Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Filler List: The Complete Guide and What to Skip! (2021)

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In 2016, mangaka Ukyō Kodachi started writing Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, a sequel manga to Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto, one of the most popular manga series ever written. Kodachi left the manga after 13 volumes, with Kishimoto himself taking over the writing duties of Boruto. Boruto follows the adventures of the titular character, Naruto’s son, years after the conclusion of Kishimoto’s Naruto storyline. While controversial for many fans, Boruto has been gaining in popularity and was adapted into an ongoing anime series back in 2017.

In today’s article, we are going to analyze the content of the Boruto anime series, giving you a complete list of canon, mixed and filler episodes. You’re going to find out which episodes are manga (or anime) canon, which are mixed episodes and which are fillers. Boruto has its fair share of actual filler episodes, which are going to be specifically addressed in the article, but luckily for us, that is nothing to worry about. Now, let us begin!

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations filler list

This section is going to contain a full list of Boruto episodes – both aired and planned – as of August 13, 2021. As of that date, there is a total of 214 episodes, 30 of which are filler. When compared to the original Naruto series, that is still a relatively low filler percentage; also, Boruto doesn’t as of yet, have any major (or minor, for that matter) filler arcs like Naruto did, as the filler episodes are either completely individual or appear in small groups. Here is a list:

#Episode TitleStatusAir Date1“Boruto Uzumaki!”
Transcription: “Uzumaki Boruto!!” (Japanese: うずまきボルト!!)ANIME CANONApril 5, 20172“The Hokage’s Son!”
Transcription: “Hokage no musuko…!!” (Japanese: 火影の息子…!!)ANIME CANONApril 12, 20173“Metal Lee Goes Wild!”
Transcription: “Bōsō, Metaru Rī!!” (Japanese: 暴走、メタル・リー!!)ANIME CANONApril 19, 20174“A Ninjutsu Battle of the Sexes!”
Transcription: “Danjo taikō ninjutsu gassen!!” (Japanese: 男女対抗忍術合戦!!)ANIME CANONApril 26, 20175“The Mysterious Transfer Student!”
Transcription: “Nazo no tenkōsei…!!” (Japanese: 謎の転校生…!!)ANIME CANONMay 3, 20176“The Final Lesson!”
Transcription: “Saigo no jugyō…!!” (Japanese: 最後の授業…!!)ANIME CANONMay 10, 20177“Love and Potato Chips!”
Transcription: “Koi to potechi…!!” (Japanese: 恋とポテチ…!!)ANIME CANONMay 17, 20178“The Dream’s Revelation”
Transcription: “Yume no otsuge” (Japanese: 夢のお告げ)ANIME CANONMay 24, 20179“Proof of Oneself”
Transcription: “Jibun no shōmei” (Japanese: 自分の証明)ANIME CANONMay 31, 201710“The Ghost Incident: The Investigation Begins!”
Transcription: “Gōsuto jiken, sōsa kaishi!!” (Japanese: ゴースト事件、捜査開始!!)ANIME CANONJune 7, 201711“The Shadow of The Mastermind”
Transcription: “Kuromaku no kage” (Japanese: 黒幕の影)ANIME CANONJune 14, 201712“Boruto and Mitsuki”
Transcription: “Boruto to Mitsuki” (Japanese: ボルトとミツキ)ANIME CANONJune 21, 201713“The Demon Beast Appears!”
Transcription: “Majū, arawaru…!!” (Japanese: 魔獣、現る…!!)ANIME CANONJune 28, 201714“The Path That Boruto Can See”
Transcription: “Boruto ni mieru michi” (Japanese: ボルトに見える道)ANIME CANONJuly 5, 201715“A New Path”
Transcription: “Atarashii michi” (Japanese: 新しい道)ANIME CANONJuly 12, 201716“Crisis: The Threat of Failing!”
Transcription: “Daburi no kiki” (Japanese: 留年(ダブり)の危機)FILLERJuly 19, 201717“Run, Sarada!”
Transcription: “Sarada, hashiru!!” (Japanese: サラダ、走る!!)FILLERJuly 26, 201718“A Day in the Life of the Uzumaki Family”
Transcription: “Uzumaki-ke no ichinichi” (Japanese: うずまき家の一日)MIXED CANON/FILLERAugust 2, 201719“Sarada Uchiha”
