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GTP Toys has shared an update regarding the status of the Tantive IV playset in 1:12 scale.

In short, the news is not what anyone is wanting to hear. They did not receive nearly as many orders as needed to continue into production mode. They invested everything they had into the tooling, which still has the main doorway and floor incomplete. The only option they had was to let their Disney license expire, and continue down the path of unlicensed products (like their previous Space Walls and they will be modular). So, they are reporting that the Tantive IV project is changing, and at least a 6-month delay is expected.

You can read their full email in our forums (along with some photos) by CLICKING HERE.

Now, on a personal note, I have seen some ugly posts on social media directed at GTP, and even headlines that are misleading. It’s easy, and understandable to be upset as a consumer. But before posting emotional knee-jerk responses, please take a deep breath. Then, keep in mind that there are aspects of what happened that appear to be completely out of their control, and nobody wanted this endeavor to be successful more than the GTP team who invested so much time, effort, and personal finances into the product. Personally, I am hoping for more communication moving forward, and of course for the GTP team to recover from this – we will all be in a better place with the hobby if they do, and have more fun products to look forward to.

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