50 Best Minecraft Mansion Ideas

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Mansions are among the top luxurious structures in Minecraft. You can make these buildings when you get bored of the ordinary and regular Minecraft structures and want a ton of resources at your disposal.

Minecraft Mansions will enable you to battle with your enemies better, improve your performance, and get the endless resources and the Totem of Undying as well. 

Here you will find the 50 best Minecraft Mansion ideas that you can choose from.

Best Minecraft Mansions Ideas of 2021

1. Survival Mansion 

Image Source:  futurecdn.net

Are you bored with the regular Minecraft builds? Well, the game has some fantastic ideas for you. You can turn your simple survival house into a Survival mansion. Let’s see what a survival mansion is in Minecraft.

As the name implies, a survival mansion will help you fight with your enemies. You can get rid of your Minecraft enemies by hiding yourself in such mansions. 

2. Modern Mansion 

Image Source:  pinimg.com

Minecraft modern Mansion is an impressive thing to build in your gameplay. You can make this fantastic structure as per your desire and creativity. There’s literally no end to it.

You will get a lot of resources in this Minecraft mansion. Building a modern mansion will let you play your game on your terms. You will get the interior full of furniture and decoration items and grab the best looks for your modern house. 

3. Contemporary Mansion

Image Source:  futurecdn.net

Are you looking for the renovation of your Minecraft building? Well, this Minecraft mansion is the right thing for you. You can make a contemporary mansion to give an enhanced look to your gameplay. 

Modern mansions consist of a large pool, a beautiful indoor, and a luxurious apartment. 

4. Medieval Mansion

Image Source:  futurecdn.net

There are always two sides to a coin. Such is the case with Medieval Mansion in Minecraft. Along with some benefits, there is a negative thing that you will experience with this mansion. 

Medieval Mansion not only makes you comfortable but also protects you from your competitors. But, on the flip side, you will never feel superior to other Minecraft players. This thing limits the widespread use of medieval mansions in Minecraft. 

5. Wentworth Mansion

Image Source:  futurecdn.net

This Minecraft mansion is definitely for those players that want to give a classy and modern look to their houses. Wentworth mansions would prove to help adjust a large number of players and Minecraft items. 

Wentworth mansions consist of almost four floors. Each floor has nearly nine rooms. Perhaps, this is the largest storage building for all the Minecraft players. 

6. Modern Mountain House

Image Source:  futurecdn.net

Just as the name gives away its meaning, Modern mountain houses are the perfect choices for Minecraft players. It will be an ideal choice for you if you want to experience a digital life in Minecraft. 

This Mansion has become popular with its trendy spiral staircase, luxurious restrooms, airy windows, and worth seeing Minecraft sceneries. 

7. Cliffside Wooden Mansion

Image Source:  futurecdn.net

This Minecraft mansion works best for all those players that want mountainside mining in their gameplay. Cliffside wooden mansion will give you an excellent view of your structures. You will be able to get two small houses on either side of this Mansion.

What else would you get from Cliffside wooden mansion? The large storage capacity for your resourceful items and the space for your guests are the fantastic functions of the Cliffside wooden mansion. 

8. Woodland Mansion

Image Source:  nocookie.net

Minecraft has several ideas for you to make your Mansion. Each mansion idea will tell you about different structures. A few Minecraft structures will help you get a totem of undying (a kind of combat item in Minecraft). One such Minecraft mansion is the Woodland mansion. 

Woodland mansion is all about getting a large number of loot items with raids. These are the massive structures that are usually there in dark forest biomes. 

9. Redstone Hotel

Image Source:  futurecdn.net

Redstone hotel designs are very much like Minecraft mansions. You will see that the Redstone hotel is the best Minecraft mansion for all those Minecraft players who want a classy and highly-function structure in their gameplay. 

Having all the qualities in one Minecraft structure will make you awe. Seems strange? Redstone hotel has standard rooms of three kinds, the most refined small structures, and highly available penthouses. 

10. Large Oak Survival Base

Image Source:  pinimg.com

Want something pretty practical for building architects and new structures? Here you have this fantastic Minecraft mansion. A large oak survival base will help you keep out the apocalypse in your Minecraft gameplay. 

Here the mighty oak barriers will save you from the nasty creatures of Minecraft. This Minecraft mansion has got a lot of wealth in terms of storage space and power. You will feel protected with the thick oak walls of your survival mansion. 

11. Small Mansion

Image Source:  momsgotthestuff.com

Small mansions are also helpful in a variety of ways in Minecraft. You will be able to live in a simple yet elegant Minecraft build. 

