Darlington Café Unveils Star Wars Mural by Local Artist

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The owners of Star Wars obsessed coffee house and roastery Echo 3 in Darlington, UK, have unveiled a mural of Boba Fett by local artist Roger Birchall.

On entering the café one immediately realises the Star Wars obsession of the owners and the name, Echo 3, was Luke Skywalker’s call sign to Hans Solo in The Empire Strikes Back.

The idea of a mural to replace the grey board that formerly occupied the spot, however, was not Kris and Helen’s idea.

Roger, along with his wife and dog, is a regular customer and before the current upgrade of the Darlington yards started he decided making use of the wall for a Star Wars themed mural would be a great idea.

Roger said: “I started by casually asking Kris to name his favourite Star Wars character, and learnt that it was Boba Fett. I was expecting something more cuddly than this bounty hunter and I had to invent a context for his sudden appearance in Clark’s Yard.  What if he appeared to be peering through the wall on the lookout for a target?  I presented a sketch of my idea to Chris and Helen and they were very enthusiastic.”

Kris said: “Being a huge fan of the iconic character Boba Fett, I was taken aback with the mural’s attention to detail.  It will be a fantastic addition to Clark’s Yard; we are delighted to have it on the side of our building and look forward, ourselves, to seeing it each morning.”

The mural, together with an unofficial sign warning pedestrians that they are in a Capture Zone, is now on permanent display at the café.

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