ALWAYS YOU (The Adair Family Series #3) by SAMANTHA YOUNG

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‘I had to let go of the hurt, or I’d be swallowed by a pit of depression. It was so much easier to avoid it altogether rather than try to pull myself out of that darkness once I was in it.’

We were SO excited to read Arro and Mac’s story, their tantalising and intriguing moments teasing us in the previous books, we just HAD TO KNOW!!! Seriously, the tension has been palpable! “I love you so fucking much, I think I would burn down the world for you.” We devoured Always You, the third book in the Adair Family series by Samantha Young, all of which can be read as standalones, though we’d highly recommend reading in order. This series is everything we love about this Author. Samantha Young manages to combine a perfect blend of fabulous characters, suspenseful drama as well as angst, passion, and humour.

The attraction between Arro and Mac is literally FIRE, the sexual tension igniting the pages through mere moments, as we explore the past, the missed opportunities, the breakdown in communication, and the intense want. The slow burn k i l l s, but is so very worth it!

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ALWAYS YOU (The Adair Family Series #3) by SAMANTHA YOUNG

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