What does a small mansion consist of in Minecraft? A small mansion usually has up to six rooms for Minecraft players. You will also get some other dwellings in your Mansion. To get a small mansion, you can use the given link for your gameplay. 

12. Victorian Mansion

Image Source:  pinimg.com

Victorian Mansion is a symbol of royalty and pride in Minecraft. During the early days, Victorian mansions have served a lot to the queens and prices. The Mansion is as royal as the name suggests. 

What does Victorian Mansion have? Victorian Mansion has taken the lead of the most elegant mansions in Minecraft. The defining features of Victorian mansions are double-hung windows, stick work, furnished rooms and floors, well-designed interiors, and related things. 

13. Haunted Mansion

Image Source:  pinimg.com

Minecraft offers you many unique and extraordinary ideas for your builds. One of the leading mansion ideas takes you to the haunted mansions in Minecraft. Let’s find out what haunted mansions are in Minecraft?

Haunted mansions will blow your mind. These mansions relate to the old spirits. You will also learn about the inhabitants of Haunted Mansion here. There will be ghosts or disembodied spirits in haunted mansions. 

14. Italian Mansion

Image Source:  momsgotthestuff.com

Minecraft has plenty of adorable builds in its stock. One of them is an Italian mansion. Italian mansions are as stunning as you expect your Minecraft house to be. Italian mansions use the same architects and structures that have become a part of Italian culture. 

You will find them in the best of construction and expenditures. It would be time and cost-effective for you to build this Mansion in your gameplay. 

15. Super Modern Minecraft Mansion 

Image Source:  momsgotthestuff.com

As the name suggests, these Minecraft mansions are super cool and pretty easy to build. You can make a super modern Minecraft mansion by using wood. 

The interior of the Mansion would be glass-based. There would be fully furnished rooms, the interior will be captivating, storage space will be immense, and many other related features. 

16. Modern Luxury Mansion

Image Source:  momsgotthestuff.com

Well, you will find tons of modern mansion ideas to choose from in Minecraft. A modern luxury mansion is one such Mansion in Minecraft. What would you find luxurious in this Minecraft mansion? 

Modern luxury mansions are all about luxury, royalty, and wealth. You will find all the luxuries in this contemporary build. 

17. Moon Shaped Mountain House 

Image Source:  gamerantimages.com

Would you love to make a unique Minecraft mansion in your Minecraft world? If yes, then this Minecraft mansion is for you. Moon-shaped Mountain house is all about making a moon-shaped building to show a clear difference from other Minecraft buildings. 

Building a moon-shaped mountain house would be overwhelming for you. This Mansion comes in a humble size. The thing that makes this Mansion unique is its shape. You will find it cool among all the Minecraft mansions. 

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18. White Modern Mansion

Image Source:  momsgotthestuff.com

Minecraft also gives you certain ideas that are simple yet elegant. White Modern Mansion is one of the elegant mansions when compared with the other mansions. 

White modern Mansion is usually made out of white concrete that is soothing and comfortable for Minecraft players.

19. Modern Mansion Base

Image Source:  pinimg.com

Well, this Mansion is another part of the modern mansions in Minecraft. Being the latest structure, this Mansion will cater to your desires. Not only it gives a modern look to your Mansion, but it also helps you get the best gaming experience. 

20. Big Village House 

Image Source:  fictionhorizon.com

The big village house is another idea for making a Minecraft mansion. It is pretty simple but enormous. Along with the swimming pool, there would be a garden in this Minecraft mansion. The exterior of this big house usually comes with a mixture of stone and wood color schemes. 

21. Simple Quartz Modern House 

Image Source:  ytimg.com

Want a bit more modern look for your Minecraft buildings? No worries. Minecraft simple quartz modern house is all that you need to make your dreams come true. 

This Minecraft mansion requires quartz and glass as the raw materials. You will find it worth living in your gameplay. 

22. Quartz Suburban House With Pool 

Image Source:  ytimg.com

Quartz-based aesthetics have become popular among Minecraft players. Everyone is eager to get their hands on this beautiful Minecraft mansion. Quartz suburban house with pool is one of the most elaborative structures in Minecraft. It consists of a pool, a backyard, and many other valuable things. 

23. Governor’s Palace

Image Source:  pinimg.com

This palace lies at the heart of Minecraft players. There are several rooms in this Mansion. Governor’s palace comes with all the luxuries, royalties, lavish furnishing. You will be able to enjoy a place that you have only dreamed of in your Minecraft gameplay.  

