Cover Awe: Sunny Colors & Smiles

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We have a very bright and sunny color palette in this edition of Cover Awe!

Cover design by Rita Frangie

Amanda: I think the reason I like this so much is that it’s so different from what we usually see in historical romance and historical fiction.

Sarah: It’s like a twist on the old cameo/castle/landscape/flower bouquet covers.

Carrie: The combo of the cameo and the embroidery and the background eye-catching yellow – stunning.


(but also if it was me I would have gotten rid of the lights behind the author name. It does literally nothing for the composition but fight with the text!!!)

Sarah: It crosses out her name!


Cover design by Sprigleaf and GM Studios

Cover models are Jamie Murphy and Guy Macchia

Amanda: The colors on this! It’s a nice departure from the more pastel, softer color palettes we see.

Sarah: HOLY WOW.

I can see that from down the street (except for the author’s name)

Elyse: Well that pops

Carrie: I’m torn between awe and snark. I love their tenderness. It’s nice to have a change from the same old colors as every other cover out there. But I am concerned that she might be radioactive.

Catherine: She looks like a wattle in full bloom!

(Boy, that was a bit Aussie of me. But that yellow is a real wattle colour, just gorgeous.)

Cover design by Kathleen Oudit

From Deb: Isn’t this cover absolutely stunning. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. I want to read the book just because I find the cover so lush and appealing. I also think I’m going to use it as an inspiration pic to dye up some yarn. That deep blue with the pops of color around the edges…so gorgeous. I just had to share.

Sarah: You’ll get my attention every time with cobalt and violet. Every time.

Tara: Now I want to know if any of those flowers are deadly.

Amanda: It’s just as beautiful in person. CAN CONFIRM.

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