Transcription: “Uchiha Sarada” (Japanese: うちはサラダ)MANGA CANONAugust 9, 201720“The Boy With The Sharingan”
Transcription: “Sharingan no shōnen” (Japanese: 写輪眼の少年)MANGA CANONAugust 16, 201721“Sasuke and Sarada”
Transcription: “Sasuke to Sarada” (Japanese: サスケとサラダ)MANGA CANONAugust 23, 201722“Connected Feelings”
Transcription: “Tsunagaru omoi” (Japanese: つながる想い)MANGA CANONAugust 30, 201723“Bonds Come in All Shapes”
Transcription: “Tsunagari no katachi” (Japanese: つながりのカタチ)MANGA CANONSeptember 6, 201724“Boruto and Sarada”
Transcription: “Boruto to Sarada” (Japanese: ボルトとサラダ)MIXED CANON/FILLERSeptember 13, 201725“The Turbulent Field Trip”
Transcription: “Haran no shūgakuryokō!!” (Japanese: 波乱の修学旅行!!)ANIME CANONSeptember 20, 201726“The Mizukage’s Successor”
Transcription: “Mizukage no kōkeisha” (Japanese: 水影の後継者)ANIME CANONSeptember 27, 201727“A Shinobi Bout of Friendship”
Transcription: “Yūjō no shinobi bauto” (Japanese: 友情のシノビバウト)ANIME CANONOctober 4, 201728“Declaration of War”
Transcription: “Sensen fukoku” (Japanese: 宣戦布告)ANIME CANONOctober 11, 201729“The New Seven Ninja Swordsmen!”
Transcription: “Shin shinobigatana shichininshū!!” (Japanese: 新・忍刀七人衆!!)ANIME CANONOctober 18, 201730“The Sharingan vs. The Lightning Blade, Kiba the Fang!”
Transcription: “Sharingan bāsasu raitō Kiba” (Japanese: 写輪眼VS(バーサス)雷刀·牙)ANIME CANONOctober 25, 201731“Boruto and Kagura”
Transcription: “Boruto to Kagura” (Japanese: ボルトとかぐら)ANIME CANONNovember 1, 201732“The Quest for Souvenirs”
Transcription: “Omiyage kuesuto” (Japanese: おみやげクエスト)ANIME CANONNovember 8, 201733“The Super Beast Scroll Slump!”
Transcription: “Suranpu!! Chōjū giga” (Japanese: スランプ!! 超獣偽画)FILLERNovember 15, 201734“The Night of the Shooting Stars”
Transcription: “Hoshi furu yoru” (Japanese: 星降る夜)ANIME CANONNovember 22, 201735“The Parent Teacher Conference!”
Transcription: “Sansha mendan…!!” (Japanese: 三者面談…!!)ANIME CANONNovember 29, 201736“The Graduation Exam Begins!”
Transcription: “Sotsugyō shiken, kaishi!!” (Japanese: 卒業試験、開始!!)ANIME CANONDecember 6, 201737“A Shinobi’s Resolve”
Transcription: “Shinobi no kakugo” (Japanese: 忍の覚悟)ANIME CANONDecember 13, 201738“Formation of the Three-Man Squad?”
Transcription: “Surī manseru, kessei…?” (Japanese: スリーマンセル、結成…?)ANIME CANONDecember 20, 201739“The Path Lit by the Full Moon”
Transcription: “Michita tsuki ga terasu michi” (Japanese: 満ちた月が照らす道)MANGA CANONDecember 27, 201740“Team 7: The First Mission”
Transcription: “Dainanahan, hatsu ninmu!!” (Japanese: 第七班・初任務!!)FILLERJanuary 10, 201841“Strength in Unity”
Transcription: “Kessoku no chikara” (Japanese: 結束の力)FILLERJanuary 17, 201842“A Ninja’s Job”
Transcription: “Ninja no oshigoto” (Japanese: 忍者のお仕事)ANIME CANONJanuary 24, 201843“The Byakuya Gang Surfaces!”
Transcription: “Byakuya-dan, arawaru!!” (Japanese: 白夜団、現る!!)ANIME CANONJanuary 31, 201844“Shikadai’s Doubts”
Transcription: “Shikadai no mayoi” (Japanese: シカダイの迷い)ANIME CANONFebruary 7, 201845“Memories from the Day of Snow”
Transcription: “Yuki no hi no kioku” (Japanese: 雪の日の記憶)ANIME CANONFebruary 14, 201846“Go! The Crest of Night Strategy”
Transcription: “Kekkō!! Kyokuya sakusen” (Japanese: 決行!! 極夜作戦)ANIME CANONFebruary 21, 201847“The Figure I Want to Be”
Transcription: “Naritai sugata” (Japanese: 成りたい駒(すがた))ANIME CANONFebruary 28, 201848“The Genin Documentary”
Transcription: “Genin dokyumentarī!!” (Japanese: 下忍ドキュメンタリー!!)FILLERMarch 7, 201849“Wasabi and Namida”
Transcription: “Wasabi de Namida” (Japanese: ワサビでなみだ)FILLERMarch 14, 201850“The Chunin Exams: The Recommendation Meeting”
Transcription: “Chūnin senbatsu shiken suisen kaigi” (Japanese: 中忍選抜試験推薦会議)FILLERMarch 21, 201851“Boruto’s Birthday”
Transcription: “Boruto no tanjōbi” (Japanese: ボルトの誕生日)MIXED CANON/FILLERMarch 28, 201852“Sasuke’s Shadow”
Transcription: “Sasuke no kage” (Japanese: サスケの影)ANIME CANONApril 4, 201853“Himawari’s Birthday”
