“Best Books of 2021” Lists Update – December 23rd

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For the fourteenth straight year, I am aggregating every online year-end book list I find in this post. As the lists appear online, I will add them to this master list, updating regularly.

Please feel free to e-mail me with a magazine, newspaper, or other online list I have missed.

Previous daily updates to the master list of online “best books of 2021” lists.

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Today’s updates to the Online “Best of 2021” Book Lists:

2 Cents of a Tween (favorite books)
Adventure Is Out There (best travel books)
Advisor Perspectives (best investment books)
AEI (best books)
Alla Ponomarera (favorite books)
Angela Lashbrook (best books)
Angry Angel Books (best books)
Anjugation (best books)
Another Book on the Shelf (best books)
ARTnews (best art books)
The Atlantic (best books)
AutoCar (best books for car enthusiasts)
Because Reading (top books)
Bethanne Patrick (best novels)
Biblioracle (favorite fiction)
Bloomberg (best books)
Bloomberg (best nonfiction books)
Bob Wriedt (favorite books)
Book Beat – Tom Bowden (top books)
Book Bliss (top books)
Book Coffee Happy (best books)
The Book House Blog (best books)
Book Riot (favorite YA books)
Bookish Beck (best fiction and poetry books)
BuzzFeed (best books by trans, genderqueer and nonbinary authors)
Carnegie Scholars (best books)
The Catholic World Report (best books)
CBC (best Canadian middle-grade and YA books)
Chelsey Louise (favorite books)
Coffee and Denim (top books)
Colorado Sun (best books)
Colours of Us (best multicultural young adult books)
The Creative Life of Liz (top books)
CSMCL (best books)
A Daily Dose of Architecture Books (favourite architecture books)
Econogal (favorite books)
Electric Literature (favorite novels)
Fangirl Fury (best books)
The Federalist (notable books)
Fiendfully Reading (favourite books)
Film School Rejects (best comic books)
Gabrielle Union (favorite books)
Grace Ji-Sun Kim (important theology books)
Greenville Journal (best books)
Guardian (best photography books)
The Hill Times (best books)
Irish Central (best Irish books)
James Schannep (best books)
Jenny in Neverland (best books)
The Jessica Show (best crime books)
Katie Linder (favorite books)
KCBR] (best romance books)
Kottke.org (best books)
Largehearted Boy (favorite novels)
Lauren James (best books)
Librairie Drawn & Quarterly – Brian (favourite books)
The Library Is Open (best books)
Los Angeles Times (best books)
Los Angeles Times (best food books)
Mail & Guardian (best books)
Mapping as Process (map history books)
The Marginalian (best children’s books)
Marie Claire (best books)
Mind Joggle (best books)
Mindful (best mindfulness books)
Modern Mrs Darcy (favorite books)
Mother Jones (best books)
Mr. Brian’s Picture Books (favorite picture books)
Mukesh Ambani (best books)
The National (best books)
The National Book Review (top fiction books)
Nelson Public Library (best books)
New York Post (best books)
New York Times (best book covers)
New Yorker (best cookbooks)
Newsweek (favorite books)
Nick Wignali (favorite books)
Noah’s Blog (top books)
NOW Toronto (best books)
Outside (favorite books)
Owasso Library (favorite books)
Philadelphia Inquirer (best books by Philadelphia writers)
Psychology Today (self-help books)
Raise the Horns (best witchcraft & magickal books)
Read It Or Weep – Doris (top books)
Read It Or Weep – Shannon (top books)
Red Pepper (best books)
rochemamabolo (best books)
San Francisco Chronicle (best books)
Scary Mommy (favorite books)
School Library Journal (editors’ best book covers)
School Library Journal (editors’ favorite books)
Scope for Imagination (favourite books)
Simon McDonald (favourite books)
Sixty + Me (favourite books)
Southern Living (best southern cookbooks)
The Straits Times (best books)
Theological Graffiti (best books)
Theology in Practice (top books)
The Times (best law books)
Variety (best music books)
Viget (favorite books)
The Vinyl Factory (best music books)
Washington Post (best nonfiction books)
WBEZ (best books)
Whistles (best books)
WOC Read (best books)
Wordy & Whimsical (best books)

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