HaBO: Paranormal Warriors Fight for Her Hand in Marriage

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This HaBO comes from Regina, who is looking for this paranormal romance:

I’m searching for a paranormal romance book I read a few years ago ( I thought it was a Kresley Cole or Gena Showalter but no such luck—but probably in a similar vein). I remember some specific details, so hopefully you can find it!

The book starts off with the main girl getting attacked by a group of men, this leads her to being afraid of going places alone and the dark. There’s a competition for her hand in marriage. I don’t know if she’s magical, but all the contenders are different creatures/paranormal warriors.

The first challenge is like gladiator style. Some asshole warrior does well in the challenge (he ends up with her).

The girl’s best friend is competing for her hand(but they aren’t in love with each other) but I think at one point he had said he wasn’t planning on fighting for her.

There’s a specific challenge where each of the men have to get her a gift. Her best friend gives her Modest Mouse tickets. The main love interest gives her the heads of the men who attacked her.

That’s all I got—I really hope you can help.

Well I definitely want to read this.

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