Transcription: “Himawari no tanjōbi” (Japanese: ヒマワリの誕生日)MANGA CANONApril 11, 201854“Sasuke and Boruto”
Transcription: “Sasuke to Boruto” (Japanese: サスケとボルト)MANGA CANONApril 18, 201855“The Scientific Ninja Tool”
Transcription: “Kagaku ningu” (Japanese: 科学忍具)MANGA CANONApril 25, 201856“Rivals, Gather!”
Transcription: “Raibaru, shūketsu!!” (Japanese: ライバル、集結!!)MANGA CANONMay 3, 201857“The Reason I Can’t Lose”
Transcription: “Make rarenai riyū” (Japanese: 負けられない理由)MANGA CANONMay 10, 201858“The Tournament Begins!”
Transcription: “Tōnamento, kaishi!!” (Japanese: トーナメント、開始!!)MANGA CANONMay 17, 201859“Boruto vs. Shikadai”
Transcription: “Boruto bāsasu Shikadai” (Japanese: ボルトVS(バーサス)シカダイ)MANGA CANONMay 24, 201860“The Hidden Leaf vs. The Hidden Sand”
Transcription: “Konohagakure bāsasu Sunagakure” (Japanese: 木ノ葉隠れVS(バーサス)砂隠れ)ANIME CANONMay 31, 201861“The Iron Sand User: Shinki”
Transcription: “Satetsu tsukai, Shinki” (Japanese: 砂鉄使い・シンキ)MANGA CANONJune 7, 201862“The Otsutsuki Invasion”
Transcription: “Ōtsutsuki, Shūrai!!” (Japanese: 大筒木、襲来!!)MANGA CANONJune 14, 201863“Sasuke’s Secret Weapon”
Transcription: “Sasuke no kirifuda” (Japanese: サスケの切り札)MANGA CANONJune 28, 201864“Rescuing Naruto!”
Transcription: “Naruto, dakkan!!” (Japanese: ナルト、奪還!!)MANGA CANONJuly 5, 201865“Father and Child”
Transcription: “Chichi to ko” (Japanese: 父と子)MANGA CANONJuly 19, 201866“My Story!”
Transcription: “Ore no monogatari…!!” (Japanese: オレの物語…!!)MANGA CANONJuly 26, 201867“Super Cho-Cho Butterfly Mode!”
Transcription: “Chō Chōchō chō mōdo!!” (Japanese: 超チョウチョウ蝶モード!!)FILLERAugust 2, 201868“Super Cho-Cho Kiss Mode!”
Transcription: “Chō Chōchō kisu mōdo!!” (Japanese: 超チョウチョウキスモード!!)FILLERAugust 9, 201869“Super Cho-Cho Love Upheaval!”
Transcription: “Chō Chōchō koi sōdō!!” (Japanese: 超チョウチョウ恋騒動!!)FILLERAugust 16, 201870“The Other Side of Anxiety”
Transcription: “Kinchō no mukō-gawa” (Japanese: 緊張の向こう側)ANIME CANONAugust 23, 201871“The Hardest Rock in the World”
Transcription: “Sekai de ichiban katai ishi” (Japanese: 世界で一番固い石)ANIME CANONAugust 30, 201872“Mitsuki’s Will”
Transcription: “Mitsuki no ishi” (Japanese: ミツキの意志)ANIME CANONSeptember 6, 201873“The Other Side of the Moon”
Transcription: “Tsuki no uragawa” (Japanese: 月の裏側)ANIME CANONSeptember 13, 201874“The Enemy, Ino-Shika-Cho!”
Transcription: “Teki wa Ino–Shika–Chō…!!” (Japanese: 敵は猪鹿蝶…!!)ANIME CANONSeptember 20, 201875“The Trials of Ryuchi Cave”
Transcription: “Ryūchidō no shiren” (Japanese: 龍地洞の試練)ANIME CANONSeptember 20, 201876“Incurring Wrath”
Transcription: “Gekirin ni furero” (Japanese: 逆鱗に触れろ)ANIME CANONOctober 7, 201877“A Fierce Enemy: Garaga’s Ferocious Attack!”
Transcription: “Kyōteki, Garaga no mōkō!!” (Japanese: 強敵、ガラガの猛攻!!)ANIME CANONOctober 14, 201878“Everyone’s Motives”
Transcription: “Sorezore no omowaku” (Japanese: それぞれの思惑)ANIME CANONOctober 21, 201879“Reunion with Mitsuki”
Transcription: “Saikai, Mitsuki…!!” (Japanese: 再会、ミツキ…!!)ANIME CANONOctober 28, 201880“Mitsuki’s Friend”
Transcription: “Mitsuki no tomodachi” (Japanese: ミツキのトモダチ)ANIME CANONNovember 4, 201881“Boruto’s Wish”
Transcription: “Boruto no negai” (Japanese: ボルトの願い)ANIME CANONNovember 11, 201882“Infiltrating the Hidden Stone Village”
Transcription: “Sen’nyū!! Iwagakure no sato” (Japanese: 潜入!! 岩隠れの里)ANIME CANONNovember 18, 201883“Ohnoki’s Justice”
Transcription: “Ōnoki no seigi” (Japanese: オオノキの正義)ANIME CANONNovember 25, 201884“Ohnoki’s Thoughts, Ku’s Thoughts”
Transcription: “Ōnoki no omoi, Kū no omoi” (Japanese: オオノキの思い、空の思い)ANIME CANONDecember 2, 201885“The Heart Stone”
Transcription: “Kokoro no ishi” (Japanese: 心の石)ANIME CANONDecember 9, 201886“Kozuchi’s Will”
Transcription: “Kozuchi no ishi” (Japanese: コヅチの意志)ANIME CANONDecember 16, 201887“The Sensation of Living”
Transcription: “Ikiteiru jikkan” (Japanese: 生きている実感)ANIME CANONDecember 23, 201888“Clash: Kokuyou!”
