfill your needs and desires if it contains all the essentials for your gameplay. You will require wood and stones to make your mini house. It would be great for you to start without having too many resources in your Minecraft inventory. 

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