75 Best Witch Anime Of All Time Ranked (2021 Update)

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If you’re into witches, then this article is for you! The following list contains 75 of the best witch anime of all time. These are ranked based on an aggregate score, and I’ve also included a description of each anime so that you can get a feel for what it’s about before watching it.

75. Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash (Season 1)

A group finds themselves in a completely different world. Not only that, they find out that they possessed no memory of ever living another life before this one. 

It is the story of “Grimgar, Ashes and Illusions” (aka “Hai to Gensou no Grimgar”), a novel series written by Ao Jūmonji and illustrated by Eiri Shirai. It’s an Isekai light novel-style story, but it doesn’t have a game-like system like most other Isekai stories where the protagonist uses cheat skills to defeat enemies. 

While there are undoubtedly influential people and scary monsters in this world, they do not necessarily guarantee your safety. With only shady information at hand, the naïve group must learn to accept their reality, drastically changing their former lives.

74. Little Witch Academia (TV) (2017-10-09)

“Little Witch Academia” is based on an original short film written by Yoh Yoshinari and directed by him, with character designs done by Masahiko Otsuka. The story takes place in Luna Nova Magical Academy, the most prestigious magical school in Japan. It’s a place where young girls learn to become witches, but it’s not all gooey and full of rainbows. 

The school is currently in the middle of an argument between tradition and progress.

Atsuko Kagari is an ordinary girl who enrolls in Luna Nova Academy, a renowned witch academy for witch girls. When she was younger, she went to Magical Festa, a magic show hosted by a witch named Shiny Chariot. Shiny Chariot’s words become her credo for this young and impressionable Atsuko. 

“Never forget that your magic is a believing heart.” Akko and her friends travel into a labyrinth beneath the Tower of Luna Nova as part of a class.

Akko tries to stop the dragon, but… | Episodes. 25 | Aired. January 2017-September 2017 |

73. Black Rock Shooter (TV) (2012)

The world of Black Rock Shooter is one where mysterious labyrinths called boxes exist. A girl named Mato Kuroi stumbles upon such a box in her school attic and meets another girl who names herself Yomi Takanashi. What awaits them there…?

The anime tells an original story in which Black Gold Saw searched for something when she stumbled upon Dead Master. The game’s main cast will also appear in the OVA. 

72. Magical Warfare (TV) (2014-10-02)

 The main protagonist, Takeru Kusanagi, finds himself caught up in this war when he encounters Alexander Walters, his childhood friend. He uses magic to fight against enemies with poor technology, but he soon discovers more than just using it as a weapon.

Takeru Kusanagi has managed to make his way into the Strategic Defense Academy, which is very difficult for regular students to enter. The school trains those who can wield magic, but even though Takeru carries the same blood of sorcerers within him, he couldn’t cast a single spell until that fateful day. Now he must strive to succeed in a school that doesn’t tolerate mediocrity. 

One day, Haruto and Yûto were on their way home together when they got caught up in a magical war on the train they were on. It starts with two witches fighting each other with their sorcery. Still, it soon worsens when their allies also fight one another, causing collateral damage among innocent bystanders. The train derails and crashes, leaving everyone inside totally confused about what has happened. 

Their battle for supremacy continues into Tokyo’s streets, where blood is again spilled, this time amongst ordinary citizens. People who are physically hurt by the magical exchange between sorcerers begin to manifest strange marks upon their bodies. The price for using magic brings on something terrible.

71. 20th Century Boys (TV) 

The world is never quite the same once we grow up. Even if it’s just a little bit or even for only one day, different things happen to us every time. Minor adjustments in our lifestyles, on the other hand, are akin to the ripples created when a stone is thrown into quiet water. 

Kenji, who takes his childhood friend’s words seriously and because of that is always easily influenced by others; Nishimiya, the class president everyone knows; Iketani, who often hangs out with Kenji; Nakazawa, a delinquent who has already dropped out of school; Ueda, one of their classmates whose grades soon become terrible; and Kirishima, a mysterious transfer student who soon gets close to them. 

Their greatest secret begins right after.

70. Witch Craft Works (TV) (2014-01-07)

A comedy-themed school life story. It tells the “witch” of a poor girl, Honoka Takamiya, who attends a famous academy for witches and finds herself caught up in a feud between the seven witches from the whole world.

Takamiya Honoka is an average student who has entered a renowned school of magic due to a scholarship. Some of his classmates come from prestigious families, but they look down on him as if he were inferior. After Takamiya saves a cat-eared girl named Kurashiki from some ruffians, the relationship between Takomaya and the girls begins to change.

Honoka Takamiya is a typical high school boy who just wants to live a peaceful life. The only problem is that the girl he likes, Ayaka Kagari, is a witch and his classmate. He constantly finds himself in situations where she demonstrates her magic powers over him and uses black cat Eiji as part of her witchcraft training. But does this mean she has affection towards him? Or why would she spend so much time around him otherwise? 

As usual, Takamiya’s life is in danger because of his association with the witch, who he soon comes to love. 