Transcription: “Gekitotsu, Kokuyō!!” (Japanese: 激突、コクヨウ!!)ANIME CANONJanuary 6, 201989“A Piercing Heart”
Transcription: “Tsuranuku kokoro” (Japanese: 貫く心)ANIME CANONJanuary 13, 201990“Mitsuki and Sekiei”
Transcription: “Mitsuki to Sekiei” (Japanese: ミツキとセキエイ)ANIME CANONJanuary 20, 201991“Ohnoki’s Will”
Transcription: “Ōnoki no ishi” (Japanese: オオノキの意志)ANIME CANONJanuary 27, 201992“A New Ordinary”
Transcription: “Atarashī nichijō” (Japanese: 新しい日常)ANIME CANONFebruary 3, 201993“Parent and Child Day”
Transcription: “Oyako no hi” (Japanese: 親子の日)MIXED CANON/FILLERFebruary 10, 201994“A Heaping Helping! The Eating Contest!”
Transcription: “Tenkomori!! Ōgui batoru” (Japanese: てんこ盛り!! 大食いバトル)MIXED CANON/FILLERFebruary 17, 201995“Tactics for Getting Along With Your Daughter”
Transcription: “Musume to Icha Icha dai sakusen” (Japanese: 娘とイチャイチャ大作戦)MIXED CANON/FILLERFebruary 24, 201996“Blood, Sweat, and Namida”
Transcription: “Chi to ase to Namida” (Japanese: 血と汗となみだ)FILLERMarch 3, 201997“Shikadai’s Decision”
Transcription: “Shikadai no ketsudan” (Japanese: シカダイの決断)FILLERMarch 10, 201998“The Cursed Forest”
Transcription: “Norowareta mori” (Japanese: 呪われた森)ANIME CANONMarch 17, 201999“Jugo and The Curse Mark”
Transcription: “Jūgo to juin” (Japanese: 重吾と呪印)ANIME CANONMarch 24, 2019100“The Predestined Path”
Transcription: “Kimerareta michi” (Japanese: 決められた道)ANIME CANONMarch 31, 2019101“Jugo’s Reinforcements”
Transcription: “Jūgo no engun” (Japanese: 重吾の援軍)ANIME CANONApril 7, 2019102“Melee!”
Transcription: “Ransen!!” (Japanese: 乱戦!!)ANIME CANONApril 14, 2019103“Migration Season”
Transcription: “Watari no kisetsu” (Japanese: 渡りの季節)ANIME CANONApril 21, 2019104“The Little Roommate”
Transcription: “Chīsana dōkyonin” (Japanese: 小さな同居人)FILLERApril 28, 2019105“A Wound on the Heart”
Transcription: “Kokoro no kizuguchi” (Japanese: 心の傷口)FILLERMay 5, 2019106“The Steam Ninja Scrolls: The S-Rank Mission!”
Transcription: “Yukemuri ninpōchō: esu ranku ninmu!!” (Japanese: 湯煙忍法帖・Sランク任務!!)MIXED CANON/FILLERMay 12, 2019107“The Steam Ninja Scrolls: The Dog and Cat War!”
Transcription: “Yukemuri ninpōchō: inuneko sensō!!” (Japanese: 湯煙忍法帖・犬猫戦争!!)MIXED CANON/FILLERMay 19, 2019108“The Steam Ninja Scrolls: The Haunted Inn!”
Transcription: “Yukemuri ninpōchō: yūrei ryokan!!” (Japanese: 湯煙忍法帖・幽霊旅館!!)MIXED CANON/FILLERMay 26, 2019109“The Steam Ninja Scrolls: Potato Chips and the Giant Boulder!”
Transcription: “Yukemuri ninpōchō: potechi to ō iwa!!” (Japanese: 湯煙忍法帖・ポテチと大岩!!)MIXED CANON/FILLERJune 2, 2019110“The Steam Ninja Scrolls: The Resurrection Hot Springs!”
Transcription: “Yukemuri ninpōchō: yomigaeri onsen!!” (Japanese: 湯煙忍法帖・蘇り温泉!!)MIXED CANON/FILLERJune 9, 2019111“The Steam Ninja Scrolls: Mirai’s King!”
Transcription: “Yukemuri ninpōchō: Mirai no gyoku!!” (Japanese: 湯煙忍法帖・ミライの玉!!)MIXED CANON/FILLERJune 16, 2019112“The Chunin Selection Conference”
Transcription: “Chūnin shōkaku shunō kaigi” (Japanese: 中忍昇格首脳会議)ANIME CANONJune 23, 2019113“The Qualities of a Captain”
Transcription: “Taichō no soshitsu” (Japanese: 隊長の素質)FILLERJune 30, 2019114“X Cards Proxy War!”
Transcription: “Gemaki dairi sensō!!” (Japanese: ゲマキ代理戦争!!)FILLERJuly 7, 2019115“Team 25”
Transcription: “Dainijūgo han” (Japanese: 第二十五班)FILLERJuly 14, 2019116“Konohamaru and Remon”
Transcription: “Konohamaru to Remon” (Japanese: 木ノ葉丸とレモン)FILLERJuly 21, 2019117“Remon’s Secret”
Transcription: “Remon no himitsu” (Japanese: レモンの秘密)FILLERJuly 28, 2019118“Something That Steals Memories”
Transcription: “Kioku o kurau mono” (Japanese: 記憶を喰らうモノ)FILLERAugust 4, 2019119“Konohamaru’s Ninja Way”
Transcription: “Konohamaru no nindō” (Japanese: 木ノ葉丸の忍道)FILLERAugust 11, 2019120“With Sasuke As The Goal”
Transcription: “Sasuke o mezashite” (Japanese: サスケを目指して)ANIME CANONAugust 18, 2019121“The Entrusted Mission: Protect the One Tails!”
