7 Best Minecraft Crossbow Enchantments In 2021

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Weapons are crucial when it comes to protection and survival. Minecraft players can use various tools and weapons to fight with their enemies and other competitive players. Crossbow is one such tool and is the fastest killing weapon in Minecraft. It uses arrows as ammunition. You can make your crossbow efficient with a variety of enchantments. But what are the best crossbow enchantments in Minecraft?

Best Crossbow enchantments include Unbreaking III that increases the durability and shelf life of your cross; Mending I that is suitable for the repairmen of your Minecraft crossbows; and Multishot I, well known for its ability to shoot multiple arrows at once. Other enchantments for Minecraft crossbow include Quick Charge III, Curse of Vanishing I, and Power. 

Enchantments add valuable features to your crossbows to make them effective and efficient. You can increase the effectiveness, longevity, and damage power of your crossbows with these enchantments. An enchanted crossbow will increase the damage percentage to your Minecraft foes. This article will help you know about crossbow enchantments. You will get to know what enchantments you can put on a crossbow in Minecraft. 

Let’s learn more about the pros and cons of these enchantments. 

Minecraft Best Crossbow Enchantments 2021

Minecraft is an online video game that offers you several ways to improve as a player. You can use different tools along with varying enchantments in Minecraft. Crossbow is a kind of weapon that you will use with fantastic enchantments. These enchantments will polish your weapon and help you survive better in your gameplay.

Here, I will enlist the top most Minecraft crossbow enchantments. I will also explain the crafting ingredient for each enchantment. You will also learn about the benefits and downsides of each enchantment. Let’s get started. 

1. Mending I

Mending is an amazing enchantment in Minecraft. You will be able to use this enchantment for your crossbow when you have experience points in your inventory. Minecraft Mending enchantment is a pretty useful thing to get for your gameplay. 

How would you get this enchantment?

Minecraft enchantments are craftable. You can also get this enchantment from several other ways, such as:

You can mine mending in many places of your gaming world. You can get this enchantment from villages, temples, jungles, dungeons, and other places. You can get it from other merchants as well. Fishing is another useful method to get mending enchantment in your gameplay. You can also get it by using an enchanted book and your crossbow. An enchanting table will turn these items into an enchanted crossbow. 


Not only does this enchantment add to the existing abilities of your crossbow, but it also makes it more powerful with a few new features. You will be able to repair your crossbow with mending enchantment. You will save your time from wasting. The highest enchantment level for mending is Level 1.Mending is the best durability enchantment for Minecraft crossbows. What makes mending great is its ability to allow you to mend your crossbows with XP orbs. 


You won’t be able to repair your inventory items with this enchantment. Due to its mutually exclusive nature, you won’t use it with a few other valuable enchantments. 

2. Multishot I

Multishot is a mind-blowing enchantment that you can get in Minecraft. Minecraft players can shoot three arrows instead of the regular one arrow shoot in their gameplay. 

How would you get this enchantment?

Here are a few ways to acquire this useful enchantment. 

You can obtain this enchantment from wandering villagers.You can go fishing for it. You can also find Multishot enchantment inside the loot chests.  


An enchanted crossbow will use only one arrow while it shoots three arrows at once. You will feel immune to all the deadly damages in Minecraft.The highest enchantment level for Multishot is Level 1.You will be able to shot arrows to distant places with better accuracy. Helps to kill mobs fasterYou will be able to shoot multiple arrows at once. Crossbows enchanted with Multishot can shoot firework rockets as well. You will also save your arrows and shoot three arrows at the cost of one. You can give extra damage to your Minecraft mobs. You can kill tons of Minecraft mobs within seconds. 


The main disadvantage of Multishot enchantment is its incompatibility with the piercing enchantment in Minecraft. You can’t use both enchantments at the same time on your crossbows. The durability of crossbows with Multishot enchantment decreases with time. So, your crossbow will wear out quickly. Multishot is only useful when you are fighting with a large number of enemies and mobs. 

3. Unbreaking III

Minecraft Unbreaking enchantment will help you a lot to confront your enemies with better crossbows in your hands. Unbreaking III will let you achieve your ultimate aims in your gameplay. You can get a lot of benefits from this mind-blowing enchantment. 

How would you get this enchantment?

It would be possible for you to get Unbreaking III in your gameplay. You can use any of the given methods:

Either trade with a Minecraft villager for this enchantment or use a fishing rod for fishing Unbreaking III. You will require chests, enchanted books, and a crossbow to obtain Unbreaking from the Minecraft chests. As a result, you will get Unbreaking inside the chests.  


