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American Pie is a teen sex-comedy film series. The films have become a worldwide pop culture and gained a cult following due to the nature of their jokes and their absurd scenes. The film revolves around five best friends and their journey in life, often finding themselves in sticky situations due to their sexual behaviors.  

The American Pie series consists of four American Pie theatrical movies and five spin-offs that went straight to DVD. The spin-offs are titled “American Pie Presents”. Note that the spin-offs are separate entities from the main four movies within the same American Pie universe but are not connected storywise.          

American Pie movies

American Pie (1999)American Pie 2 (2001)American Wedding (2003)American Reunion (2012)

American Pie Presents

American Pie Presents: Band Camp (2005)American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile (2006)American Pie Presents: Beta House (2007)American Pie Presents: The Book of Love (2009)American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rule (2020) 

Let’s see which is the ideal order to watch the American Pie movies and what each movie’s storyline is like.

Best order to watch American Pie Movies

There are multiple ways to watch American Pie movies. You can either watch the original American Pie series consisting of four movies and ignore the spin-offs, watch the spin-offs alone or watch the entire American Pie Franchise including the spin-offs.  If your choice is the latter, the best order would be to watch the series following the release sequence as below: 

American Pie (1999)American Pie 2 (2001)American Wedding (2003)American Pie Presents: Band Camp (2005)American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile (2006)American Pie Presents: Beta House (2007)American Pie Presents: The Book of Love (2009)American Reunion (2012)American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rule (2020)

American Pie movies in order

1. American Pie – (1998)

Five East Great Falls High students (Jim, Kevin, Oz, Finch, and Stifler) make a pact to lose their virginity before graduation. This is with the exception of Stifler as he has already lost his. Kevin is in an argument with his girlfriend as she believes that he only wants her for sex. He makes it up to her by eating her out, just as her father walks in on them. 

Oz joins the choir to pick up girls where he meets Heather and winds up in a relationship with her. Finch pays Jessica to spread rumors of his sexual prowess around the school, in hopes of increasing his chances of success. He is left dateless as he is tricked and humiliated by Stifler to use the girl’s restroom after the latter spikes his coffee. 

Stifler convinces Jim to set up a webcam to spy on Nadia, an exchange student Jim is courting. Unbeknownst to himself, Jim mistakenly emails the webcam link to the entire school, who witnesses him and Nadia having sex, where he prematurely cums to his embarrassment. After the incident, he asks band geek Michelle to senior prom as she is the only girl in school who did not witness the webcam incident. 

After prom, Jim and Oz, are able to lose their virginity with their respective dates. Finch has sex with Stifler’s mom, much to the horror of Stifler; and lastly, Kevin and Vicky decide to break up due to them attending different colleges in the future. 

2. American Pie 2 – (2001)

After their first year in college, the five friends reunite and organizes a party in a beach house during the summer, where their female “partners” are expected to join them later. Experiencing a long-distance relationship, Oz and Heather have phone sex which is interrupted by Stifler. Later, Heather shows up at the party and reunites with Oz. 

Jim pretends to be in a relationship with Michelle, to avoid having sex with Nadia, as he was involved in faux pas that leave him unable to perform. However, through the act, he falls for Michelle instead. 

Finch has become involved in the sexual art of Tantra, claiming he can make a female orgasm last for days. While he hopes to be reunited with Stifler’s Mom, he ends up being in bed with Amber and Danielle (the owners of a house where the five boys worked before). 

Throughout the film, Kevin makes advances towards Vicky when she arrives. However, after a while, he realizes, that he has gotten his feelings over her. 

3. American Wedding – (2003)

Jim is about to be married to Michelle. He excludes Stifler from his wedding in an effort to make a good impression on Michelle’s parents. Upset with Jim, Stifler proposes to teach Jim dancing and plans his bachelor party in exchange for including him in the wedding. 