69. Wagnaria!! (S2) (TV) 

After Sota Takanashi had started working at the family restaurant WAGNARIA, he met and befriended a colorful cast of characters. Poplar Taneshima, a petite girl with an enormous appetite; Mahiru Inami, who is shy and has a fear of men; Yachiyo Todoroki, a strong-willed senior employee and tends to get fired because of her short temper. 

Then it was Jun Satou, an honest and upright kitchen staffer who often cooks dishes in the storeroom; Aoi Yamada, a cheerful girl who’s always smiling no matter what happens; Hiroomi Souma, Sota’s 19-year-old part-time manager who is unusually perceptive of other people’s feelings, and Sota’s kind co-worker, Kisaki Kondou. 

The new season will depict the mysterious maturation of the characters as they continue to work together in this slice-of-life comedy story about the daily lives of restaurant staff.

68. Ragnastrike Angels (TV) 

The setting of the story is an old Japanese-style southern island, Amamioh. The story tells of how three girls fight to protect the sun and stars that represent the world.

A group of girls with extraordinary powers against those who use their unique abilities to commit crime and injustice. They are known as ‘Ragnastrikes.’

67. Magic Kaito 1412 (TV) 

Kaito Kuroba is an average seventeen-year-old high school student but has a secret that only his father knows about. His skilled thief father has trained the infamous Kaitou Kid or ‘Phantom Thief 1412’. As he gets older, Kaito takes up protecting the peace in Japan with his mind games.

Kaito Kuroba is a student who’s also an aspiring magician. Toichi Kuroba was initially the legendary phantom thief known as Phantom Thief 1412, but he retired before Kaito. As such, it seems that Kaito has followed in his father’s footsteps after all, as he has begun to take on the responsibility of becoming the next Phantom Thief 1412.

66. Ninja Slayer (ONA)

Ninjas. Some are visible; some aren’t. Some use traditional weapons to stealthily take out their foes, while others use more unorthodox assassination methods to achieve their goals. Two such ninjas have been ordered by a powerful entity known as the ‘Dark Lord’ with taking on an evil syndicate that’s building a weapon that could spell disaster for anyone caught in its path. The two ninjas are Kenji Fujikido and Ninja Slayer, who revenge those who killed his family after joining the syndicate to be closer to their operation. 

Two ninja clans are embroiled in a brutal ninja war.

This is Magic Kaito 1412! In this series, specially created for the 20th anniversary of Magic Kaito, Kaito Kuroba is a high school student who possesses a unique deck of cards that allows him to transform into an adult thief magically. He goes around the world stealing jewels, and then he uses his magical power to turn back into his teenage form before the police have time to catch him.

65. Fairy Tail (TV) 

Legendary wizards, powerful fairies, celestial spirits, all these magical beings, are part of daily life but hidden from humans. One day, teenager Lucy Heartfilia runs away from home to join Fairy Tail, a company famous for its wizards who perform various magic spells for paying clients. She meets Natsu Dragneel, a kind, thoughtful, but slightly naïve teenage wizard scouted by Fairy Tail. 

On his first mission with his new teammates, Natsu shows off some previously unknown powers when he rescues Lucy from a band of wizards trying to rob the rich girl! 

In the continent of Earth Land, mages and wizards make their lively hood by joining magical guilds and contracting out to become “wizards” for hire. The most famous and oldest of these guilds is the Fairy Tail Guild, which has been around for over 100 years and has a notorious reputation within the magic community.

64. Steins; Gate 0 (TV) 

Steins; Gate is set in Akihabara and tells the story of a group of friends who have converted their microwave into a gadget that can send text messages to the past. As they carry out various experiments, SERN, a time-travel research group, hunts them down, and the heroes must now find a means to avoid being kidnapped by them. 

This is a side story for the original Steins; Gate series and takes place in the Beta world line where Okabe could not save his precious lab member, Kurisu. However, he still gets the chance to try and do so with the knowledge of what will happen.

In this anime spin-off, Rintarou Okabe opens a microwave hoping to prove that the time machine has already been invented by repeating the previous experiments he did before. But while doing so, a new portal to another world is opened, and he can’t seem to find any difference between this timeline and the one where Mayuri’s dead. 

To make things worse, his former friend Hououin Kyouma (or Okabe Rintarou) suddenly appears in his lab, but he claims that he is not the Okabe they know.

63. Akiba’s Trip The Animation (TV) 

When Tamotsu Denkigai encounters a strange girl with no memories, he fights an entire otaku gang by stripping them with his power. He soon receives help from other girls who also have powers of their own. 

62. Forest Fairy Five (TV) 

This is the story of Takahata Ryou, who was just transferred to a new school. After meeting Misora Satori, he realizes that this girl is an exorcist possessed by a yokai named Sana-chan. Sana then explains that many exorcists like her have been chosen to battle this yokai with the help of their spiritual guardians. 

Ryou soon learns that he is also an exorcist who has been chosen by Kegare-chan, a guardian spirit from another world and is said to possess the most potent abilities. Now it’s up to him and Sana to protect Misora and this new world.

Takahata Ryou is just your average high school boy who had moved to a new town and didn’t have any friends. However, he soon meets Misora Satori, a girl from his class who turns out to be an exorcist who a yokai from another world has possessed. 

