Catch Up on Star Wars Spins Podcast, Episodes 2 to 6

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Whoops, we’ve missed several episodes of the excellent Star Wars Spins Podcast, so now is the time to sit back and catch up on episodes 2 to 6 — they are well worth a listen.

Star Wars Spins 2 – Planet Leia – Clair Henry – November 16th

Star Wars Spins moves onto episode 2 with @irishgeekgirl Clair Henry answering the questions she never thought she would be asked about Star Wars! Listen in to find out the truth about underoos, what she thinks of Solo: A Star Wars Story and the weird things she wants to do with Force Ghosts…..

Star Wars Spins 3 – Darth Elvis – Greig Robertson – November 23rd

Star Wars Spins gets a rock’n’roll legend in as Darth Elvis himself, Greig Robertson, joins Dave and Martin to take on the wheels! What does Emperor Palpatine have on under his cloak? What crimes has Greig got planned? Was Shanique from Vegas a key player on Greig’s wedding night? Listen to episode 3 of Star Wars spins and all will be revealed.

Star Wars Spins 4 – Making Tracks – Mark Mulcaster – November 30th

He is the best looking guy in Star Wars fandom but that’s all sorts of irrelevant in a podcast so Mark Mulcaster joins Dave and Martin to face the spins wheels so we can find out exactly goes on in that beautiful brain of his…. Find out what would make Mark never leave his bedroom, how big his shower is and hear an amazing accusation regarding Brian May from Queen!

Star Wars Spins 5 – Start Your Engines – Paul Naylor – December 14th

He has the silkiest voice in fandom and can smooth talk he way out of anything but can Paul Naylor survive Star Wars Spins? With a wealth of Star Wars knowledge Paul will reveal all with tales of valentines dates with Politicians, thieving from Warwick Davis in broad daylight and the urges he gets when he see a Mon Calamari. This is an episode packed with shocking revelations!

Star Wars Spins 6 – Happy Holidays! – Star Wars Santa – December 21st

Dave and Martin are giddy with excitement as they get to “spin” with their all time hero “Star Wars Santa” – For one day a year he delivers presents to all good boys and girls around the world but for the rest of it he lives on youtube talking about Star Wars. We thought it was high time we found out what makes Santa tick using our high tech spin wheels. Todays revelations include a Tatooine conspiracy, Santa’s rather strange attraction to Sny Snootles and also an awkward moment when Martin sings about Elf’s worker rights…. Listen in to find out more…

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