Jim, Stifler, Finch, and Kevin stumble into a gay bar where Stifler is able to get two strippers for the bachelor party. Stifler arranges a secret bachelor party and Jim unknowingly invites Michelle’s parents over to dinner. They are able to keep the party a secret until Michelle’s mom stumbles on a blindfolded, half-naked Kevin, tied to a chair. 

Michelle’s sister Cadence, who flies in for the wedding, attracts Finch and Stifler. They soon fight over each other in an effort to win her over. Michelle is concerned that Jim’s unpleasant grandmother disapproves of her. The night before the wedding, Stifler accidentally kills the wedding flowers and is dismissed by Jim. 

In order to fix things, Stifler puts together a new batch of lowers which prompts Cadence to want to have sex with him. Stifler ends up having sex with Jim’s grandmother in a closet, mistaking her for Cadence. This incident makes Jim’s grandmother more pleasant. Despite the many chaotic events happening, Jim and Michelle eventually get married. 

4. American Pie Presents: Band Camp – (2005)

Matt Stifler (younger brother of Steve Stifler) is eager to follow in his brother’s footsteps of making pornographic films. However, he pulls a prank on the school band that went too far and it gets him sent to a band camp for punishment. Reluctant at first, Matt changes his mind when he gets curious about the sexual behaviors of band geeks. At the camp, he conspires with his roommate to film other band members using hidden cameras. Later, he meets Elyse and they both are attracted to each other. 

As various school bands compete with East Great Falls, Matt pulls a prank on the rival team that turns sideways, causing Elyse to lose her opportunity to grant a scholarship. Matt is eventually exposed to his recordings and his friends start to dislike him. He comes to realize that following in his brother’s footsteps is not a great idea. 

He reconciles with his friends and tries to fix his mistakes. He deletes the naked videos that he took of others at the camp and proceeds to rally the band camp buddies to play Elyse’s piece to the Head of the Conservatory, Dr. Choi. Dr. Choi grants Elyse the scholarship, thinking that the entire event has been orchestrated by Elyse. In the end, Elyse thanks Matt and they share a kiss. 

5. American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile – (2006)

Erik Stifler (Steve and Matt’s cousin) has trouble living up to the Stifler name as he is perhaps the only Stifler about to graduate from high school as a virgin. Erik’s cousin Dwight invites him and his friends (Cooze and Ryan) to his university for an event called “the Naked Mile”. Tracy is Erik’s girlfriend who is not ready for sex but loves him to the point that she grants Erik a sex pass, hoping he can fulfill his lustful desires. 

Erik meets a college girl named Brandi who is attracted to virgins. Erik, Dwight, Ryan, and Cooze together with Brandi and her friends, join the Naked Mile where they strip naked and run. A TV news reporter catches Erik and Brandi kissing at the finish line. Back home, Tracy sees the news and is upset at Erik’s behavior. 

Instead of sleeping with Brandi, Erik realizes he loves Tracy and rushes home to meet her. The two reconcile and have sex. Erik returns to his friends where he tells them about his experience with Tracy. The boys are proud that Erik for officially living up to his name and they return home shortly after. 

6. American Pie Presents: Beta House – (2007)

Erik and Cooze are college freshmen at the University of Michigan. Dwight, the leader of Beta House, invites them both to a party. There they learn how they can pledge for the fraternity and that their rivals Geek House, ran by college nerds, have been trying to shut down Beta House.

Erik meets Ashley and they go on a date (Tracy has since broken up with him before the events of this film). Meanwhile, Cooze falls for Denise (Ashley’s roommate).  Erik, Cooze, and Bobby (Erik’s roommate) complete various tasks to pledge for Beta House.

Edgar, chairman of the Geek House, challenges Beta House to the “Greek Olympiad” where the winners win the loser’s mansion. Somewhere around this time, Dwight learns that Edgar had committed sexual acts with a sheep. Representing Beta House, the four are involved in a series of absurd challenges such as removing girls’ bras, Russian roulette with horse semen, and catching a greased pig. 

