31 Days of Drawing Batman – A New Online Challenge

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Comic artist Chris Samnee has started an internet challenge called #Batober, where he will draw black and white illustrations of Batman with various themes throughout October.

Batman has always been a character who looked brutal in black and white. Shadows, silhouetted effects and a gothic background always gave the shine a vibe to his stories. That is why the Batober challenge, where artist Chris Semney will illustrate Batman, Gotham, Batman’s villains and comrades-in-arms for 31 days, will be very interesting.

Samnee has already drawn one story for the series Batman: Black and White, a series that brings together the best comic book authors who bring short anthological stories about Batman and his villains and cartoonists who try their hand at drawing black and white Batman.

At the end of September, Samnee announced on his Twitter the schedule of topics for his Batman illustrations, which will be published in October.

#Batober starts THIS FRIDAY, October 1st!!
Here’s the prompt list I’ll be using.
Follow along, or join in on the fun and draw your own.

— CHRIS SAMNEE (@ChrisSamnee) September 27, 2021

Samnee was also very creative with the topics. Eg. theme number 2 Spotlight, see Batman in the illustration standing on a sloping Bet-signal holding an unconscious criminal, while Commissioner Gordon observes it all with awe.

Today is the start of #Batober!!!!

Day 1: ALIVE pic.twitter.com/YVHM2dIByE

— CHRIS SAMNEE (@ChrisSamnee) October 1, 2021

#batober Day 2: SPOTLIGHT pic.twitter.com/GxytHtfhvZ

— CHRIS SAMNEE (@ChrisSamnee) October 2, 2021

All in all, Samnee’s challenge is very interesting and certainly worth following because it will surely bring some great illustrations of the Dark Knight and his entourage.

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