Holiday Bookmarks to Use This Season (and Next!)

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Do you read seasonally? If you, like me, tend to lean heavily into reading during the cooler, darker months, do you also tend to swap around what you’re using to hold your place in your physical books? Perhaps as we enter upon the holiday season, it’s worth considering adding some holiday bookmarks to your reading life to really lean in.

I’ve scoured Etsy for a wide range of holiday bookmarks, but it should come as little surprising the bulk of the bookmarks for end-of-the-year holidays are Christmas in flavor. There are a handful of Hanukkah, as well as some Kwanzaa bookmarks, but those are far fewer in number. To make up for this lack of holiday diversity in bookmarklandia, I’ve incorporated a number of non-denominational winter seasonal bookmarks, ranging from snow flakes to cute animals in winter apparel. Bonus for those holiday bookmarks in particular is that they’ll make excellent options for page-saving even as we enter into the new year (not that you can’t use a Christmas bookmark in, say, February, but as someone who likes longevity in what I buy, I’m thinking about that in particular).

Let’s dive in and find our spirits merry and bright with these great holiday bookmarks. All of these are physical bookmarks unless noted that they’re digital downloads you can print yourself.

Season’s Readings With Holiday Bookmarks

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. I would curl into this cozy cabin and read all day, indeed. $5

I would love my bookshelves to look like this nicely decorated holiday bookcase, but alas, they do not. $5

Snag a set of magnetic bookmarks featuring a snowflake and a gingerbread man. $5

Pop one of these gorgeous confetti snowflake bookmarks between the pages of your current read. $3

Dazzle your books with some holiday lights with either a black or white light bookmark (or get both because why not?). $5

I love metal bookmarks like this menorah bookmark and this one is especially nice because of how flat it lies on your pages. $20

I really love this fun seasons readings magnetic bookmark, both because of the color palate and because of the books strung in lights. $5

Even as someone who isn’t a huge chocolate fan, I can never resist a good cup of hot cocoa. Neither can this gingerbread person. $5

The bright colors on this magnetic happy holidays bookmark are just so cheery. $4

Download a set of four Kwanzaa bookmarks. Each features one of the celebration’s major principles, as well as what they mean and how they’re upheld. $3

Cute animals in winter attire will never not capture my attention immediately. I’m here for this adorable cold weather themed bookmark with a lil penguin and deer. $4

Choose from among three options with these Hanukkah bookmarks — or frankly, grab ’em all. You can celebrate the eight nights, an array of menorahs, or a little bit of both. $3 each

We should all be celebrating Bookmas, shouldn’t we? $3

Have yourself a meowy little Christmas. $5

The most adorable reading reindeer you ever did see. $5

All of these magnetic gingerbread house bookmarks are perfect, but perhaps the bookstore one is the MOST perfect. $5 each

This bookmark is giving me all of the cozy winter vibes. $4

(Clap) And that’s what it’s all about (clap). $4

Put your own name in holiday lights with this personalized holiday bookmark. $5

Pop some bubbly and enjoy a collection of options for New Years bookmarks, too. $3 each

‘Tis the season to also enjoy some literary holiday cards, bookish holiday sweaters, and, of course, holiday romance novels (into which you can slot your new holiday bookmarks!).

– Kelly Jensen

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