24. Huge Modern Mansion 

Image Source:  pinimg.com

As per its name, you will find it time taking to build such a Mansion in your gameplay. Still, there are more benefits of having a huge modern mansion when compared with its downsides. 

With a light color scheme and captivating interior & exterior, this Minecraft mansion is perfect for your mansion ideas. 

25. Minecraft Modern Bungalow 

Image Source:  ytimg.com

This Mansion is another creation of the Minecraft world. Most players want this Mansion to add an aesthetic element to their structures. Minecraft Modern Bungalow needs quartz for its crafting. It would be a bit difficult for you to get a large number of quartz from your Minecraft world. That’s what makes this Mansion less popular in Minecraft. 

26. Minecraft Japanese House 

Image Source:  ytimg.com

Peace has become elusive in most Minecraft buildings and structures. Still, a few mansion ideas will let you build a calm and peaceful place for yourself. Minecraft Japanese house has got you covered. You will find it soothing due to the blossom trees surrounding your Minecraft mansion. 

27. Minecraft Villa 

Image Source:  ytimg.com

Want something relaxing for your Minecraft world? Minecraft villa is all that you will require fulfilling your desires. Minecraft villa consists of a swimming pool, spare and large rooms, glass walls, and many more things. You will find it helpful for getting a royal life in Minecraft.

28. California Mansion 

Image Source:  pinimg.com

Minecraft California mansion comes with a lot of luxury. It would be useful for you to run your game among the fierce competitors in Minecraft. You can use this Mansion against your enemies. You will be able to feel protected against every unfavorable situation. 

29. Sandstone Mansion

Image Source:  pinimg.com

Most of the Minecraft mansions do not require an introduction. That’s because of the name of the Mansion which tells you everything about the Mansion. Sandstone mansions are the products of sandstones (one of the important building blocks in Minecraft). You will use these less expensive locks for your buildings in Minecraft. 

30. Rustic Savanna Home

Image Source:  gamerantimages.com

Biomes play a significant role in building a Minecraft mansion. That’s what makes a mansion complete in Minecraft. 

Being a potential building idea, Rustic savanna home uses new Minecraft building blocks. This thing makes this home different from others. It would be the same as the Minecraft traditional and medieval bases for you. 

31. Minecraft Amethyst Geode Home

Image Source:  gamerantimages.com

Minecraft geodes are the structures that exist underwater or underground. This Minecraft mansion is for all those players that want to change the interiors of their regular Minecraft buildings. 

It would be one of the coolest Minecraft mansions with purplish building blocks. There would be a large window that will help you see the ocean side. 

32. Multiplayer- Friendly Minecraft Base

Image Source:  gamerantimages.com

As per the name of this Minecraft mansion, there would be many Minecraft players that will inhabit this Mansion. You can get an idea of the structure from the name of this building idea.

A Multiplayer-friendly Minecraft base is all about many players who live and spend their time together in a single mansion. Here you will see that a large storage place is also present for all the players. Minecraft players can easily hide a lot of their items in their Mansion. 

33. Diagonal Minecraft Home 

Image Source:  gamerantimages.com

Looking for something fabulous for your Minecraft world? Here you have this amazing Diagonal Minecraft home. It also gives a cottage style to your Minecraft building. 

Diagonal Minecraft home is for you if you want to get rid of the old and regular Minecraft homes and buildings. 

34. Wooden Mansion 

Image Source:  gamerantimages.com

Wooden Mansion is the most common and simple Minecraft mansion. This Mansion requires wood in a large amount for its formation. 

What is best about a wooden mansion is its simple looks and designs. There would be enough space for you to store plenty of your useful items. 

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35. The Palo Alto Lantern House 

Image Source:  gamerantimages.com

This Minecraft mansion idea is close to the real-world building versions. When you feel like there is nothing to build in Minecraft, you can go for this Minecraft mansion. 

The Palo Alto Lantern Minecraft mansion is a perfect translation of the luxurious and brilliant real-world structures into a Minecraft world. Aside from being modern, it would help you build many other small structures to expand your Minecraft world. 

36. Island Temple 

Image Source:  gamerantimages.com

Great landscaping is a central theme of this Minecraft mansion. Island temple consists of a curved roof, large space, tones of flowers and lanterns, and many more things. You will not regret making it your Minecraft living place.

You will find it soothing in your Minecraft world. 

37. Cat House 

Image Source:  gamerantimages.com

There are different building and mansion ideas that do not look like a house. Seems strange? 

Minecraft has come with several new and unique ideas for your houses and mansions. One such structure is a Cathouse in Minecraft. Glass and concrete are the building blocks of a cat house. Cathouse is like a white kitty-shaped building in Minecraft. 

