Cover Awe: Intimacy

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Let’s look at some adorable and amazing covers!

Maya: Here’s one I am OBSESSED WITH.

Tiaras are always the answer

Amanda: That feels like a step above of a tiara, Maya!

Sneezy: Mood music for eyes!

Sarah: Definitely le plus ultra tiara. Stunning.

Amanda: I really like this and the happy moment of jumping into someone’s arms!

Sneezy: Me too!!!!

Tara: Cute!

Sarah: This cover makes me smile every time I see it. Especially her devious expression.

From Vasha: For your next Cover Awe — this is the best fake date photo ever. They’re having so much fun conspiring together!

Sarah: That is a fantastic picture!

Lara: She is having the best time!

Amanda: It’s like she’s silently communicating to the incognito friend who tagged along for safety. “He’s cute and we’re good.”

Sneezy: Plus they look like they’re in a place that serves great food!

Sarah: Biceps. Laughter. Knife.

Amanda: I love hugs like that!

Elyse: I love covers that convey intimacy like that.

Sarah: The entire composition is so inviting and intimate isn’t it?

Sneezy: Yes!!! Plus it always makes me melt when partners have a great time making food together!!!


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