50 Cutest Anime Boys Ranked: The Hottest List Out There

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The world of animation has produced an array of captivating characters we can imagine. It’s time to pay respect to the cutest and hottest males from these films and series. We hope that their looks can inspire you to continue watching Anime.

You may have seen hot males doing their thing on their balconies or models for an advertisement, but have you ever seen hot anime characters with stunning looks and personalities?

If you’ve or aren’t yet, then this list is ideal for you. This list contains 50 hot and sexy-looking anime characters that will blow your mind.

Cutest Anime Boys At A Glance

1. Soo-Won

2. Haku

3. Alucard

4. Levi

5. Kakashi

6. Sebastian

7. Rin Okumura

8. Yuri Katsuki

9. Seiryuu Abi

10. Takashi Komuro

And many more.

50 Cutest Anime Boys Ranked

Let’s go through the list of cutest anime boys briefly.

50. Soo-Won

Soo-Won, the handsome King of Kouka Kingdom. He seeks revenge on his father’s murder and General Yu-Hon’s death by killing his uncle Emperor II, who killed his father. He’s tall and young and has an attractive face. His beautiful appearance and long, dark blonde hair are not to be taken lightly. He is as fierce as a king and fills his role with respect.

He is always wearing the same style of hair, middle-parted bangs, with loose strands of hair framing his face. He holds his long ponytail tied at the side by a delicate gold ring.

49. Haku

Haku was an orphan in his home in the Land of Water. Under Zabuza, Momochi’s guidance Haku is transformed into Shinobi and later becomes the Mercenary Ninja.

The shinobi costume he wears is finished in white, with a brown sash and green hair. In the absence of combat, Haku wore his dark black hair, which fell to his shoulders. It framed his beauty and delicate facial features. In fighting, his hair was tied in a bun, and his hairband was used to keep the loose pieces.

He’s a fierce and skilled actor, even for an attractive, young, and beautiful character.

48. Alucard

Alucard is the most potent weapon against vampires as well as other supernatural forces of the Hellsing Organization. Alucard is one of the strongest vampires on earth and doesn’t want the power he wields.

He’s a bad boy for those who appreciate the supernatural. His blood-red eyes are glowing when he experiences intense emotions, and his hair’s length shifts from short to long until the knees. The black suit and a red scarf surrounded by a red coat give him that style only a super-powerful vampire could possess.

He’s fierce and sometimes brutal and relentless, however, occasionally, the light of his character shines, and that’s why he makes me love him!

47. Levi

Captain of the squad in members of the Special Operations Squad, Levi Ackerman’s youthful appearance is highlighted by his shorter, unkempt hair and dark gray eyes that frighten any person they meet with dark circles that accentuate his look.

He’s a bit shorter than many people. However, his solid and muscular physique compensates for the shortfall in height. A slack and unassuming look swiftly replaces his stoic attitude. He is always serene and keeps his emotions secret.

He has a stunning physique and mysterious appearance, which we could resist. He is also regarded as the most powerful soldier in Attack on Titan.

46. Kakashi

Despite his aversion to accountability, Kakashi Hatake is frequently appreciated for his leadership skills and wisdom. His confidence in himself and arrogance make him more attractive.

A spiffy silver hairstyle worn to the left frames his stunning face when he’s not wearing an eye mask. He has dark gray eyes that can sometimes appear black and has a calm attitude. A traumatic injury caused a vertical scar to run across the left eye, making him look sexier. He is wearing an eye protector and a mask for his mouth in battle, which keeps his face covered.

45. Sebastian

Who wouldn’t want to be an imposing, dark, and attractive man? Sebastian is tall and handsome, with dark hair, red eyes, and pale skin. He is often dressed as a butler. He wears black trousers with a waistcoat that is double-breasted and a grey jacket. While this is not a typical outfit for a butler and style, it is elegant. The white gloves, pocket watch, and silver lapel enhance this appearance and make him look more appealing.

44. Rin Okumura

Black hair and messy swoops down and fall over Rin’s beautiful light skin. Rin isn’t just your typical man. There are hints of his demon shape that shine through his usual appearance. Canine teeth and slightly pointed ears are not as prominent; however, his black, long fur tail is the main thing to notice.

In his demon-like form, he can hold two blue flames that resemble horns over the head. He also has long ears and red pupils that are slit. The flames are blazing around various parts of his body. Rin is for those who prefer sexier, from a bit of demon to fully demonic form. You can pick between monster and human with Rin and get two for one price.