During the final challenge, Beta House uses Edgar’s sheep fetish against him, which ultimately results in Beta House winning the Olympiad. Now owning the Geek House’s mansion, Beta House hosts a party. Erik and Ashley move to the next step of their relationship where they have sex. The same goes for Cooze and Denise. 

7. American Pie Presents: The Book of Love – (2009)

Set eleven years after the events of American Pie,  East Great Falls High students; Rob, Nathan, and Lube are virgins. At the school library, Rob discovers “the Bible”, a sex manual compiled by students over forty years that is damaged by water. 

Testing a tip from the manual, Rob approaches cheerleader Ashely in a lingerie store and compliments him. She flashes him his breasts and shoves some panties into his pants, instructing him to walk out with them. Rob is then caught and forced to pay for the panties with his mother’s credit card. Taking a tip from the manual, the boys travel to a Canadian brothel, where they encounter an elderly prostitute who dies while performing oral sex on Rob. 

Rob has a crush on Heidi but has trouble expressing himself to her. He finally tells Heidi about his feelings for her but is distraught when he finds her in bed with Scott Stifler. They later reconcile during a school ski trip. Lube has a vivid crush on cheerleader Ashley. During the ski trip, he falls off the lift. While saving him, Lube expresses his feelings to her and Ashley reciprocates. The two boys return to the cabin and have sex with their respective partners. 

The friends resolve to find the original creators of the Bible, in an effort to recreate the book. They succeed in restoring the Bible, and thereafter returned it to its original hiding place in the library, where Rob adds his own signature to it. 

8. American Reunion – (2012)

Thirteen years after their high school graduation, Jim and his friends have all grown up and moved in their separate ways. The friends reunite when a former classmate organizes a high school reunion. Jim and Michelle visit Jim’s dad where he encounters his neighbor Kara. 

The boys visit the local bar and then stumble unto Kara’s birthday party.  Finch meets Selena, Michelle’s band member. Jim drives Kara home as she was drunk where she tries to seduce him. 

Stifler hosts a party where Heather reconciles with Oz. Kara interrupts Jim and Michelle having sex. A fight breaks out resulting in both Kara and Michelle leaving the party. Stifler pranks Finch and gets him arrested by the police. Disappointed by his immaturity, the friends rally to Finch’s side, stating how much they dislike Stifler. Saddened by the reaction of his friends, Stifler ends the party. 

The boys apologize to Stifler, knowing that even though he is immature, he ultimately cares for them. Kevin reconciles with Vicky. Oz breaks up with Mia and reconciles with Heather. Jim reconciles with Michelle and apologizes to Kara for his behavior. Finch plans a trip with Selena to Europe and Stifler has sex with Finch’s mom on the lacrosse field. 

9. American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rules – (2020)

Four teenage friends named Annie, Kayla, Michelle, and Stephanie are senior year students. The friends make a pact to get whatever they desire in their final year. Grant is a handsome new guy in school. He helps Michelle to make her ex (Tim) jealous after witnessing Tim dumping her. Unbeknownst to Michelle, Tim is actually in a relationship with Kayla as well. 

Stephanie meets Grant during a lacrosse match where she knocks him over during a game. Both Michelle and Stephanie fight over Grant and employ ways to win him over. Stephanie employs the help of Grant’s friend Emmet to ask for his help in this. 

Annie meets Grant in the library where they become study partners and fall for each other. Stephanie and Emmet start to fall for each other after spending more time together trying to help her win over Grant. 

Grant reveals that he has feelings for Annie and they share a kiss. Michelle soon realizes that she and Oliver, the principal’s assistant, share a common interest in the topic of John F. Kennedy. She soon falls for him. 

During a party thrown by Stephanie in an attempt to win Grant over, the girls call off the pact and a fight breaks out between the girls. Emmet defends Stephanie when someone calls her a slut and soon after, they fall for each other. Kayla and Tim get back together, whereas Michelle and Oliver end up together. In the end, the friends set up a tent for Annie and Grant, where she can finally lose her virginity. The girls end up having sex with their respective partners. 

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