Hasbro Renews Star Wars License!

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Hasbro extended its Star Wars license agreement with Disney yesterday. It is a multiyear deal, but no further details are known, as usual both companies would not reveal much. So it’s anyone’s guess how much Hasbro has to pay this time. This license renewal comes pretty early, the last one was only two years ago when for quite a while it seemed as if Hasbro may not want to renew the license. Hasbro did lose the Disney Princesses license, which goes back to Mattel. Instead Hasbro will make Indiana Jones toys for the scheduled 2023 release of the new movie. The last time Hasbro made Indiana Jones toys was for Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
It is my hope that this new licensing agreement either contains a new “no more secrecy clause” that will grant Hasbro access to all the relevant info it needs (say, Baby Yodas or Rancors in Book of Boba Fett) or that Hasbro paid less than before.

You can read the official Hasbro press release here (but you really don’t need to)!

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