Transcription: “Ichibi o mamore!! Takusareta ninmu” (Japanese: 一尾を守れ!! 託された任務)ANIME CANONAugust 25, 2019122“The Puppet Battle!”
Transcription: “Kugutsu batoru!!” (Japanese: 傀儡バトル!!)ANIME CANONSeptember 1, 2019123“Urashiki Returns”
Transcription: “Urashiki, fukkatsu” (Japanese: ウラシキ、復活)ANIME CANONSeptember 8, 2019124“Decision Time”
Transcription: “Ketsudan no toki” (Japanese: 決断の時)ANIME CANONSeptember 15, 2019125“Boruto and Shinki”
Transcription: “Boruto to Shinki” (Japanese: ボルトとシンキ)ANIME CANONSeptember 22, 2019126“Shukaku’s Trick”
Transcription: “Shukaku no takurami” (Japanese: 守鶴の企み)ANIME CANONSeptember 29, 2019127“Make-Out Tactics”
Transcription: “Icha Icha Takutikusu” (Japanese: イチャイチャタクティクス)ANIME CANONOctober 6, 2019128“Urashiki’s Target”
Transcription: “Urashiki no nerai” (Japanese: ウラシキの狙い)ANIME CANONOctober 13, 2019129“The Village Hidden in the Leaves”
Transcription: “Konohagakure no sato” (Japanese: 木ノ葉隠れの里)ANIME CANONOctober 20, 2019130“Genin, Assemble!”
Transcription: “Atsumare, genin!!” (Japanese: 集まれ、下忍!!)ANIME CANONOctober 27, 2019131“The Power of the Nine Tails”
Transcription: “Kyūbi no chikara” (Japanese: 九尾のカ)ANIME CANONNovember 3, 2019132“Jiraiya’s Assignment”
Transcription: “Jiraiya no kadai” (Japanese: 自来也の課題)ANIME CANONNovember 10, 2019133“A Village Without Sasuke”
Transcription: “Sasuke no inai sato” (Japanese: サスケのいない里)ANIME CANONNovember 24, 2019134“The Power to See the Future”
Transcription: “Mirai o yomu chikara” (Japanese: 未来を読むチカラ)ANIME CANONDecember 1, 2019135“The Last Battle, Urashiki”
Transcription: “Saishū kessen, Urashiki” (Japanese: 最終決戦、ウラシキ)ANIME CANONDecember 8, 2019136“Crossing Time!”
Transcription: “Toki o koete!!” (Japanese: 時を越えて!!)ANIME CANONDecember 15, 2019137“The Samurai Exchange Student”
Transcription: “Samurai ryūgakusei” (Japanese: サムライ留学生)ANIME CANONDecember 22, 2019138“Hiashi’s Birthday”
Transcription: “Hiashi no tanjōbi” (Japanese: ヒアシの誕生日)ANIME CANONDecember 29, 2019139“The Terror! Enko Onikuma”
Transcription: “Kyōfu!! Onikuma Enko” (Japanese: 恐怖!! 鬼熊えんこ)FILLERJanuary 12, 2020140“The Mind Transfer Jutsu that Lost to Potato Chips”
Transcription: “Potechi ni maketa shintenshin no jutsu” (Japanese: ポテチに負けた心転身の術)FILLERJanuary 19, 2020141“The Shinobi Prison: Hozuki Castle”
Transcription: “Shinobi kangoku: Hōzuki-jō” (Japanese: 忍監獄・鬼灯城)ANIME CANONJanuary 26, 2020142“A Test of Willpower”
Transcription: “Konjō tameshi” (Japanese: 根性試し)ANIME CANONFebruary 2, 2020143“The Criminal Targeting Kokuri”
Transcription: “Kokuri o neratta han’nin” (Japanese: コクリを狙った犯人)ANIME CANONFebruary 9, 2020144“Kokuri’s Secret”
Transcription: “Kokuri no himitsu” (Japanese: コクリの秘密)ANIME CANONFebruary 16, 2020145“Breaking out of Hozuki Castle”
Transcription: “Hōzuki-jō o datsugoku seyo” (Japanese: 鬼灯城を脱獄せよ)ANIME CANONFebruary 23, 2020146“Executing the Prison Break!”
Transcription: “Datsugoku, kekkō!!” (Japanese: 脱獄、決行!!)ANIME CANONMarch 1, 2020147“The Fateful Moonlit Battle”
Transcription: “Gekka no kessen” (Japanese: 月下の決戦)ANIME CANONMarch 8, 2020148“A New Mission!!”
Transcription: “Aratana ninmu!!” (Japanese: 新たな任務!!)MANGA CANONMarch 15, 2020149“Friends!!”
Transcription: “Tomodachi…!!” (Japanese: 友達…!!)MANGA CANONMarch 22, 2020150“The Value of a Hidden Ace”
Transcription: “Kirifuda no kachi” (Japanese: 切り札の価値)MANGA CANONMarch 29, 2020151“Boruto and Tento”
Transcription: “Boruto to Tentō” (Japanese: ボルトとテントウ)MANGA CANONApril 5, 2020152“Developing One’s Medical Ninjutsu”
Transcription: “Iryō ninjutsu no susume” (Japanese: 医療忍術のすすめ)FILLERApril 12, 2020153“Harmony in Gold”
Transcription: “Ōgon no hāmonī” (Japanese: 黄金のハーモニー)FILLERApril 19, 2020154“Himawari’s Ninja Trial Session”
Transcription: “Himawari, ninja taiken!!” (Japanese: ヒマワリ、忍者体験!!)ANIME CANONApril 26, 2020155“Mitsuki’s Rainy Day”
