HaBO: Bride Already Knows Groom Won’t Show Up

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This HaBO request is from Susan, who wants to find this historical romance:

I’m looking for a historical romance I read in the last four years. I’m guessing it was written in the early 2000’s. The book begins with the heroine at the church waiting to get married. The groom doesn’t show. The twist is the bride knows the groom won’t show up. Because he’s run off to Scotland or someplace with his true love and the bride knows all about it because they planned it. They didn’t want to get married and I think they were close friends and she knew he loved someone else who was unsuitable. So she was buying him time to run off. The brother or cousin of the runaway groom (I think he’s a Marquess?) who is the head of the family steps up and agrees to marry the jilted bride. Of course he’s very handsome and mysterious. This did not factor into the plan. They marry because what other choice does she have? She has to pretend that she’s devastated by the events even though she and the runaway groom planned the whole thing. I think the Marquess is impressed with how well she’s handled the wedding debacle. Little does he know it was all planned for her to be jilted at the altar.

I can’t remember the rest of it although the facts of the planned jilting and elopement come out at some point. I think this was the first in a series involving a family. The subsequent books all have a different member of this family. I really liked it and want to reread plus continue the series.

This sounds so familiar, like it was a book I featured on sale and remember reading the book description while entering in the data.

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