Am I the A**hole? 2022 Book Releases as Reddit Posts

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While many days Twitter seems designed to keep me angry and anxious, it occasionally offers up trends and memes so delightful that I just keep coming back. My favorite — no surprise — is when a good bookish meme gets started. Authors have an advantage in writing a good, pithy tweet, so when a meme is open for bookish interpretations, they’re sure to deliver.

This time, it started with a tweet from Melanie of @melon_reads, who invited authors to describe their upcoming books in the form of Reddit posts. The most popular choice is as an Am I the Asshole? subreddit post, but other authors went with general dating advice subreddit formats.

I would love for authors with 2022 releases to do those Reddit based tweets of their books. (Please feel free to ignore if you don’t have time/inclination). I just remember the last time this happened, my TBR exploded.

— Melanie (@melon_reads) November 16, 2021

I’d seen this idea go around once before on Twitter and loved reading them all, but that time it was writers’ WIPs (works in progress) that I could not yet read or even preorder, which was very rude. This time, they’re all books with a publication date, so you can preorder them now or set a reminder for when they come out!

Fair warning: I got a little carried away trying to cut this back to the best tweets, because there were so many great ones, so buckle in (and gird your wallet!)

2022 Book Releases as Reddit Posts

Science fiction and fantasy plots work especially well in this format, because trying to condense them down into a first person tweet results in a bananapants synopsis.

I (30/F) need to infiltrate a cult by befriending one of their members (25/F) to access a drug they produce, which will dampen my son’s growing hunger for human minds. Unfortunately this involves betraying her cult in the process. Will this affect my chances of a date with her?

— Sunyi (26.6k words) (@Blind_Nycteris) November 17, 2021

(That’s The Book Eaters by Sunyi Dean, out August 2022.)

Ugh, I hate when this happens:

I (18/F) *accidentally* killed another partner so now this fake priest wants wants to kill me and see if a better savior rises but I REALLY want one more shot!

AITA if I beg hot grumpy criminal (20/M) to be my bodyguard instead and plan one more wedding??#ThisViciousGrace

— Emily Thiede (@EKTwrites) November 20, 2021

(That’s This Vicious Grace (The Last Finestra, 1) by Emily Thiede, out June 2022.)

It’s the “(???NB)” that really got me. Also, you’ve got to go monster, right?

I (20F) have an crush on this guy (19M) in my English class, but I saw this really tall hot monster (???NB) and I’m kind of torn between them. Also people are trying to kill me and I might be a witch. Thoughts?

(What a Lovely Sight, March 2022)

— Violet Catte (@Violet_Catte) November 17, 2021

(That’s What a Lovely Sight by Violet Catt, out March 2022.)

Look, sometimes you get abducted to fight in a space war. It happens.

I (36F) don’t talk to my sister (34F). Because she’s a UFO nut and claims my twin bro got abducted 15 years ago. Meanwhile, I’ve got real problems, like a mom w/ dementia. Now she says he’s back from a space war. I don’t believe her, AITA?

— Mike Chen – preorder LIGHT YEARS FROM HOME (@mikechenwriter) November 17, 2021

(That’s Light Years From Home by Mike Chen, out January 2022.)

I pick romance novels based on wacky premises and tropes, so this format gives me exactly the information I need from a blurb.

I (29F) need an architect to help me build a spite house to get back at my ex., but the only one available is my hot jerk colleague (36M) who I avoid at all cost. Should I take him up on his offer even it it means spending a LOT of time w him? 🤔

(Love at First Spite, Jan 2022)

— AECollins (@AEC_Writer) November 17, 2021

(That’s Love at First Spite by Anna E. Collins, out January 2022.)

I appreciate an AITA post that admits they’re not actually looking for advice and have already made up their mind.

I (25f) fucked the thick-thighed Viking (36m) of my dreams & left before he woke up, figuring I’d never see him again…& now we’re filming together on a desolate Irish island for 6 yrs, & he’s surly as hell. AITA?