Transcription: “Ame no hi no Mitsuki” (Japanese: 雨の日のミツキ)FILLERJuly 5, 2020[d]156“I Can’t Stay in My Slim Form”
Transcription: “Surimuna mama ja irarenai” (Japanese: スリムなままじゃいられない)FILLERJuly 12, 2020[e]157“Kara’s Footprints”
Transcription: “”Kara” no ashiato” (Japanese: 「殻」の足跡)ANIME CANONJuly 19, 2020158“The Man Who Disappeared”
Transcription: “Kieta otoko” (Japanese: 消えた男)ANIME CANONJuly 26, 2020159“The Hashirama Cell”
Transcription: “Hashirama saibō” (Japanese: 柱間細胞)ANIME CANONAugust 2, 2020160“To the Land of Silence”
Transcription: “Shijima no kuni e” (Japanese: 黙の国へ)ANIME CANONAugust 9, 2020161“The Castle of Nightmares”
Transcription: “Akumu no shiro” (Japanese: 悪夢の城)ANIME CANONAugust 16, 2020162“Escaping the Tightening Net”
Transcription: “Hōimō o dasshutsu seyo!” (Japanese: 包囲網を脱出せよ!)ANIME CANONAugust 23, 2020163“The Pursuers”
Transcription: “Tsuisekisha-tachi” (Japanese: 追跡者たち)ANIME CANONAugust 30, 2020164“The Forbidden Jutsu of Death”
Transcription: “Shi no kinjutsu” (Japanese: 死の禁術)ANIME CANONSeptember 6, 2020165“The Quadruplets’ Duty”
Transcription: “Yotsugo no shimei” (Japanese: 四つ子の使命)ANIME CANONSeptember 13, 2020166“Death Match”
Transcription: “Shitō” (Japanese: 死闘)ANIME CANONSeptember 20, 2020167“Their Decision”
Transcription: “Futari no kakugo” (Japanese: 二人の覚悟)ANIME CANONSeptember 27, 2020168“Training Begins!”
Transcription: “Shugyō kaishi!!” (Japanese: 修業開始!!)ANIME CANONOctober 4, 2020169“A Joint Mission With the Sand”
Transcription: “Suna to no kyōdō sakusen” (Japanese: 砂との共同作戦)ANIME CANONOctober 11, 2020170“A New Rasengan”
Transcription: “Atarashii Rasengan” (Japanese: 新しい螺旋丸­)ANIME CANONOctober 18, 2020171“The Results of Training”
Transcription: “Shugyō no seika” (Japanese: 修業の成果)ANIME CANONOctober 25, 2020172“A Signature of Fear”
Transcription: “Kyōfu no sain” (Japanese: 恐怖のサイン)ANIME CANONNovember 1, 2020173“The Secret Behind the Underground Room”
Transcription: “Chikashitsu no himitsu” (Japanese: 地下室の秘密)ANIME CANONNovember 8, 2020174“The Revival of the Divine Tree”
Transcription: “Shinju saisei” (Japanese: 神樹再生)ANIME CANONNovember 15, 2020175“Beyond the Limits!”
Transcription: “Genkai no saki e…!!” (Japanese: 限界の先へ…!!)ANIME CANONNovember 22, 2020176“Blockade the A-Un Gate!”
Transcription: “A・N no mon o fūsa seyo!!” (Japanese: あ・んの門を封鎖せよ!!)ANIME CANONNovember 29, 2020177“The Iron Wall’s Sensing System”
Transcription: “Teppeki no kanchi shisutemu” (Japanese: 鉄壁の感知システム)ANIME CANONDecember 6, 2020178“Our Fathers’ Example”
Transcription: “Chichi no senaka” (Japanese: 父の背中)ANIME CANONDecember 13, 2020179“Victor’s Scheme”
Transcription: “Vikuta no inbō” (Japanese: ヴィクタの陰謀)ANIME CANONDecember 20, 2020180“The Assassin, Mugino”
Transcription: “Ansatsusha Mugino” (Japanese: 暗殺者ムギノ)ANIME CANONDecember 27, 2020181“The Vessel”
Transcription: “Utsuwa” (Japanese: 器)MANGA CANONJanuary 10, 2021182“Ao”
Transcription: “Ao” (Japanese: 青)MANGA CANONJanuary 17, 2021183“The Hand”
Transcription: “Te” (Japanese: 手)MANGA CANONJanuary 24, 2021184“Puppets”
Transcription: “Ningyō” (Japanese: 人形)MANGA CANONJanuary 31, 2021185“Tools”
Transcription: “Dōgu” (Japanese: 道具)MANGA CANONFebruary 7, 2021186“How You Use It”
Transcription: “Tsukaikata” (Japanese: 使い方)MANGA CANONFebruary 14, 2021187“Karma”
Transcription: “Kāma” (Japanese: 楔(カーマ))MANGA CANONFebruary 21, 2021188“Awakening”
Transcription: “Mezame” (Japanese: 目覚め)MANGA CANONFebruary 28, 2021189“Resonance”
Transcription: “Kyōmei” (Japanese: 共鳴)MANGA CANONMarch 7, 2021190“Escape”
Transcription: “Dassō” (Japanese: 脱走)ANIME CANONMarch 14, 2021191“Stray Dog”
Transcription: “Norainu” (Japanese: 野良犬)ANIME CANONMarch 21, 2021192“The Past”
Transcription: “Kako” (Japanese: 過去)ANIME CANONMarch 28, 2021193“Coexistence”
Transcription: “Dōkyo” (Japanese: 同居)MANGA CANONApril 4, 2021