When Sana’s grandmother dies after an accident, she leaves behind a big house for Sana to live in. Soon, Sana dreams about a mysterious blonde girl who seems somehow connected with her new home. When the girl suddenly appears in real life, too, Sana realizes something strange about this child.

This is the forest fairies’ story. In Japari Park, where many humanoid animals live together as one group, there are those known as “Friends”. Some beasts walk like humans and can use weapons and tools. One day, a lost boy called Kai comes to the Friends’ forest with only a vague memory of himself and his pet Friend Gabu. 

The friends help out the boy and welcome him into their community of forest fairies.

61. Alice & Zoroku (TV) 

Alice, a young girl with the power to materialize anything she imagines, befriends a boy named James, who has been experimented on by her grandfather Zoroku. This anime follows their adventures as they try to evade those who would seek to harm either of them and discover powerful secrets from both of their pasts.

Alice is a female student who has just returned to school after being in the hospital for one month. One day, she wakes up and sees a whole different world around her, talking animals and monsters! 

When questioned about this bizarre environment, the young girl answers with an air of confidence that it’s her home, leading her to embark on an incredible journey through this fantasy setting alongside Zoroku, the kind of stuffed rabbit that accompanies her.

60. Ojamajo Doremi (TV) 

The story revolves around five Japanese girls, two of whom are magical princesses from another world. After being sent to the human world, these girls meet Doremi Harukaze, an average middle school student. When her best friend has been kidnapped by witch forces commanded by Majorika, one of the three witches who rule the magical kingdom, Doremi ends up gaining the power to transform into a witch herself and enlist other girls to become magical girls as well.

A continuation of season 2, this series follows Doremi Harukaze and her friends’ lives as they continue their training as witches in

Doremi Harukaze is an apprentice witch who must attend a magic school to learn the ropes of being a full-fledged witch. Though, that magic is more than just waving a wand and reciting a few magical phrases! With the help of her friends–the timid Hazuki Fujiwara, aloof Aiko Senoo, mysterious Pop Harukaze, and kindhearted Momoko Asuka–Doremi uses both her innate magical power and items known as “Model Witches” to complete her witch training.

59. Kiratto Pri Chan (TV) 

Mirai is a middle school student who loves the sport of cheerleading. She also happens to be one of five girls chosen by the Baton of Light who must fight to protect the world from evil forces. How will Mirai fare against these dangerous enemies?

Ayano is a student who dreams of having her fashion brand someday. One day, she comes across a distressed-looking lady who tells Ayano that she’s searching for the “Twinkle Ribbon,” and can’t find it anywhere. This encounter serves as Ayano’s chance to achieve her fashion dreams. She journeys to find the “Twinkle Ribbon,” accompanied by her friend Minami and sisters Mirai and Kyoko. 

Mirai is a young girl who finds a glowing machine while walking in the woods. When she opens it, a mysterious flash of light occurs, and three colored jewels come flying out into the air, where three girls catch them from her class!

58. Eromanga Sensei (TV) 

Despite his father’s wishes, Masamune Izumi spends his free time creating ero manga under the pen name “Ero Manga Sensei.” Soon, he finds himself blackmailed by his younger stepsister Sagiri Izumi into working at her newly founded writing agency ERO kaminari. She forces him to cross-dress in exchange for keeping his secret hidden.

57. Eiga Kirakira Precure À La Mode (Movie) 

The Precure girls are back in the new movie Kirakira ☆ Precure À La Mode, where they face off against a famous idol.

The new season of the Pretty Cure series. It follows Sakura, who dreams of becoming a pop star. She joins other Pretty Cures, and together, they fight against evil. 

The main characters are the 13th successors of the Pretty Cures. The girls stand up against evil creatures known as “Jikochuus,” who aim at becoming all-powerful through stealing the most sincere feelings from human hearts.

56. Violet Evergarden (TV) 

After the Great War, a young girl named Violet Evergarden, who can “write anything,” finds employment at a military letter-writing office to search for her meaning in life. She meets Captain Gilbert Bougainvillea and promises him that she will take his words from a letter he wrote to his wife until his return. 

Having long since retired from active military service, former captain Violet is living her life comfortably in a log cabin on the outskirts of town when she is approached by her former superior, Hodgins, to help in the reconstruction efforts in the war-ravaged Cineraria. 

To assist in her services as an Auto Memories Doll, Violet is assigned Claudia Hodgins a young assistant. Both a machine and a girl, their chance meeting marks the beginning of a journey that will see them bond over their distinctive ways of seeing the world.

55. Rilu Fairilu Yousei no Door (Movie) 

A horde of evil fairies has invaded the human world, so a fairy named Beelzebub goes off to destroy them. After a series of events, Mepple and Mipple get turned into stuffed animals! Thus begins an adventure where everyone tries to return to normal. 

Once, a small but significant flower named “Fairilu” lived in an enchanted forest with many other tiny fairies. But one day, the dark fairy Badiane appeared and took away all of their Twinkles using her magical powers! Without their Twinkles, the Fairies were turned to stone. Now it’s up to the young fairy Lilac to save her friends before Badiane turns them into thorns in this magical fantasy story you won’t want to miss!

54. Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Reflection (Movie) 

Two years since the events of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 1st. The magical girls are preparing for a typical school year when they receive an unexpected visit from two magical foreign girls and a little ferret named Suzuka. 

