HaBO: Hero is an Executioner

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This HaBO is from Alexion, who is looking for a historical romance:

I don’t remember a whole lot about this book, but I do remember that I picked it up in a library somewhere between 2010 and 2014. Don’t remember anything about the cover or title.

The guy is an appointed executioner by whatever governing body controls the area. Thought it might be Gallow’s Pole by Eris Adderly because it fit a lot of the criteria, but it’s missing some key scenes from my fuzzy memory! Particularly the part where the lady is harassing the guy at his front door about stopping the execution. She tries bribing him, too, I think. And the scene where she actually goes to see the guy to-be-executed at the jail and they talk about ideas on freeing him.

I also have a vague memory about a scene in which she’s comforting him (executioner) about something in his house, and he’s crying on her shoulder, and his sobs gradually turn into hot and heavy breathing, and things get steamy. He might be a widower? Maybe? That could have been what he was upset about when she was consoling him.

I remember he’s rich, but has no need for the wealth, and lives on the edges of town away from people in a modest home. Don’t remember anything at all about the girl, unfortunately. Probably set in Europe somewhere between 1500s and 1800s.

Let’s HaBO!

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