HaBO: Hockey Manager Heroine

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This HaBO is from Shawna, who wants to find a book we may have previously featured:

This isn’t even one I’ve read yet, but one that I had wanted to and foolishly didn’t save!

I’m almost certain that it was in a Rec League or on sale that I was introduced to on here fairly recently – maybe the last year or so – but I can’t remember enough details to search for it well.

I believe the set up was the heroine was a grumpy hockey manager and the hero was a shy beta player on the team. I also seem to recall that the heroine maybe used a cane?

HOWEVER: the sport might not have been hockey (as that is NOT working as a good key word for my search), but some other Canadian – seeming sport? And maybe her position isn’t manager, but something else?

Also, I think the cover was purple.

Is this a Chloe Liese book? The cover wasn’t purple and that’s what is throwing me.

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