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When Mommy leaves early for work, Diari and Fatima spend the day with Daddy. Diari chronicles their activities, often repeating the phrase “When Mommy’s away, Daddies and daughters stick together.” She particularly notes instances of Daddy’s kindness and support, as when he helps them with their counting and reading skills. When they practice their French, Fula, and Spanish vocabulary, he says, “I am so proud of you, and I love you so much!” After other fun activities, such as dancing and yoga stretches, the sisters take a nap and later help Daddy cook dinner. Mommy comes home that evening and helps Diari and Fatima get ready for bed. Diari is thrilled: “I’m happy to say: Mommy, Daddy, and daughters stick together.” Balde and Sow effectively emphasize how children thrive in supportive, loving environments. Young readers and caregivers will enjoy the wholesome depiction of close family relationships, even if their own family structure or child care routine is different than the characters’. Artist Fernandez’s full-color illustrations, which depict a Black family, have a photographic, realistic quality; some feature textured, dimensional aspects such as floating bubbles above Diari’s bubble bath and a starry sky illuminated by the moon.

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