HaBO: Another Historical Romance Revenge Plot

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This HaBO request is from Michelle, who is looking to find this romance:

I guess you get tons of these requests, and here’s yet another one! I posted this on Reddit’s Romance thread, and someone suggested I ask here. I am copying and pasting my thread:

Hero is half-spanish (not the Earl of Rayne). Years ago, spiteful rumors drove his mother out of England, leaving him with his abusive father. The woman driving the rumors, let’s call her Auntie Em, dies and leaves all her money to the heroine. He blames Auntie Em for his mother leaving, so he decides that it would be a good idea to get revenge…on the dead woman…by ruining the heroine, who inherited Auntie Em’s money.


So he gets the heroine to trust him, and recommends an investment that he knows is fraudulent. He starts feeling guilty and wants to prevent her from investing, but it’s too late. She loses money … something to do with 3, either a third or 30,000. The heroine doesn’t come from money, so, as she tells him, “this is all I have”.

Turns out that the father was abusive towards the mother, so she got her friend Auntie Em to start the rumors that drove her out of England so she could escape. Parent of the year right there. She (the mother) comes back to tell the hero to not be a jerk towards the heroine (or something). Or maybe she tells the heroine to not be a jerk towards the hero.

All I can add to this, is that I believe the heroine is either the niece or former companion of Auntie Em. When she inherits money she becomes eligible and her friends rally around her to find her a husband. The hero is perhaps roped in to help, which is how he becomes her friend. But I am not sure of that last bit.

There are going to be a lot of suggestions for this one, aren’t there?

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