492. Squeeing About Fandoms and Feels with Olivia Dade

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My guest this week is Olivia Dade! We had such a good time talking about fan supercuts, watching shows through gifsets, Game of Thrones spoilers, writing characters with ADHD and learning disabilities.

Highlight: we discover a vintage ship we have in common and we exclaim at each other.

Thank you to Rachel, Alanna, and Kelly from the Patreon community!

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Here are the books we discuss in this podcast:

You can find Olivia Dade and complete book lists and a newsletter at OliviaDade.com.

And if you’re thinking, Oh, wait, what is this about a complete list of Grissom/Sidle moments? Here’s a message from Olivia:

If you look under “gsr shipper’s guides to the galaxy” on this page, the creator broke things down by season, so just choose one to see their analysis of the Sara Sidle-Gil Grissom content in every episode: https://addictedtostorytelling.tumblr.com/c.s.i._meta.”

Super fans are the greatest fans.

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