194“The Uzumaki Household”
Transcription: “Uzumaki-ke” (Japanese: うずまき家)MANGA CANONApril 11, 2021195“A Vase”
Transcription: “Kabin” (Japanese: 花瓶)MANGA CANONApril 18, 2021196“A Binding Force”
Transcription: “Tsunagu Chikara” (Japanese: 繋ぐ力)MANGA CANONApril 25, 2021197“Delta”
Transcription: “Deruta” (Japanese: デルタ)MANGA CANONMay 2, 2021198“Monsters”
Transcription: “Bakemon” (Japanese: 怪物バケモン)MANGA CANONMay 9, 2021199“Overload”
Transcription: “Ōbārōdo” (Japanese: オーバーロード)MANGA CANONMay 16, 2021200“Becoming a Student”
Transcription: “Deshiiri” (Japanese: 弟子入り)MANGA CANONMay 23, 2021201“Empty Tears”
Transcription: “Karappo no Namida” (Japanese: 空っぽの涙)MANGA CANONMay 30, 2021202“The Cult”
Transcription: “Kyōdan” (Japanese: 教団)MANGA CANONJune 6, 2021203“Surprise Attack!”
Transcription: “Kyūshū…!!” (Japanese: 急襲…!!)MANGA CANONJune 13, 2021204“He’s Bad News”
Transcription: “Yabai Yarō” (Japanese: ヤバイ野郎)MANGA CANONJune 20, 2021205“Proof”
Transcription: “Shōmei” (Japanese: 証明)MANGA CANONJune 27, 2021206“The New Team Seven”
Transcription: “Shinsei Dai Nana-han” (Japanese: 新生第七班)MANGA CANONJuly 4, 2021207“Regeneration”
Transcription: “Saisei” (Japanese: 再生)MANGA CANONJuly 11, 2021208“Momoshiki’s Manifestation”
Transcription: “Momoshiki Kengen” (Japanese: モモシキ顕現)MANGA CANONJuly 18, 2021
209“The Outcast”
Transcription: “Nokemono” (Japanese: ノケモノ)MANGA CANONAugust 1, 2021210“Clues to Kara”
Transcription: “Kara no Tegakari” (Japanese: 殻の手がかり)MANGA CANONAugust 8, 2021211“The Chase”
Transcription: “Tsuiseki” (Japanese: 追跡)MANGA CANONAugust 15, 2021212“Amado’s Defection”
Transcription: “Amado no Bōmei” (Japanese: アマドの亡命)MANGA CANONAugust 22, 2021213“True Identity”
Transcription: “Shōtai” (Japanese: 正体)MANGA CANONAugust 29, 2021214“Predestined Fate”
Transcription: “Shukumei” (Japanese: 宿命)MANGA CANONSeptember 5, 2021

