Holo Chess T-Shirt from Rollacrit Available Now

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Dan Madsen shares this awesome t-shirt from gaming lifestyle company called Rollacrit, featuring a tongue-in-cheek ad for Holo Chess, go get it now!

Ever had a multidimensional portal swallow one of your game pieces? #BeenThere! But we’ve been working on a loophole — it turns out you don’t have to worry about pieces going MIA when your game is a hologram… unless you lose your projection mechanism. But that’s a whole other problem. Anywho, we were initially going to commission an epic fanfare from John Williams for this, but it turns out that’s a lot more expensive than we thought it’d be. So, just imagine an epic song playing when you read the next paragraph.

Celebrate the beloved two-player classic, Holo Chess, with this Rollacrit-exclusive design! Who knows? Maybe someday in the future (or a long time ago, really far away somewhere), holographic game tables will be all the rage. With these digital pieces, flipping tables will no longer be the dramatic way people express their anger, but it may lead to an increase in loss of limbs. FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY!

S-3XL: $25
4-5XL: $30

Happy hunting and MTFBWY!

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