43. Yuri Katsuki

Yuri isn’t your typical dark, creepy Anime character. He’s an expert figure skating and a smoky, wholesome man. Also, he has short, messy black hair. He wears blue glasses with half-rims.

Rin is prone to gaining weight due to excessive eating. He frequently wears several layers to disguise weight gain. He has a slim muscular body that is gorgeous to behold, especially with his lovely, gentle face.

42. Seiryuu Abi

Abi was one of four Dragon Warriors swearing to protect King Hiryuu.

Despite his raunchy name, Abi has a rather feminine style. Medium-length blue hair, with bangs that fall to one left and right, frame his delicate face. His kimono is pinned around the waist using an elegant pearl necklace. As the first Seiryuu born, he has golden, deep, and red signature marks below the eyes.

His gorgeous appearance, however, doesn’t conceal his foul-mouth and short temper. He disguises these flaws with a delicate and intelligent sense of calm that very few can witness and a solid dedication to his family and friends.

41. Takashi Komuro

A sophomore at high school and the head for the Fujimi Academy of survivors. Takashi is proficient in melee combat and has been taught to be highly skilled in the art of firearms.

He’s averagely tall and features brown eyes framed by black spikes. He’s slim but firm and relies on his speed and strength ability to get through difficult moments. He usually wears his school uniform, which comprises a school uniform in black and an undershirt in red. He could change to casual attire from time to time, but his formal attire is most of what he wears.

40. William T. Spears

He has neatly combed brown hair and eyes with a yellow-green shade. The glasses he wears are rectangular and feature decorative lines on them. They provide him with the appearance of elegance and peace.

He’s calm and utterly faithful in his professional life.

He is not a fan of demons, and he’s often hostile towards other people. This is a bit off-putting about the persona, but that does not mean that we shouldn’t be able to appreciate his appearance!

39. Toga Yagari

Yagari has an eye patch on his right eye. Whish he lost after rescuing Zero or Ichiru from his lover after she turned into a vampire. The scar appears near his vision as well. He is a man with long, black waves of hair and blue eyes. He usually wears a large cap with a brim, and a cigarette hung in his mouth.

38. Ryuuji Takasu

Ryuuji is 17 years old young. He is entering his 2nd year of high school. Genes have gifted him with eyes with sanpaku that frequently make him uncomfortable because they make him appear somewhat intimidating and playful. He lives at his mother’s home and is self-sufficient. as an added plus, he’s adept at cooking and is devoted to cleanliness.

He’s not too tall, but he’s not too short also. The short-haired boy has eyes with sanpaku. He’s often seen dressed in school uniforms. Many are intimidated by his eyes. However, it’s the way he looks in the inner that is important for Ryuuji.

37. Kyo Sohma

Kyo suffers from the curse of the feline from the zodiac. When he’s under pressure and is hugged by someone of a different gender, he turns into an orange cat.

He has bright, orange hair that falls over his eyes. They are both a bright red and orange shade. He’s tall and robust, which breaks the stereotype of other people.

The wristband must remain on. should it be removed from the wrist, he becomes an animal that smells like dead flesh. It is believed to be the cat’s revenge-seeking spirit. His distinct hue makes him stand out and also extremely attractive.

36. Claude

Claude stands tall, attractive, and elegant. He has black hair that is short and gorgeous golden eyes. Strangely enough, the man has an unusually long tongue that can reach over the nose bridge.

The right hand’s contract’s seal is evident when he is within proximity to Alois.

The form of Claude’s demon is the form of an insect. This makes sense when it comes to his build and height. However, his behavior changes after experiencing Ciel Phantomhive’s blood.

35. Issei

He’s average in size and has short spiky brunette hair. He’s pretty simple. However, he’s more to the nice-looking side. He typically wears the Kuoh Academy’s uniform for boys, which fits his body well. The blazer suits him well, as do the slim jeans that showcase his legs.

34. Near

He is young and sports the slenderest white locks. His gray eyes are a source of wisdom that’s beyond the years. He’s only seen wearing a white long-sleeved top and pajama pants that are long and white.

In the later part of the series, the actor has taken on his own body and features sharp, swollen eyes and hair that is expanding.

He is smart, as you’ll see when you look at his face. The grey and white color are stunning, similar to an elegant white rose.

33. Jellal

Jellal Fernandes used to be a dark mage before when he lost all memory. He is a co-founder as well as a member of Crime Sorciere.

