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From early childhood, Anthony Fauci was curious and a problem solver, asking questions about science, sports, and religion, and trying to figure out the answers himself. Clear, straightforward text and appealing illustrations show how he also learned how to get along with almost everyone, from the tough kids on the Brooklyn streets to his father’s pharmacy customers (Anthony delivered prescriptions). By high school, he knew he wanted to be a doctor, and after many years of study, he embarked on a career of medicine and research on infectious diseases, including HIV/AIDS and Covid-19, providing information and describing preventative measures throughout the U.S. and around the world. The text emphasizes his skill and knowledge while giving equal time to social-emotional skills, in particular his ability to listen and communicate and his resilience and compassion. Youngsters who already know of Dr. Fauci will enjoy hearing about how he came to be the person he is today while those unfamiliar will glean new information and insight. The end pages include child-appropriate questions and answers on Covid-19 and vaccinations as well as Dr. Fauci’s tips for future scientists: “Keep an open mind. Don’t be afraid to fail. Get excited about discovery. Remember that science is self-correcting. Keep learning.” In scenes from the 1980s to the present, Bye takes care to surround her White protagonists with a racially and ethnically diverse cast.

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