Actually, fuck that. I made him 0 promises. I’m NTA, *he’s* TA.

— Olivia Dade (@OliviaWrites) November 18, 2021

(That’s Ship Wrecked by Olivia Dade, book 3 in the Spoiler Alert series. Release date TBA.)

Hmmm… this is a tough moral quandary.

I (24m) have been blackmailing a friend (23f) (she’s looking over my shoulder and says we’re actually enemies? Idk) and I want to stop but her family is super rich and I just really think I should take their money? Like, on principle? AITA?

— Cat Sebastian (@CatSWrites) November 17, 2021

(That’s The Perfect Crimes of Marian Hayes (The Queer Principles of Kit Webb #2) by Cat Sebastian, out June 2022.)

This tweet did not end how I thought it would.

I [21f] hooked up with this stranger [late 30s, f] I met in a bar. Turns out she’s my friend’s mom. AITA if I sleep with her again while I visit my friend over winter break?

— meryl wilsner (they/them) (@merylwilsner) November 17, 2021

(That’s Mistakes Were Made by Meryl Wilsner, release date TBA.)

Oooh, I can’t resist an unexpected roommates romance.

My (30F) friend is getting married & the wedding planner (30F) is my ex-BFF, my first love…first everything. Her apartment flooded & I felt compelled to offer her my spare room. Now all my old feelings are resurfacing.

Hooking up again—brilliant idea or disaster in the making?

— Alexandria Bellefleur (@ambellefleur) November 17, 2021

(That’s Count Your Lucky Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur, out February 2022.)

2022 is the year of queer holiday romances, and I cannot wait!

I (35f) went to sit shiva and ended up inheriting a Christmas tree farm. I have a life (and fiancee!!) back home but I can’t stop daydreaming about saving the farm with the butch tree farmer (35f). AITA if I explode my life for a hot girl?

— Helena Greer, Holiday Queer (@BlumAgainCurios) November 17, 2021

(That’s Season of Love by Helena Greer, out October 2022.)

Look, I know it invites some great romcom set-ups, but the American health care system needs to be fixed regardless.

I (30f) married my best friend (31m) for his health insurance coverage until I get a kidney transplant. I moved in with him and things are getting a little…tense. I think he might have feelings for me and I’m seeing him differently (he’s…hot??) and omg was this a mistake?

— Allison Ashley (@AllisonAuthor) November 17, 2021

(That’s Would You Rather by Allison Ashley, out August 2022.)

I need this and a romcom adaptation of it yesterday.

I (25F) woke up from a car accident thinking I had a boyfriend (27M) except he wasn’t real—he was in my head. But now I’m in this flower shop a year later and HOLY CRAP IT’S HIM!!! But he doesn’t know me & prob thinks I’m nuts. What should I do?

(DREAM ON, @GalleryBooks 7.5.22)

— Angie Hockman (@Angie_Hockman) November 18, 2021

(That’s Dream On by Angie Hockman, out July 2022.)

Here’s another holiday-themed release that I want in my hands now, but I guess I will have to save for next year’s reading festivities.

I (26F) accidentally conjured the personification of the holiday spirit (12,000ishM) & want to use his magic to get revenge on my haters, but he keeps trying to make me a better person (gross). If he’s successful he’ll have to disappear. AITA for deliberately continuing to be TA

— Sarah Hogle 🍂 (@witchofthewords) November 17, 2021

(That’s Just Like Magic by Sarah Hogle, release date TBA.)

This author has obviously been waiting for the moment to use that last line.

“I (18/f but dead for 19 years so 37/f maybe?) just possessed the most gorgeous Exorcist (32/m). We both quite enjoyed the experience but are sure this poses extreme existential questions (not to mention job security/conflict of interest). Should I pursue or ghost him?”

— Leanna Renee Hieber (@Leannarenee) November 17, 2021

(That’s A Summoning of Souls by Leanna Renee Hieber, release date TBA.)