He is a striking blue-haired man and has a red tattoo on his forehead and beneath his right eye. His appearance is stunning and very attractive. He is dressed in elegant and simple outfits, including a long white coat that has black stripes. He also has edgier skin with prominent golden symbols in the front. The light and dark clothes and robing help highlight his stunning hair and the red tattoo that is visible on his face. This makes him a striking figure.

32. Tomoya Okazaki

The man has developed a sarcastic manner of speaking because of his abusive father whom he has a heated argument. His mother passed away in a car crash, which means that only two of them live together.

Although he may dislike it, his great appearance is a result of his father. Skin toned in tan and blue hair that is spiky and deep blue eyes are a part of the family. He’s average in height; however, his body gives him the appearance of being higher than he is. Tomoya is not very muscular; however, he can be a formidable competitor.

31. Grell Sutcliff

Grell has long, dark red hair with sharp shark-like teeth. The red frame glasses that are adorned with skulls enhance the devilish appearance. He is usually dressed in gloves with a vest and bowtie in white, red, and high-heeled ankle booties. The red coat he stole during a brawl highlights his dark features.

30. Usui

His eyes color is bright green. Also, he got spiky blonde hair. He is slim, tall stature. Although he may be thin, he’s solid and well-built.

Takumi Usui is loved by all of his friends and is one of those multi-faceted athletes. He’s handsome and kind, the kind of person you’d like to bring home to see your parents.

29. Mello

Mello has golden hair that is chin-length with gorgeous blue eyes. The bangs are under his eyebrows. In his treatment, the man is left with a huge scar that extends from the middle of his face to the left eye.

He’s usually wearing black leather clothes with a beaded red necklace. He is carrying a gun inside his black leather trousers, which makes him a bad boy.

28. Akuto Sai

He’s a pretty basic, well-groomed character. He has shaggy, spiky brown hair and eyes that are purple. His eyes change color to a redder hue, and the lines under his eyes get longer and red. It also adds to the notion that he’ll one day become the Demon King.

He’s respectful and caring; however, the darker aspect of his character makes him an intriguing personality, as do his appealing appearance.

27. Yuri Plisetsky

He has long, blonde hair that will cover one side. To complement his blonde hair, he sports sparkling turquoise eyes. He’s not tall by any means and is relatively thin. His nickname, due to his height, is “Russian Fairy.” Although he’s stunningly beautiful, he also has an edgy look, and it is irresistible.

26. Gray

He’s a darker character. He has dark, spiky hair and deep blue eyes. He is muscular and well-defined. He will eventually get a mark on his forehead, just above his left eye. It is often covered by hair. Also, there’s an X-shaped mark on his lower abdomen.

25. Ayato

He’s a fascinating character. He’s slim with hair that is red and unruly, which grows out at the end. He has narrow, radiating eyes that are green and shiny. He has a black stud in his right ear, which points towards his dark side.

24. Sasuke

He has black hair and attractive dark eyes. The blue hue of his hair adds an extra dimension of character. The bangs of his hair hang over the eyes even when the hair has been pulled up.

He’s muscular and well-built and is regarded as attractive by the majority of girls. He’s usually seen in various outfits, but it shows his fantastic physique and body shape.

23. Zero

Simply, he’s stunning. He’s tall and young with flowing silky silver hair. He’s incredibly pale with white skin and lovely eyes in lavender. He usually wears a school uniform or another outfit.

22. Inuyasha

A long, waist-length extended black hair frames eyes, which have the eyes of slits. The ears are small and fluffy. They sit on top of his head. His nasal area is constantly damp regardless of how normal it looks. In the end, his name means Dog Demon.

In a unique, unconventional way, he’s beautiful. He’s a glam-maker for those who think outside the box.

21. Kaname Kuran

The eyes are a brown and red mix, and he also wears brown locks that extend until it reaches his collarbone and falls in random places on his face. He is always at peace and in a peaceful state.

As the head of the prominent family, he’s usually dressed in formal wear. He wears the traditional Night Class uniform, a white blazer, a black shirt, a red tie, and black jeans. To add some elegance, he’s got an embroidered pin on his tie.

20. Ken Kaneki

He was initially with black hair and was pretty average. After the transplant and the subsequent beating by Yamori, his hair was completely white. The man wears a disguise that features large lips with teeth-gnashing printed on it.

19. Katsuki Bakugou

Katsuki is an adult and is relatively average in size. His long hair with ash blonde highlights with those sharp and red eyes. He’s usually seen in his uniform at school with a classic jacket and a white button-up shirt. He’s rather sluggish in his appearance, with only the first few buttons on his shirt untied, and his pants are always loose.