You will see that different Minecraft mobs and cats will surround your Minecraft mansion. 

38. Desert House 

Image Source:  gamerantimages.com

Deserts can’t be a perfect choice for Minecraft players looking for the best location for their buildings. On one side, the desert house consists of an arid environment. On the contrary, there would be chances to grow some plants that are difficult to develop otherwise. 

The only thing that is limiting its usage is the difficulty in getting food. Desert houses won’t allow you to get many food items from desert biomes. 

39. Oceanside Castle 

Image Source:  gamerantimages.com

Along with being a challenging thing to build in Minecraft, Oceanside Castle demands you a lot of resources. You will need a lot of resources and planning to make this Minecraft mansion. 

Once you have built your Minecraft mansion, you will become the ruler of your Minecraft world. What else would you get from a Minecraft mansion? 

40. Mountain Hut

Image Source:  gamerantimages.com

Are you bored with the regular flat Minecraft mansions? Want something ideal for your Minecraft world? Mountain hut will serve you best in this regard. 

Mountain hut is one of the most incredible creations of Minecraft. Wood is the basic building block of this Minecraft mansion. Mountains are pretty easy to find in Minecraft. As a result, you can quickly build a Mountain hut in your gameplay. 

41. Ice Spike Mini Home 

Image Source:  gamerantimages.com

Minecraft has a lot of rare biomes. You can build your Mansion in any biome depending upon your need and desire. 

Building a structure in Ice spike plain biomes is not easy. Still, you can go for Ice spike mini home in your gameplay. You will see that this Mansion has a lot of cold and snow around it. That’s why this Minecraft mansion is for crazy players.

42. Tuscan House 

Image Source:  gamerantimages.com

Minecraft has many surprising good ideas for your mansions. You can make a Tuscan house (a Unique and adorable Minecraft structure) with color schemes and building blocks.

What makes it unique is the presence of two different colors of clay in your Tuscan house. 

43. TreeHouse 

Image Source:  gamerantimages.com

Treehouses are the most popular Minecraft building ideas for all the players around. Jungle biomes would be the perfect location for your treehouse or Mansion in your Minecraft world. 

Treehouses range from simple to complex to ultra-modern builds in Minecraft. 

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44. Modern Beach House 

Image Source:  gamerantimages.com

Modern-looking builds have become the dream of every Minecraft player. You can choose from concrete, wooden planks, and glass blocks as your building blocks in Minecraft. Modern beach houses give a traditional and rustic look to your Minecraft world. 

45. Underwater Hideout 

Image Source:  gamerantimages.com

Minecraft Underwater hideout is a fantastic mansion idea for you. It would be perfect for making your house stunning compared to other Minecraft houses and mansions. 

Building this Minecraft mansion is difficult. It requires enchanted tools, a massive amount of resources, and different kinds of building blocks. That’s why underground hideouts are not preferable for Minecraft players.

46. Abandoned House At Sea

Image Source:  gamerantimages.com

Wood and stone are magical blocks that can easily turn themselves into an extraordinary Minecraft structure. An abandoned house at sea is one more addition to the products made out of wood and stone. 

You will see your house floating on water around your Minecraft water bodies. This thing makes it unique among all mansions. 

47. Moon Shaped Modern House

Image Source: pinimg.com

Minecraft Moon-shaped modern house looks like a moon. You will be able to make your gameplay more interesting by having this Minecraft amazing mansion.

It would be a great build idea for Minecraft players. This Mansion is one of the coolest and most interesting Minecraft builds.

48. Wooden Starter House 

Image Source:  gamerantimages.com

Do you want to start your Minecraft survival journey? Looking for a way to start building your Minecraft house with fewer resources? Well, wooden starter houses are taking care of your wishes. 

You can start your Minecraft journey with this Mansion. It won’t ask you for a large number of resources for making it.

49. Minecraft Farmhouse

Image Source: pinimg.com

Minecraft farmhouses are more popular than any other Minecraft structure. You can easily make one by collecting a large number of cobblestones and spruce stones from Minecraft’s different biomes. 

The farmhouse is a kind of second home for Minecraft players. You can use this Mansion for your comfort and tranquility.

50. Hughorive Mansion Minecraft

Image Source:  pinimg.com

Hughorive mansions are also among the best Minecraft building ideas. There is nothing much to know about these mansions. Still, you can make one by using the link given below. This link will take you to the image of Hughorive Mansion Minecraft. As a result, you will be able to make your Minecraft unique and brand new Mansion.

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