Now that we’ve sampled some adult SFF, romance, and SFF romance, let’s start adding some YA SFF to the preorder list.

I (16f) want to bring my mom back from the Underworld but I have to find and reunite the remaining pieces of the Absyrtus Heart before the full moon or Hecate (?) will keep her forever. The task feels impossible and my gut is telling me we won’t survive the journey. What do I do?

— Kalynn Bayron (@KalynnBayron) November 17, 2021

(That’s This Wicked Fate by Kalynn Bayron, out June 2022.)

That awkward moment when your planned murder might hurt your dating prospects.

I (17F) was going to get out of marrying some wimpy human prince (17M) by murdering him. Some weird plague popped up so I helped his (very pretty) sister (17F) investigate. She hates me. I now have a crush on her. My coven still expects me to kill her brother. AITA?Wtf do I do??

— rebecca mix (taylor’s version) (@mixbecca) November 17, 2021

(That’s The Ones We Burn by Rebecca Mix, out October 2022.)

Ick, humans.

I (17M)’ve been framed for the murder of the royal family, and instead of just fleeing, I grabbed my mentally-linked-since-birth BFF (17F) and then we crashed on Earth (ick, humans). While we’re trying to repair the ship & not die, I kinda want to tell her I love her?! Y/N? AITA?

— Alechia Dow (@alechiawrites) November 17, 2021

(That’s The Kindred by Alechia Dow, out January 2022.)

Putting this on my October 2022 TBR list as we speak.

I (17/f) got waitlisted at film school. My Tarantino fanboy boyfriend (18/m) got in. To appeal my status, I convinced my friends to make a student film in a remote castle. It might have been the home of Dracula. There might be something hunting us. AITA?

— Kelly deVos (@KdeVosAuthor) November 17, 2021

(That’s Go Hunt Me by Kelly deVos, out June 2022.)

What is with boarding schools and summonings?

I (16f) accidentally summoned an eldritch entity under my boarding school with a couple popular girls— including one who kinda hates me and is unreasonably pretty (17f). If I suggest we shouldn’t give the entity human body parts in exchange for granting our darkest wishes, AITA?

— Kayla Cottingham 🌙 (@peculiaritea) November 17, 2021

(That’s My Dearest Darkest by Kayla Cottingham, out April 2022.)

This is the best mid-tweet turn I’ve ever seen.

I (16f) have been secretly pining for my best friend’s (16m) crush for years and I think I might actually have a shot. WIBTA if I tried to score points with her by opening a portal to hell and finding her missing cousin?

— Vincent is a pen name bro (@v_e_tirado) November 17, 2021

(That’s Burn Down, Rise Up by Vincent Tirado, out May 2022.)

And now for some YA contemporary. If I hadn’t already been sold on this one from the cover alone, this would do it.

I’ve (16f) been hooking up w/the new QB (16f) on the DL, partly bc the whole school hates her & partly bc everyone thinks
I’m already dating my (closeted gay) BFF (17m). She needs support, but if ppl find out, I’ll be finished @ school+on my squad. AITA for making us stay secret?

— Dahlia Adler (@MissDahlELama) November 17, 2021

(That’s Home Field Advantage by Dahlia Adler, out June 2022.)

Being a teenager is complicated.

I (16F), eager for my first kiss, terrified of doing it, agreed to go to homecoming with my bestie’s bf (16M). But they broke up and now he and I have eyes for each other. Also basketball just started and I really don’t feel like playing even though I’m really good.

— Rebekah Weatherspoon is on hiatus ’til 2022. ✨ (@RdotSpoon) November 17, 2021

(That’s Her Good Side by Rebekah Weatherspoon, release date TBA.)

That last line made me actually cackle.

I (16F) got sent to a Catholic school with my brother (15M) after getting outed at my old school. I’m not out at the new school, but there’s this openly queer girl (16F) there who makes my gay heart do happy little flips. How do I date her without letting her know I’m gay?