Can you skip the Boruto fillers?

If you analyzed our list carefully, you will have noticed that Boruto has a total of 28 filler episodes, which is a relatively big number, but not as big when you compare it to the total number of episodes; these 28 episodes take up a low 15% of the total episode count. So, can you skip them?

The fact is that Boruto doesn’t have any major filler arcs (yet). Most of these episodes are either an individual or smaller groups and they do not have any influence on the plot, so in that aspect – they are all skippable. Still, Boruto has the “issue” of being a show that has its own, anime canon, and the majority of the show’s episodes are part of that separate narrative canon. There are manga canon episodes, but they’re not as numerous as one would expect.

What does this mean for the filler episodes? Well, this structure of the anime means that, although you can skip them, we do not advise you to skip the Boruto filler episodes, as they form part of the anime’s unique narrative structure. This is why we think they are not worth skipping, but if you’re worried about – eventually – missing out on something by skipping them – that won’t happen. They are perfectly skippable, but we suggest you give them a go.

Are Boruto fillers worth watching?

Boruto fillers are worth watching. This manga gives you more information on characters’ backgrounds and some characters get more development, you also get to see adaptations of the one-shots.

Why does Boruto have so much filler?

The Boruto anime and manga started at the same time, so anime had to make their own stories while waiting for books to finish their part. That is why Boruto has so many fillers.

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