FUNNY FRIDAY – Star Wars Memes #2

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Hello everyone! It’s Friday here in Aotearoa, so you know what that means! MEME time, yes, another Funny Friday Star Wars Meme day has arrived!

So here’s a non-important bit of background history on my experience with memes. As a person, I am relatively humorous; that is, I tend to laugh openly about many things in life, mostly myself, because you can never be too serious, right? It’s essential to let the difficult things go as much as possible to give way to thinking and laughing at all the things you take too seriously. This helps a lot because I am more serious than I am funny. So to find humour in something is a coping mechanism I try very hard to use (as I suffer from social anxiety). I don’t always pull it off, but I always try.

So I have never really liked memes (because I don’t get how anyone can choose something random and force it to become something funny). Some people pull it off well, but most memes I see online are usually silly and make zero sense to anyone else other than the person who made it.

So when I come across one I really like, it’s rare, and I’ve decided to share those ones here because I think almost everyone will be able to appreciate it here.

Here’s one I found that I giggled at uncontrollably for two minutes

I hope I chose well and if you found this meme put a smile on your face, do let me know and share that funniness

Thanks for reading, my friends, and I hope all is well with you! Do let me know how you’re getting on in the comments (as always), and stay safe out there, and I’ll catch you in the next post (which will hopefully be my review on Star Wars Visions which I watched last night!)

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