— Sonora Reyes (@SonoraReyes) November 17, 2021

(That’s The Lesbiana’s Guide to Catholic School by Sonora Reyes, out May 2022.)

This one got made as a TikTok!

(That’s The One That Got Away by Sophie Gonzalez, release date TBA.)

Titanic heist!! I am so on board. (Pun intended.)

I (17f) have to board the Titanic and steal the rare jewel-encrusted book on it. My 3 teammates think it’s so we can all have better lives, but really it’s because I need revenge on someone on the ship. AITA for keeping this a secret?


— Adiba Jaigirdar (on hiatus) (@adiba_j) November 17, 2021

(That’s A Million to One by Book Riot contributor Adiba Jaigirdar, out December 2022.)

I have so many questions about this one.

I’m (17F) a farmer’s daughter, meant to be Cow Camp, growing garlic/finding an heir husband (18M & worthy). Accidentally got my dream job at my fave magazine & they think I’m an adult or whatever. And my parents don’t know I quit camp, though our farm’s fate depends on it. AITA?

— Sona Charaipotra (@sona_c) November 17, 2021

(That’s How Maya Got Fierce by Sona Charaipotra, out July 2022.)

I mean, that title really says it all.

My (17f) childhood best friend (17m) moved when we were 10 & became one of the biggest k-pop idols in the world. Now he’s back to keep a promise we made 7 yrs ago to go to prom together. But wherever he goes, so do the cameras, fans & paparazzi…

ONCE UPON A K-PROM (5/17/2022)

— Kat Cho (@KatCho) November 17, 2021

(That’s Once Upon a K-Prom by Kat Cho, out May 2022.)

As soon as I saw this tweet and looked up the cover, I yelled at all my bookish friends for not informing of this sooner.

I (16F) am about to play my first Scrabble tournament in a year, ever since my best friend died suddenly in the middle of a game. But her Instagram account is suddenly posting clues that suggest her death was no accident.

So murder is def against tournament rules, right?

— Hanna Alkaf (@hannaalkaf) November 17, 2021

(That’s Queen of the Tiles by Hanna Alkaf, out April 2022.)

I am so intrigued by this AI YA murder mystery.

Me best friend [17f] died in an accident, and nowhere near her house (where she said she was going). So I [17f] made a bot from our texts / emails to figure out why and need more variables. I want to get into her iCloud – AITA? Yes. But still looking for tips on hacking.

— dante medema is probably on tiktok (@DanteMedema) November 17, 2021

(That’s Message Not Found by Dante Medema, out March 2022.)

The messiness of accidentally catfishing your crush… yikes.

I (17f) started talking to a cute girl (17f) on IG—but I lied to her about everything about me, including my name and what I look like! WIBTA if I met up with her in real life, hope she forgets about Fake Me, and falls for the real me instead? 👀

— Crystal Maldonado (@crystalwrote) November 17, 2021

(That’s No Filter and Other Lies by Crystal Maldonado, out February 2022.)

This is from the author of The Dead and the Dark, so I know to expect something creepy, atmospheric, and sapphic.

I (17F) was trying to investigate my mother’s death in the desert, but the distractingly attractive daughter of the local (cult?) leader (???f) is making me FEEL THINGS. Now I don’t know if I want to leave?

If I ignore my feelings like always and tell her to get lost, AITA?

— Courtney Gould ✨🌵🌙 (@gayowyn) November 17, 2021

(That’s Echo Sunset by Courtney Gould, release date TBA.)

And finally, let’s not leave middle grade out of the fun.

My sister (12/F) and I (10/M) just moved to my parents’ home country. Why? So my mom can help my grandma start a revolution, naturally. Too bad all the adults got captured right away. I guess we’ll have to rescue them. 11 kids and my great-grandma (99/F) should be enough, right?

— C.W. Allen 📚 (@cwallenbooks) November 17, 2021

(That’s The Secret Benefits of Invisibility by C.W. Allen, out June 2022.)

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