His costume for the superhero is more streamlined. It’s an all-black sleeveless V-neck with an orange X. He also has a silver neck brace, which can also be worn as an earring.

18. Kirito

Kirito is usually calm but enjoys the midst of a row and infuriating other people. Kirito is a friend to many However, and his mood is prone to alter.

The character in the game is beautiful. He is tall and has straight and neat black hair. The eyes of the character are dark and frequently appear black too. His typical outfit is black trousers, a belt with a big silver buckle, and a black V-neck top and trench coat.

17. Sesshomaru

He is stunningly handsome with a slim and tall build. He appears to be an adult. His skin is light and pale, while his ears appear pointed. He has beautiful golden slanted and slit eyes. Silver hair falls to his knees, and his face is covered in bangs.

He wears an orange Crescent moon on the forehead. He also has two magentas.

16. Nagisa Shiota

It is impossible to discern his abilities as an assassin just by watching him. He’s slim, and his appearance is intriguing. He has fantastic blue hair and eyes that are azure. Luckily, his mom obliges him to keep his hair above his shoulders. It’s too gorgeous to cut!

15. Tamaki Suoh

He is charming and attractive. Also, he can showcase his looks and princely personality. He’s the comic relief in the show, but there’s a depth to him that can be appreciated while enjoying his presentation style in the same way!

14. Haruko Nanase

Haruka is an athletic personality. He is an outstanding swimmer. He is strong, neat, and attractive. His straight black hair and alluring blue eyes will make you fall in love with him.

Afraid to show emotions, he’s often perceived as severe. He’s always ready to swim in his jammers beneath his regular school attire.

He has muscles for swimmers as well as abs and triceps that you can admire. He is always dressed in basic clothes. His appearance as a well-groomed athlete is nicely portrayed along with a stunning face to complete the.

13. Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto is creative, enthusiastic, and an out-of-the-box thinking person. Naruto has spiky blonde hair and stunning blue eyes. Naruto has three whisker marks on each of his cheeks. He was wearing green glasses when he was younger but discarded them once he became an adult.

12. Ban

He is highly muscular and tall, an absolute model of a man. He has a tan complexion and an impressive six-pack. His long, spiky blue hair and dark eyes give him an extra edge. He has a giant scar that extends across his jaw and down the neck. He usually wears a red leather jacket and pants with metal studs to add some flair to his clothes.

11. Karma

The man has short red hair with ashen skin. His eyes seem to be either gold or mercury in hue. It may appear innocent at first glance, but there is a dark aspect to him, which is evident by his sharp teeth.

10. Minato Namikaze

Naruto’s father, the two appear very look alike. He has bright blue eyes and long, spiky blonde hair. The length of his jaw frames his face, highlighting his beautiful features. He is also on our list of 30 strongest Naruto characters!

9. Takashi Morinozuka

Takashi is a challenging and quiet kind of person. He only speaks when required and is extremely intelligent and keen. His impressive height and size have some unique characteristics too. He has spiky black hair with dark stormy eyes.

8. Light Yagami

Light is taller than average and has blonde locks and eyes that are brown. He’s always tidy and formal, usually dressed in school uniforms.

7. Edward Elric

Edward has long golden blonde hair that usually flows across his shoulders in braids. Bangs highlight his face.

Regardless of his tiny stature, he’s got a stunning appearance and a stunning mind.

6. Tomoe

The hair of the tomoe has begun to increase in length in the final portion of the show. His ears are like the ears of a fox, and his eyes are angled like the eyes of a fox. The eyes of his pet are violet as they darken whenever he is feeling emotional turmoil.

5. L

L is tall, slim, and has messy black locks that fall perfectly. Also, his eyes are dark and brooding. There are dark shadows under the eyes because of his sleepiness.

4. Yato

He is a gorgeous young man. His sharp blue eyes are stunning and dark hair highlights them with an ethereal blue color with streaks of purple. He’s pretty standard in height and frequently wears a unique navy tracksuit with gold-colored crowns on the right side.

3. Hak

He’s tall and even sexually attractive. His stunning blue eyes, as well as his messy black locks, are lovely. His body is a shape that has been refined through many years of training for us to appreciate.

2. Wizard Howl

Howl has shoulder-length hair with blue eyes and blonde locks. His skin tone is pale, and his body is slim and tall. He is a shy man, yet brilliant and loyal.

1. Natsu

He has gorgeously toned skin with spiky pink hair. His canines are incredibly sharp, and his eyes are deep black. Even though he’s regular in height, he’s exceptionally athletic, strong, and toned.

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