Gorgeous Farmhouse Bookshelves for Every Room

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It’s hard to deny the appeal of the farmhouse aesthetic — cozy, comforting, simple. Old farmhouses always feel to me like they were made for long afternoons spent reading. Sunlit porches with wooden rockers. Cozy attic nooks stuffed with books. A library tucked away at the top of a creaky staircase. There’s just something inherently bookish about old houses and wooden shelves.

I actually lived in an old farmhouse once, when I was running a farm located in a national historical park. I filled it with books, of course, and there was definitely something satisfying about getting to display my library in a 100-year-old building. But while they’re romantic and lovely, old farmhouses are also a lot of work. Happily, there are a ton of beautiful farmhouse bookshelves out there that will add an air of rustic charm to your modern house, apartment, office, etc.

Farmhouse bookshelves come in every style, from large custom-built units to simple floating wall shelves to funky, whimsical shelves made from wooden pallets, crates, and reclaimed wood. I’ve curated an eclectic selection of them here, from budget-friendly shelves perfect for small spaces to towering handmade shelves that will have your friends and family swooning. But they’re all made of wood, and they’ve all got that cozy vibe that makes me think of freshly baked bread and roaring fires and stacks of dusty old maps. Look, I’m a country bookish hermit at heart. What can I say?

If you, too, are ready to live you your farmhouse library dreams, have I got the list for you.

This small bookcase, reminiscent of apple and wine crates, would make a perfect bedside table to fill with books. $32

What could be sweeter than this hanging bookshelf made from a wooden pallet? $60

This unique wooden bookcase will definitely add some rustic charm to any room. Choose from 2 to 7 shelves. $40–135

Floating wall shelves are great because you can set them up just how you like them. These wooden shelves come with modern metal brackets. Shelves are 24–72″ long. $70–188 per shelf

This charming shelf made from reclaimed wood is perfect for small spaces. Those vertical slats just scream “country farmhouse” to me. $90 or $110, depending on size

Farmhouse by the sea, anyone? This whimsical hanging rope bookshelf is handmade with pine. $126

I love this simple bookshelf handmade by the Amish artisans in Kentucky. It requires no screws or nails, but slots together with wooden pegs. What could be more old-school than that? $132–152

If you enjoy a story behind a piece of furniture, check out this rustic yet elegant bookshelf, made from wood reclaimed from barns in Virginia. If you can’t live in a 200-year old farmhouse, this is the next best thing. $175

If you’re looking for something simple that will work in any room, this sturdy reclaimed wood bookshelf is the one for you. $213–448 depending on size

This lovely bookshelf is made from reclaimed wood pallets, and it can be customized to your size and color specifications. The uneven white paint makes me think of farmhouse porches immediately! $275

This three tier bookshelf has that classic farmhouse feel. It’s made from reclaimed wood, so each piece will have unique features and imperfections. $299

This hand-painted bookcase is so much fun! I can see it adding a lot of character to a kid’s bedroom, or even as cookbook storage in the kitchen. $425

If you’re looking for a gorgeous bookshelf for your office or home library, this open-sided reclaimed wood shelf might be just the thing. Choose from 2 to 6 shelves. $449–670 depending on size

My mental image of the ideal cozy farmhouse involves shelves with lots of drawers and cabinets — like this custom-made shelf, which includes two drawers, perfect for storing all your bookish accessories. $449

Looking for more great bookshelf options? Check out these wall book racks, as well as these hanging bookshelves.

– Laura Sackton

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