HaBO: Siblings, Magnus & Christine

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This HaBO is from Liz, who wants to find this historical romance:

The book is a historical romance set during the Regency.

The main character is a widow who owns a theater in London. Her mother was a French actress and her father was from an aristocratic family, but a minor branch. She had a crappy marriage (husband was a cheater), but her family doesn’t know that, and she has several young kids. She also has an older brother named Magnus (?) and a very beautiful but narcissistic younger sister named Christine (?).

The hero is a cousin or close friend, who comes back into their life after years of exile in France. He’s handsome, a political radical, and a very talented playwright. They put on his play, I think.

Both sisters were in love with him, but he was in love with the prettier sister, and still not over her I think. He does end up with the widow though I remember finding it somewhat unsatisfying, like he’s settling.

There’s also a subplot about how super rich self-made-brother Magnus is actually a Duke, and lot’s of stuff about theater life. I can’t remember if it has any sex in it. I think it was written by a mother & daughter writing team. This book has stuck in my head FOREVER.

I’m with Liz. It does sound like settling.

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