The setting is Midchilda, a fictional world where magic and science have evolved side by side. It is set in the period between the first two seasons of the series.

53. Megalo Box (TV) 

This story takes place in “No. 6,” a prosperous city with a primarily average population except for its robots. On one fateful day, main character Yuugo Beppu narrowly escapes death when his beloved robot-dog companion dies, protecting him from particular peril. To honor his friend’s memory, he vows to become stronger and starts as a prizefighter.

52. Laid-Back Camp (TV) 

Nadeshiko, a high school girl who has recently relocated from Shizuoka to Yamanashi, plans a camping trip with her friends Rin, Komari, Chiaki, and Nadeshiko. It will be the memory of a lifetime. 

Nadeshiko Kagamihara, a high school student who had moved from Shizuoka to Yamanashi, decides to see the famous 1000 yen-bill-featured Mount Fuji. Even though she manages to bike to Motosu, she’s forced to turn back because of worsening weather conditions—only to find herself caught in an unexpected snowstorm.

51. Toji No Miko (TV) 

Slain demons are resurrected at the “Hinomihara Academy” to fight against invading forces of evil, including the powerful spiritual beings called “Youma.” However, some of these girls possess a unique ability called “Toji.” 

A land ruled by sword and magic. The large Katjvarna Empire has been embroiled in a never-ending war against the neighboring Republic of Kioka. In the Katjvarna Empire, a Toji is a female knight who serves an elite force of Miko that guards and fights for their territory. But many Toji has begun to waver from their duty due to a cruel twist of fate. 

By law, Toji must use their swords to execute those who are severely wounded or deemed “unworthy” of living. Thus, many Toji has begun to see themselves as not much different from the monsters they fight. On the other hand, Princess Toyotomi has always wanted to become a Toji and serve her empire as best she can, but is conflicted by her doubts—and the harsh, unfair laws that govern the Toji. At age seventeen, she is suddenly entrusted with great authority when she is appointed as a high-ranking commander in the elite Miko Unit, soon including five other girls her age. 

Humans have been declining for ages due to a sharp drop in birthrates and the fatigue of “imperial maidens,” super-long-living, high-ranking spiritual energy consumers. With humanity no longer posing a threat to monsters, the former danger of monster attacks has ceased to be relevant. 

In this world, girls attend school to learn how to use weapons that will allow them to wield newly-developed weapons called “Toji” to serve the public good better. Some girls choose to become Toji, while others choose to become instructors at schools or work in government agencies, including the defense ministry. 

A new generation is rising with heightened abilities, and aptitude for learning martial arts deemed unnecessary when fighting against monsters was futile. 

In a sword-and-sorcery world where magic and myth are real, girls who can wield swords and those who can use magic are tasked with protecting the human realm. These “Tojis”—girls who have been selected to become Toji—commit themselves to battle those monsters born from another dimension—the Horrors—with the holy sword Larval Forms, which they wear on their backs.

50. Death March Kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku (TV) 

29-year old programmer Suzuki Ichirou finds himself transported into a fantasy RPG. Within the game, he’s a 15-year old named Satou. He initially believes he is dreaming, but his experiences appear to be extremely genuine. He wipes out an army of lizardmen and gains a very high level as a result of his usage of a three-time-use extraordinary power (meteor shower). 

He conceals his level and intends to live in this world calmly and meekly, but circumstances change, and he decides to tackle the difficulties ahead with his current abilities.

49. Toaru Majutsu No Index III (TV) 

The magic side continues its juvenile battle against the science side after a ten-year time skip. Kamijou Touma, Index, and Misaka Mikoto fight together as they once did to save their friend from the power of the saints. 

Touma Kamijou is an unlucky high school student who is suddenly caught up in an explosion of new spiritual abilities when trying to help his friend, Mikoto. This new ability PLUS – power plus – gives him the ability to draw out anything from his imagination. So what will happen now when Touma Kamijou has gained access to all forces in the universe? 

48. Irozuku Sekai No Ashita Kara (TV)

In the year 2078, Earth will suffer from unprecedented natural disasters. Desperate for a solution to the crisis, humanity sends 998 colonists to the distant planet of Promised Land to determine whether it can support human life. Upon their arrival, however, they discover that they are not the only humans on the planet. Years after the events of Negima!, a little kid named Touta is attacked by Yukihime, an escaped convict.

On a particular day in the future, time stops, and at the same time, people start collapsing due to sudden dizziness in multiple places. Kaoru is one of these victims, but she finds there’s not much left in her world after everything that’s happened.

47. Senran Kagura Shinovi Master -Tokyo Yōma-Hen- (TV) 

Senran Kagura. Shinovi Master -Tokyo Yōma-hen- follows the events of Senran Kagura Burst, focusing on the girls of Hanzō Academy and their rivals at Hebijo Clandestine Girls’ Academy as they prepare to fight in a pair of big tournaments. 

The Hanzō National Academygirl’s Fighting Club—more commonly known as Gessen Girls’ Academy, is located in the Bantorra Library. Secretly, this school gathers girls who are not bound by blood and trains them to be a ninja. They plan on recruiting new members to fight against another supernatural entity that goes by the name of “Spiral.”

