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Lolo, a charming little Black girl from South Africa sporting Afro-textured hairstyles, is back for more tales also featuring her mama, Sisi, and Gogo. In the first chapter, “Lolo and the Eagle,” Lolo misses an opportunity to audition for the role of the eagle in her class play when she becomes sick. Her classmate Dana Rose, who “could do graceful leaps and land as softly as a feather,” earns the part, but when Dana Rose misses a leap during the performance, Lolo finds a way to save the play. In “Lolo and the Teen Queen,” Lolo learns about the importance of inner beauty. In “Lolo’s First Date,” Lolo feels angry and ignored when her mother prepares to go out with her co-worker Sam. “Lolo’s Recycled Christmas Tree” finds Lolo and Sam making and selling Christmas trees in the market so that Lolo can buy presents for her loved ones. Readers will relate to Lolo and her bouts of jealousy and insecurity as well as the warmth and love of her family. Daly’s whimsical illustrations of Lolo and her loved ones grace each page, making for a fun and quick read. Gogo and Sisi are Black; Sam is White.

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