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These thumbnail sketches provide a look at the diverse areas in which Black women have achieved success. Some are well-known historical figures, such as journalist Ida B. Wells, known for her crusading work against lynching in the American South. Seventeenth-century Queen Nzinga of Ndongo and Matamba in present-day Angola resisted Portuguese slave traders. Trailblazing political voices include Shirley Chisholm and Vice President Kamala Harris. Mamie Phipps Clark was an African American psychologist whose research was an important factor in deciding Brown v. Board of Education. She is an example of women whose work had impacts on societal change but who may not have received sufficient recognition. Overall, the focus seems to be on the unexpected and individual strivers, with many stories demonstrating the role of persistence. Environmentalist Kristal Ambrose founded the Bahamas Plastic Movement to protect marine life in her home country. The arts are well represented—MC Soffia is a dark-skinned, 17-year-old Brazilian rap artist who performed at the opening ceremonies of the 2016 Olympics and speaks out against colorism—as is the sporting world. The spirited narratives, each one page long, are compelling and are accompanied by vivid color portraits created by Black and nonbinary illustrators from around the world.

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