46. Citrus (TV) 

Yuzuko Aihara, a high school student who enjoys fashion, making friends, and having a good time, is about to get a reality check. Yuzu has gone to a new all-girls school that is exceedingly severe due to her mother’s remarriage. Her formal education will soon begin.

Yuzu Aihara, a schoolgirl who recently moved in with her large family—her mother, father, younger brother and twin stepsisters. The move caused quite the commotion within the predominantly male household, mostly made up of Yuzu’s older brother and the twins’ other suitors who are also friends with each other. 

One day after school, she bumps into Mei Aihara while walking home together, which results in her face getting punched by the latter. Despite this first negative impression of each other, Yuzu finds herself being drawn towards Mei because of their contrasting personalities.

45. Saredo Tsumibito Wa Ryuu To Odoru (TV) 

An ordinary high school boy named Azuma Kazuki met a mysterious girl. She is known as the “Queen of the Lake,” who has blond hair and blue eyes. Queen told him that she governed over three legendary swords which her ancestors sealed. One day, monsters appeared at the lakeside where queen lived —Azuma fought them using one of those three legendary swords; wielding his new power, he protects the people around him from danger.

44. Dororo (TV) 

Dororo is a thriller anime as it unfolds the journey of Hyakkimura and his trusty sidekick, the young thief named Dororo. This remake stays true to Osamu Tezuka’s original masterpiece, with some modern updates for more breath-taking action scenes.

Told this daring re-imagining of Osamu Tezuka’s legendary manga through a classic Japanese lens—about a half-human/half-demon orphan cursed with immortality and an insatiable thirst for blood—finds its titular protagonist on a journey to take down 48 demons that embody the deadly sins of man.

43. Comic Girls (TV) 

The four girls of Kaosu high school want to make a manga.

Shiori is a poor college student with nothing left to lose until she finds Reiji—a boy passed out in an alleyway covered in cuts and bruises. With that encounter, her life changes as she becomes involved in a world of “boys love” manga. At the same time, a new semester begins at Mihama Academy, when five female students suddenly find themselves in a mystery surrounding this manga.

Kaoruko Moeta is 15 years old and has just started her first year in high school after leaving her countryside home for the city. Despite following different career paths, she and her childhood friend Tōka Kirishima live together in a room! Now their days will be filled with the ups and downs of life for a pair of aspiring mangaka.

42. Yōkai Apāto No Yūga Na Nichijō (TV) 

Kogata Mirare is a poor high school girl who lives with her hag of a grandmother. One day, she discovers that her grandmother used to be a “yōkai” and decides to become one herself, creating all sorts of havoc along the way! 

Yuu Enji has been timid since childhood. He now enrolls in his new high school as a boy, but everyone knows he was once the little girl “Princess Kaguya.” Though irate by Yuu’s past, one of his new female friends slowly approaches him to open up about what made him become who he is today.

Inaba Yuushi moved in with his relatives when his parents died in his first year of middle school. He could see he was a burden, even though they cared for him. He eagerly prepared to relocate to a high school with a dormitory after he graduated. 

Unfortunately, the dormitory had already burned down when he arrived! Yuushi no longer wants to live with his obedient family, but it’s difficult to find housing as an orphaned student with limited funds. He eventually finds a room in a charming old building that appears to be too fantastic to be true. The problem is that it’s a Monster House, which means it’s a location where humans and ykai dwell. 

Another high schooler, a cute girl named Akine, lives there, utterly unconcerned about the numerous monsters. She even can exorcise demons! Yuushi’s high school experience has just taken a turn for the odd.

41. Happy Sugar Life (TV) 

Matsuzaka Satou, a popular high schooler, has a reputation for being laid-back, but her lifestyle of sleeping with other boys comes to an end one day. It happens when she meets Shio, a young girl who believes she is experiencing true love for the first time.

40. Tenrou

Sirius the Jaeger (TV) 

In 19th century England, a group of “jaeger” hunters who pursue and kill monsters appear. The story follows Yuliy, a jaeger from Krakow; Hans, a German military officer; Lotte, a French occultist; and Regis, a vampire nobleman, as they fight their respective monsters in this historical fantasy/horror series that combines Gothic imagery with Eastern European legends.

39. Grimms Notes The Animation (TV) 

The story is about the people living in Udinari City, who are periodically attacked by mysterious beings called “Anima,” which cause ordinary things like rocks or lamps to move by themselves. Yomoda Rena is responsible for escorting non-combatant citizens, promoting harmony with supernatural creatures and fighting alongside elite guards known as “Strega.” 

Meanwhile, Fujimoto Haruhiko feels uncertain about his role in the team. And why does he – a stranger – come under attack? While still unsure how to approach each other, they meet and develop a close relationship as they face these mysterious beings.

38. Pop Team Epic (TV) 

This is the story of Bimii, born from a bizarre egg-like orb with no limbs or other bodily functions—except for his head. He comes into possession of two human girls, Pipimi and Popuko, but can he handle living with two wildly different girls who each have their quirks?! The comedy anime follows the misadventures of this wacky family, city councilman Fujimoto and a whole host of unique characters!