It saves your time from collecting resources to make your crossbow again in Minecraft. The highest enchantment level for Unbreaking is Level 3. As the name implies, Unbreaking prevents your crossbows from breaking. You will be able to use your crossbows for a long time. You will find your crossbow more efficient and durable with this enchantment. Chances are there that you would get the Ender pearls with this enchantment in your gameplay. Your crossbows won’t wear out quickly and will stay longer. 


Minecraft has found no downside for this amazing enchantment. Unbreaking III is a unique enchantment to have your Minecraft inventory. 

4. Piercing IV

Want to clear a narrow area packed with nasty monsters? Well, get your hands ready to grab this wonderful enchantment. Piercing enchantment is one of the best and unique enchantments in Minecraft. You will become efficient enough to kill four mobs with a single arrow with this enchantment. 

How would you get this enchantment?

You can get this enchantment from these methods.

Minecraft wandering villagers will trade these enchantments with you.Fishing with a fishing rod helps you get this enchantment. You will get piercing from Loot chests dungeons. The enchanting table will turn the crafting items into piercing enchantment on your crossbows.


The highest enchantment level for piercing is Level 4.Piercing enchantment will help you defend yourself in close places such as caves and narrow areas.You will be able to throw arrows not only towards your targeted enemies but also on the other mobs as well. You will get the ability to pierce your enemies through multiple targets. Piercing IV helps you to increase the power of your crossbows to a great extent. It would be best if you use this enchantment to kill multiple mobs at once. You will be able to give deadly effects to your crossbows with piercing enchantment. 


Piercing enchantment also hampers its usefulness by showing the incompatibility with the Multishot enchantment. You will see that your crossbow enchanted with piercing four quickly wear out in your gameplay.

5. Quick Charge III

Do you want to reload your crossbow quickly in Minecraft? Here you have this Minecraft enchantment to sort out your matter. Quick Charge is an ideal choice to fill your Minecraft crossbows.

How would you get this enchantment?

You can get this enchantment by using one of the following methods. 

You can find it by fishing with a fishing rod. You can search this enchantment in loot chests of dungeons. You can search it in loot chests of library rooms as well. An enchanting table will help you get this enchantment.  


You will get a chance to recharge your crossbows faster. A player can wear an enchanted crossbow for its survival and protection in the Minecraft world The highest enchantment level for the quick charge is Level 3. You will be able to reduce the reloading time to one-fourth. With this enchantment, your crossbows shoot arrows faster than other regular crossbows. You will save your precious time from wasting in Minecraft.You can use this enchantment against all kinds of mobs in your Minecraft world.


Sometimes, you will find it difficult to recharge your crossbow in the presence of this enchantment. 

6. Curse of Vanishing I

As the name suggests, Curse of Vanishing allows you to drop nothing on your death. Your enemy won’t get anything as your enchanted crossbow will disappear as soon as you die in your gameplay.

How would you get this enchantment?

To get this enchantment, you will have the following options to choose from. 

Although it is rare, yet you can mine this enchantment around your Minecraft world. You will get this enchantment from chest loots. You can also get it by fishing with a fishing rod. Trading with librarian villagers is another way to grab this unique enchantment for your crossbow. 


Curse of vanishing helps you fight and kill your enemies in a much better way. You will find it useful as it’s a kind of curse for your enemies to get nothing from your death. The highest enchantment level for Curse of Vanishing is Level 1.You will make your crossbow cursed with this enchantment. Curse of vanishing is a versatile enchantment that you can use many other tools and weapons. You will be able to make your crossbow disappear once you have died. 


Along with the benefits, this enchantment has a downside too. You will have to sacrifice your crossbow on which you put this enchantment. You will have to face difficult situations with this enchantment. Sometimes, you will face death too. Curse of vanishing is challenging to get as it is one of the rarest enchantments in Minecraft. 

7. Power 

If you want to increase the power of your Minecraft crossbows, then this enchantment will serve you well. Power enchantment will help you boost the performance of your crossbows. You can strike down your enemies with extra power and efficiency in your gameplay. 

How would you get this enchantment?

Want to get this enchantment on your crossbow? Well, Minecraft offers you many ways to get this enchantment, such as:

You will need a few items in your Minecraft inventory to make this enchantment. You will require enchanted books, lapis lazuli, crossbows, and bookshelves. You can also get power V enchantment by combining two crossbows enchanted with power 4. You can find librarian villagers to trade with them. 


You will be able to increase the damage capacity of your crossbow up to 25%. The highest enchantment level for Power is Level 5. It would help you to handle maximum heart damages in your gameplay. You will efficiently battle with your enemies. You will find it easy to kill your enemies with this enchantment on your crossbow. The most important thing about this enchantment is its ability to add extra power to your crossbow. 


You can’t use this enchantment with mending at the same time. Both are mutually exclusive.

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