Hasbro: What In The Bleeping Bleep Is Your Defect? You Don’t Know Your TVC Customers At All

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Hasbro, in all honesty, what the frack is your defect? With the many things you do good, you set yourselves back with the horrible mistakes you make. It was inevitable that you’d somehow work in the phase I Clone Troopers into the army builder subline. That’s fine and rather excellent of you. But how are you so wholly disengaged that you didn’t even know where to begin with them? (more….)



Fansites who care about The Vintage Collection (i.e., those like THIS ONE) have pleaded, begged, and harassed you to release the Clone Trooper Captain and the Clone Trooper Commander into The Vintage Collection for the last decade. So, what do you do instead? You launch the phase I Clone Trooper army builder set with the Clone Trooper Lieutenant, a figure available on the market since 2012 (in two different carded configurations in TVC). An action like this shows that you have zero engagement with your customers that support this line. Or maybe you should listen to media outlets that function more than press release puppets for the info you want to disperse.

How are you not aware that the red clone, the yellow clone, or the green clone should have been the focus of the first Phase I Clone Trooper multipack?

There is NO EXCUSE that you’re unaware of how desperate long-time collectors of TVC want the red and yellow clones. You already released the blue lieutenant over a decade ago. And then, a while after that, you released the green sergeant in The Black Series [Phase I] 3.75-inch line. And then you packed the INCORRECT Clone Captain and Clone Commander figures in the Toys R Us exclusive Battle Of Geonosis four-packs. Now was your chance to remedy a perpetual faux pas, and you royally mucked it up.

Even if the rest of the officers are coming, and my sources tell me they are coming, it’s still egregious that you didn’t announce them today as the ones coming first. You need to pay better attention. You’re losing us in droves. Give us the stuff we want and will purchase. We’re losing patience. Do better.

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