37. Bem (TV)  

A group of four girls with mysterious powers must work together to defend the Earth. They were gathered by a scientist named Haruka, an alien, and they all possess different forms of telekinesis. While they fight off the invasion of monsters known as “Noise,” they must also deal with the threats they face from within their group.

36. Fractale (TV) 

There is a utopia in a far distant future where an unfathomable super-technology known as the “Fractale System” has been developed. Nozomu Ezomori is captured by the system and taken to another world where she meets an older man. Having his heart broken countless times, he has lost faith in humanity. Gradually the two are drawn into a mysterious adventure that changes their fate.

35. Hisone To Masotan (TV)  

Hida Ichika is a young woman living with her grandmother on the island of Shio. Her grandmother told her that she became lost in a forest when she was a child and happened upon a dragon. Unable to remember what happened afterward, Hisone finds herself drawn to an airbase. She finds herself interacting with dragons one day while visiting the base, and the personnel there tell her that she is a pilot candidate.

34. Kemono Friends (Tv)  

Japari Park was an untamed paradise where many humanoid animals, beasts, and bugs lived their everyday lives in peace. All of that changed when the park was bought out by a company that placed restrictions on the animals and attempted to remove all “dangerous” elements from the park. 

A young serval cat named Kaban gets lost while traveling with her mother and ends up at Japari Park. She soon encounters an amnesiac white lion named Serval, and they befriend each other as they search for Kaban’s mother.

33. Osomatsu-San (TV 2/2016)  

The story reverts to the original time when the sextuplets were born. Since they share the same birthday, they are grouped as one big happy family of six children. But before long, the stress of balancing work and home starts to take its toll on their parents, who eventually seek divorce. Through his strong will to live up to everyone’s expectations, Osomatsu manages to keep everyone together, even if it means belittling himself in the process.

32. Nanana’s Buried Treasure (TV)  

Nanana is a legendary ghost who lives in an abandoned mansion containing countless treasures. Naruto becomes interested in the legend and hopes to use the treasure to help his friend Jio get back home to Holland. The two boys set out with Jio’s disembodied spirit floating along behind them but come across various other people who are also after Nanana’s treasure—which isn’t even the treasure in the first place!

31. Hugtto! Precure (TV)  

With the destruction of her home, and her memory about what happened to her mother, Hana vows to become a Precure to save what is precious to her. She is approached by two strange people claiming they will help her, and she meets a young boy named Hugtan who insists that he is her brother. 

When the three meet up with each other once again, Hana learns that she possesses the power to become Cure Yell.

30. Shangri-La (TV)  

In a world where a large structure called the “Shangri-La Station” exists, Kanata Age is a young man who researches the lost technology from an organization he belongs to while searching for the legendary paradise. One day, he finds a PHS containing an AI that resembles a young girl. 

The girl introduces herself as “Reve Aoi” and tells him that she looks for her memories. On top of that, someone who claims to be God appears in front of them.

29. Bakuon!! (TV)  

Hane Sakura is a freshman in high school who looks a little bit like an airhead. She meets Onsa Amano on her first day of high school, who is hardly concerned about school and is a complete airhead herself. Hane and Onsa join the motorcycle club, where they meet Suzune, a girl who is just as concerned with bikes as she is with her favorite manga series. Together, these four take an impromptu trip to the beach on their motorcycles!

28. Love Live! Sunshine!! (Tv 2/2017)  

The second season of Love Live! Sunshine!! is set to follow Uranohoshi Girls’ High School girls as they prepare for a live performance on their graduation day. 

27. Naruto Next Generations (Tv)  

The shinobi’s life is beginning to alter. Boruto Uzumaki has enrolled in the Ninja Academy to study ninja techniques. Boruto’s journey is about to start as a sequence of intriguing occurrences unfold!

26. Sweetness And Lightning (TV)  

  Kouhei Inuzuka, a math teacher who just lost his wife, is doing his best to raise his newborn daughter Tsumugi as a single parent. He’s not much of a cook and doesn’t eat much to begin with, but fate puts his small family and one of his students, Kotori Iida, together for some handmade adventures. It’s no surprise that this dinner table drama is so wonderful with those three cooks in the kitchen.

25. Flying Witch (TV)  

Aomori is a city in Japan. Strange things start to happen in a land blessed by nature’s abundance of beauty. Makoto Kowata, a professional witch, is 15 years old. She left Yokohama with Chito, her black cat companion, to live in Aomori with her relatives. This is where she begins her witch training. Despite the fact that Makoto’s abilities are currently limited to soaring over the skies, she and her second cousins Kei and Chinatsu make the most of each day.

24. The Perfect Insider (TV) 

At Seishin University, two young men with entirely different personalities meet. Inside the campus surrounded by mountains, Shiki Magata is an eccentric senior who enjoys observing and photographing butterflies while satisfying his obsession with sweets.

Meanwhile, Moe Nishinosono is bright and attractive on the fast track to success. However, she has a habit of annoying others. She’s always inserting “~ssu” at the end of her sentences. As they begin to speak to each other, they discover they have something in common. an ability to see things other people can’t.

