Bookish Doormats To Welcome Your Guests

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I don’t have a welcome mat at my door. I also don’t have one of those 6′ wooden signs welcoming people. It’s not that I don’t have a place for folks to wipe their shoes off before entering. It’s because, well, not everyone is welcome.

The good news is, whether you’re a “welcome” person or not, you, too, can have a doormat that allows visitors to scrape off the mud and grass they’re tracking with them before entering. For book lovers, there are a wealth of bookish doormats from which to choose.

A nice thing about bookish doormats is even if you don’t have an official front door entrance, you can use these anywhere in your home. If you’re in an apartment and your landlord allows, plop one right outside your entrance. Don’t have the capacity to do that? Why not put it right inside the door?

Let’s take a look at some of the fun bookish doormat possibilities for reading nerds.

Welcome — or Not — To Bookish Doormats

For those who don’t want a welcome mat, this is an ideal option: remind people to go away because you’re reading. $42

For another take on the go away bookish doormat, this one is much bolder. $30 and up

Never fear, Lord of the Rings fans. Your welcome mat can let everyone know about your fandom. $30 and up

“You shall not pass” would be a fun one to plink down at the backdoor while using the LOTR-inspired rug from above at the front. $40

What would your first thought be if you went to someone’s house and they had an Oscar Wilde quote doormat? $42

This Shakespeare doormat is FUN. $42

THE doormat for fans of the classic The Wind in the Willows. $47 and up

If you’re at the intersection of “loves Hamilton” and “loves reading,” then this customizable reading room doormat is 100% for you. $30 and up

You may not want to put this one outside. Travel to Pemberley and the world of Jane Austen with this map rug. $43

Depending on your take, this doormat is either a badge of honor or shame. $50 and up

It’s just CLEVER, okay? “Off with your shoes!” Queen of Hearts doormat, $40

We need to be Very Clear about the messaging sometimes, so here’s another “Go Away I’m Reading” doormat, featuring a Very Serious Black Cat. $28

Now find yourself envisioning a space where you can be left alone to read? You’ll love these reading nook ideas. Conversely, find yourself wanting to make your space cozy and welcoming for more readers? We’ve got you with literary throw pillows.

– Kelly Jensen

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