9 tasty teas to warm up your winter days

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While I am a confirmed (decaf) coffee drinker, I also love a nice cup of tea. I’ve grown to enjoy it even more in recent years. Herbal tea allows me to enjoy a hot beverage without the side effects of caffeine consumption, because my body throws fits when I consume caffeine.

When it comes to drinking tea, I’m in good company. I’ve so enjoyed mentioning favorites in the past (often in Stuff I Love posts or Weekend Links). Then recently we hosted our 300th Episode Celebration event for our What Should I Read Next Patreon, and it felt like it turned into a tea party! Author Becky Chambers joined us to talk about her work, and when she shared her favorite teas, everyone in the chat started sharing their own. We later compiled that list in Patreon, and then patrons shared even more favorites in those comments. (We released the audio of that conversation with Chambers, Tayari Jones, and Peter Heller in the What Should I Read Next podcast feed yesterday.)

That got me thinking about my own go-to teas and tea accessories. I’ve shared most of them before—it’s hard to keep a good drink recommendation to myself!—but I hope you enjoy having them all in one handy place.

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Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice. My friend (and now team member) Leigh got me hooked on this fantastic tea, which tastes like my favorite wintry things—cinnamon, cloves, and orange, with a hint of sweetness. I stockpile the decaf when they have it in stock. (For smaller quantities, you can also order from Amazon.)

Ginger Lemon Tea. I really love this homemade ginger and lemon tisane from my friend Mel Joulwan. It’s so simple!

Stash Chai Spice.

Rishi Turmeric Ginger. I am happily addicted to this sweet and spicy cult favorite. A nice cuppa helps chilly days feel cozy instead of oppressive.

Trader Joe’s Red Refresh. An inexpensive, beautiful pink herbal blend with just the right amount of zing.

Tazo Glazed Lemon Loaf. This is a hit with all ages at my house. We now buy it in bulk.

Harney & Sons Decaf Paris. I’m so glad they made a decaf version of this popular blend.

Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat. As a podcaster, I lean on this stuff heavily, but my kids like to drink it just because. It prevents me from losing my voice after I’ve been talking for an hour, which is what usually happens.

Rishi Mystic Mint.

Tea Accessories

Curve teapot. I found the perfect teapot a few years ago. I have it in in turquoise and if I could find the shelf space, I would buy one in every color. It’s pretty and practical, doesn’t spill, and has a terrific diffuser. I bought mine from Harney and Sons (get $5 off your first order over $30 with this link), but Amazon carries the same model.

Rishi tea maker. When I’m making loose leaf tea for one, I turn to this handy tea press.

Mr. Tea Silicone Tea Infuser. These infusers always make me smile! Sometimes I use it just for fun.

What’s your favorite tea? I’d love to hear all about your go-tos in the comments.

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