23. New Game! (TV) 

After graduating high school, Suzukaze Aoba joined Eagle Jump, the game company that developed Fairies Story, her favorite game. Strangely enough, she starts working as a character designer for a new addition to the franchise instead of the actual programmer. In charge of the game’s main character, a young man named Yagami Kou, Aoba works alongside the former hero of Fairies Story, who has now become a stunning girl named Bourei Takajou.

22. The Eccentric Family 2 (TV) 

When the season begins again, what has happened so far is recapped in a few sentences. The Shimogamo family prepares for another year in Kyoto. Yasaburō plans to find Obaba’s book of worldly charms, which she left behind in Tanukidani when she moved to the capital. 

The family returns to their home in the Eikan-dō Zenrin. The Shimogamo’s help Prince Naka no ôe and his adopted son, Benten, return to Wakunan.

21. Konosuba – God’s Blessing On This Beautiful World!! (TV) 

Kazuma Satou, a high school student, and hermit, finds himself sitting before a gorgeous but irritating goddess named Aqua after dying a ridiculous and sad death on his way back after buying a game. She offers two options to the NEET. Continue to heaven or reincarnate in an actual fantasy world, which is every gamer’s desire! 

Kazuma is swiftly entrusted with destroying a Demon King that terrorizes communities after deciding to start a new life. But before he leaves, he can choose any object to help him on his adventure, and the future hero chooses Aqua. However, Kazuma has made a critical error—Aqua is entirely useless!

20. Pan De Peace! (TV) 

The story follows Minami, Tooru, Hana, and Nano, who attend a baking school and hope to own a bakery someday. The girl’s everyday cute antics will have you craving all things sweet!

19. Thunderbolt Fantasy (TV) 

In a land with no magic, a tale of swords and friendship begins. Two best friends, the wandering swordsman Tokage and his loyal half-human half-beast companion, Io, traverse the land searching for their pasts and true destinies. 

One day, they stop at a local village to rest and find themselves embroiled in a conflict between two warring factions – the Sisterhood and Seal-Exiles. The group of girls from the Sisterhood is planning to perform a dangerous ritual that will decide the fate of all women in the world. It’s called “Ritual of Englightenment.” Will they be able to stop it? 

18. Danganronpa 3 The End of Hope’s Peak Academy (Future Arc and Despair Arc) (TV) 

After sheltering a relic of despair, Makoto Naegi is suspected of treason. When Monokuma arrests them, the Future Foundation, which was formed to preserve the world from the turmoil brought by Ultimate Despair, gathers to decide on his punishment. 

They are thrown into an ultimate death game, and they must identify and kill the genuine traitor if they are to survive. The storey opens with a tale of sorrow in which hope kills hope.

17. Clockwork Planet (TV) 

A black box suddenly crashed into the home of Naoto Miura. Inside it was a female automaton. The endless cycle of failure and success. A world that wavers in doubt. Clock in hand, the gears turn in this short fantasy comedy for adults about living life is fraught with difficulties in this world.

16. Saiyuki Reload Blast (TV) 

The group encounters Lord Tenpa Jōsai, ruler of Qing-Lang, who intends to kill the Sanzo party. They are saved by the young prince Kan-u, who reveals that he has attained Buddhahood. He sends them to India to seek out the great Bodhisattva “Monju” so that they can return with a plan for stopping heaven’s destruction of humanity.

15. Tsugumomo (TV) 

Kazuya Kagami never leaves the house without his mother’s cherished “Sakura Obi.” Kiriha, a lovely kimono-clad girl, stood before him one day. Kiriha moved into Kazuya’s room and began to live with him. 

Then there’s Chisato, a childhood pal with spectacles and a ponytail who meddles in Kazuya’s business. Soon, he’s joined by an overprotective elder sister who wants to bathe with him. Kazuya’s cheerful, embarrassing, and perplexing existence begins when a large-chested priestess, a good-looking sorceress named Kokuyoura, attractive women, and hot females are thrown into the mix.

14. Ryuuou No Oshigoto! – The Dragon’s Game Works (TV) 

Recently orphaned teenager Ryuuto Hasekura has been left without a place to live. Still, he manages to find an abandoned shack that seems like it will be perfect for him. However, there’s something odd about the house. In the room, he finds a naked girl sleeping inside a glass container. 

She’s Princess Charlotte Augusta Marguerite de Massenet Charlotte, the 17th daughter of the reigning royal family, and she’s on the run from her people. With nowhere else to go, Ryuuto offers his new companion a helping hand.

13. Akashic Records Of Bastard Magic Instructor (TV) 

Sistine Fibel and Rumia Tingel attend the prestigious Alzano Imperial Magic Academy, which is among the most challenging magic schools to enter in the entire world. They strive to become first-rate mages someday as their elder sisters once did, but that proves to be more difficult than imagined. 

With studies failing left and right, they spend their days honing their magical skills to hopefully have something to show for it by the time they become third-year students…and their hot crush, Glenn Radars, just might be one of the keys to unlocking both.

12. Princess Principal (TV) 

During June 1868, five girls, led by a mysterious forward named Charlotte, stepped into a carriage sent from London. A “princess” appears to be royalty, but it is unclear what kind; this title will become key to understanding the intricacies of who they are, what fate awaits them, and how their fates will ultimately intertwine with each other. 

