“90% of Space is Crap” and Other Mixed-Up SFF Aphorisms

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The Tor.com office’s favorite thing on the Internet today is this brilliant chart from Twitter user @crunchleaf a.k.a. Alex, one half of the Hamsteak Podcast. Combining Chekhov’s gun, Pavlov’s dog, Frankenstein’s monster, and other well-known sayings/writing rules/random movie synopses, the intersections become beautifully weird new rules to live by. And after laughing ourselves silly at “Actually, Pavlov was the dog,” we knew that we had to apply the same logic to other SFF aphorisms/catchphrases/what-have-you.

The original:

i am not taking questions at this time pic.twitter.com/PM0E3RzUkS

— elizabeth (@leafcrunch) December 5, 2018

Behold, our take on Alex’s chart, featuring some elementary, my dear Watson; laws from Asimov and Sturgeon; some fourth-wall-breaking from Deadpool; and, of course, Rule 34. (Click to enlarge.)

We hope this makes you giggle as much as we did creating it!

Originally published December 2018.

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