HaBO: Yachts & More Pearls

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This HaBO comes from Christine, who is looking for a romantic suspense novel:

Hey there! So I am feeling like this was a series of contemporary romantic suspense books that I read about 15 years ago. T

he books had connecting characters (brothers, I think). There was quite a bit of sailing/yachts in the first book.

The hero was kind of a jerk. The heroine’s first name started with a T (Tallulah? Tabitha?) and she was described as being sort of plain looking. She had a lot of insecurities being with the hero.

At the start of the book, she is on a yacht of a bad guy (maybe he’s Greek?) and ends up jumping overboard. The hero rescues her but doesn’t really trust her, hence some of the jerky behavior.

There is steamy sex scenes including the use of pearls (I think maybe part of a treasure that was found by hero?). The second book in the series had the hero’s brother in it.

I don’t remember much except that the heroine was an ex, who he referred to as “California.” I thought maybe it was Cynthia Eden or Cindy Gerard, but I checked their backlists and I can’t find the book(s).

Boy, romance heroes really love pearls, don’t they.

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