The girls’ long journey towards the evening that will change their lives begins now.

11. New Game! (TV) 

Inspired by viewing character sketches for their latest game, Aoba Suzukaze graduates from high school and joins the Eaglejump game company. The person who made the sketches, Ko Yagami, is also a new employee at the same company. As she settles in, her visions of the characters come to life.

10. Grimoire Of Zero (TV)  

In a world where witches and humans coexist, a human witch named Zero uses her powers to hunt down dangerous magical creatures from another dimension. One day she meets a half-man, half-beast mercenary who calls himself “the mercenary.” Suddenly she is bound to him by a cursed spell and must do whatever he says. As the two begin working together, they learn more about their surroundings and the truth behind Zero’s past.

9. Interviews With Monster Girls (Tv) 

Succubi, soft hands, snow women, and vampires. We’re termed “demi-humans” since we’re not quite human. We’ve been referred to as “demis” recently. This stimulating and heartful school demi-human comedy features those very unique “demis” living their everyday lives!

8. Grimoire Of Zero (TV) 

In a world where witches and humans coexist, a human witch named Zero uses her powers to hunt down dangerous magical creatures from another dimension. One day she meets a half-man, half-beast mercenary who calls himself “the mercenary.” Suddenly she is bound to him by a cursed spell and must do whatever he says. As the two begin working together, they learn more about their surroundings and the truth behind Zero’s past.

7. Yuki Yuna Is A Hero (TV) (2014-10-14)

When the Shinju, a divine tree that protects the nation, is threatened by the aggressive outside world, five girls are chosen to become magical warriors to fight against their enemies. The five become the middle school hero club, the Hero Club, which defies the enemy’s magical powers. 

However, as they fight against the enemies who use deception and tricks to interfere with people’s minds so quickly, it soon becomes apparent that they are also fighting a battle within their hearts. One of the girls, in particular, has her doubts about what she is doing being right.

 One day, the five girls of a hero club at their high school receive an email from Taisha, informing them that the world will end in 35 days. They are ordered to carry out a task assigned by Goddess Mishaguji: each must summon a servant and give them a name, then said servant will fight for them and help them win the Shinju-sama war. 

After having accepted Mishaguji’s mission, Yuna Yuki tries to summon her servant by herself to fight against the God of Destruction. But she fails in it because of an accident caused by her friend Mimori Tougou.

6. Akashic Records Of The Bastard Magical Instructor (TV) 

Sistine Fibel and Rumia Tingel attend a magical academy to hone their talents as mages. The pair, despite being classmates, are both losers—highly unpopular in the academy to the point where they were given the title “Worst One.” One day, the Headmaster Kairos assigns two new teachers to the academy—a duo everyone recognizes on sight. 

Michael Roa Valdamjong and his partners Erza Knightwalker and Grimoire Heart. It turns out they are there because of rumors surrounding the Worst One.

5. Battle Girl High School (TV) 

A group of girls, who all have their reasons to fight, must rise against the enemy and take back the peace they once had. The way to fight against a destiny set for them by mysterious invaders is clear—battle!

4. Scum’s Wish (TV) 

Hanabi Yasuraoka and Mugi Awaya are bathed in envy since they are the beautiful, gentle, polite couple on campus. However, having an ideal relationship is not always straightforward. The two have recently started living together. Even though they were both virgins, they quickly fell into a severe relationship. They love each other deeply, but their days without conflicts are probably just too much.

3. My Girlfriend Is Shobitch (TV) 

Akiho Kōsaka is a high school girl with average grades and is not in any club. She begins living with her handsome childhood friend Shino Sasaki, but he soon reveals that he is a member of the Bishōjo Club, where good-looking girls have conversations over tea. He convinces her to help him attract new members by having Akiho join the club as a fake member.

2. Konohana Kitan (TV) 

Yuzu, a high school dropout, works at a hot spring spa passed down through her family. One day she is approached by a guest who requests her to perform a specific job. The guest is Ren, the idol which Yuzu has secretly been crushing on for a long time. She begins working as an apprentice maiko at Konohana-tei, the traditional Japanese-style inn managed by three sisters.

1. Alice & Zoroku (TV) 

Alice Seno is a third-year middle school student who frets and obsesses over friends, family, grades, and more. She can’t ignore the buzzing in her head any longer! This is the story of how she became the quiet but confident young girl she is today.

Alice Seno is a third-year middle school student who likes spending time with her friends and family. Her parents are busy, but they try to attend parent-teacher conferences and other events whenever they can manage it. Alice’s life is generally carefree and comfortable, but she feels a little useless at times. She wants to help her parents with their work when she grows up! Her favorite subject in school is the Japanese language.

However, one day Alice’s ordinary life changes when she sees a mysterious creature in the yard behind her house after having just passed by it on the way home from school! It turns out that the creature is a Zoroku, a fairy of knowledge. Alice suddenly finds herself with the ability to read anyone’s thoughts and memories through their eyes! What kind of mystical school will Alice attend now?

So, this was the list of the top 75 best witch anime of all time, which you can watch in 2021. I hope you like the list, and if you did, do share this article with your friends and spread the love so they can enjoy these animes.

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