How To Make The Smooth Stone In Minecraft (Simple Guide)

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Nowadays, Minecraft has become a big hit in the virtual gaming world. You will get several opportunities to increase your game’s performance and compete with your enemies in a much better way. You can make a world of your own choice. There are plenty of helpful building materials that will make you able to generate your structures. One such building material is smooth stone. But knowing how to make the smooth stone is crucial.

Smooth stone is one of the great base blocks in Minecraft that you can use to build taller structures. You can make foundations for your houses as well. You can use smooth stones for different purposes in Minecraft. In this article, you will learn about a smooth stone in detail. You will also learn about the recipe, usage, raw materials, and many more things about smooth stone. Read on to grab all these informative things about smooth stone. 

What Is A Smooth Stone Used For In Minecraft

With unique color and textures, smooth stones have become the choice of every Minecraft player. You will see that smooth stones are the favorite building items in Minecraft. Thanks to the endless uses and services of smooth stones that you can use for generating your structures.

Here I will mention a few of the main uses of smooth stone in Minecraft. Let’s get started.  

1. Used As A Great Building Block

Smooth stone is famous for its widespread use in building different and huge structures. You will find smooth stone an excellent building material for industrial, futuristic, and modern builds. 

2. Used In Different Crafting Recipes

You can use smooth stones to make smooth stone slabs. Crafting a smooth stone slab requires you three smooth rocks and a crafting table. Your smooth stones will turn into smooth stone slabs. 

3. Used To Craft Blast Furnace 

You can use smooth stones to craft a blast furnace. Crafting a blast furnace requires you three smooth stones, five iron ingots, and a furnace. Your crafting grid will turn these items into a blast furnace. You can use that blast furnace for smelting ores in your Minecraft world. 

4. Used To Make An Armor Stand 

You can use smooth stones to make an armor stand. Making an armor stand requires you a slab and six sticks in Minecraft. Then you will be able to use that armor stand to store most of your valuable items. You can keep boots, leggings, helmets, and many more. You will be able to use an armor stand in Redstone contraptions as well. 

5. Used For Decorative Purposes

Smooth stones come in a variety of colors, shapes, and designs. You can use smooth stones to decorate your Minecraft world. You can use smooth stones to build a fancy floor in your Minecraft builds. 

6. Used To Make A Spawn-Proof Base For Your Minecraft Builds

When you turn a smooth stone into a smooth stone slab, you will use that slab for various purposes. You can use that slab as a spawn-proof base for nearly all types of Minecraft builds. 

Smooth Stone Recipe

Minecraft has given several opportunities and ways to you for getting smooth stones. You can make smooth stones in different ways.

To put it in a nutshell, you can make smooth stones with cobblestones, a furnace, and any fuel source. The process that you will use for making smooth stones is “Double Smelting” in your gameplay. You will gather cobblestones and use a furnace for smelting cobblestones. 

Then you will use the same furnace for smelting stones. Turning stones into smooth stones would be an indication that you have successfully made your smooth stone. Then you will have to move smooth stones in your inventory. At that time, you will be able to use smooth stones in your gameplay. 

Materials Needed To Make Smooth Stone In Minecraft

Making smooth stones is not tricky in Minecraft. You will need a few items to get smooth stones for your purposes and buildings. There are a few things that I will mention here. You can use these things to make smooth stones quite easily in Minecraft. 

Furnace Cobblestones Fuel source (charcoal, coal, a bucket of lava, etc.)A pickaxe (for mining cobblestones)

How To Make Smooth Stone In Minecraft

Making a smooth stone in Minecraft is not tricky. You won’t have to spend a lot of your time and hard work. You can easily make smooth stones in Minecraft. If you are looking for the simplest and easiest recipe to make smooth stones in Minecraft, then you have come to the right place. You will need to follow the given recipe. 

You can make smooth stones by taking into account the following points. 

1. Gather the raw materials 

The first thing you will do is collect the raw materials (cobblestones, furnaces, and any fuel). All these things will let you turn your raw materials into smooth stones. 

2. Create a furnace for you (as per your requirements)

Once you have collected the raw materials, you can move ahead to make your smooth stones. Making a smooth stone requires you to make a furnace first. You can create a furnace by using eight cobblestones and a crafting grid. You can also make several furnaces at the same time. 

You can expedite this process by making a large number of furnaces in your gameplay. For that, you will need a large number of cobblestones (eight cobblestones per furnace). 

3. Smelt the cobblestones 

Now you will use your furnace to start the process of making smooth stones (Smelting). You will undergo smelting to get your smooth stones. You will go through double smelting for this purpose. 

4. Right-click the furnace to open its GUI

By right-clicking on your furnace, you will be able to open its GUI. It will take you to a point where you get access to your furnace menu. 

5. Add fuel source to the lower slot of the furnace

After that, you will add any fuel in the lower slot of your furnace. You can use charcoal, coal, and a bucket of lava, sticks, or any other flammable thing as your fuel source. You can also use anything made of wood as your fuel source in the furnace. 

6. Add cobblestones to the furnace 

You will fill the upper slot of your furnace with a cobblestone. As a result, you will be able to make your smooth stones in your gameplay. 

7. Wait for the arrow to fill completely 

Then you will have to wait for the arrow to fill in the furnace menu. This arrow is an indication of the progress of your smelting process. 

8. Cobblestones have turned into stones

After some time, you will get stones from the right slot of your furnace. Turning a cobblestone into stones is the first phase of the smelting process. You can use these stones to proceed further in your gameplay. Remove the stones from the furnace. This thing will reset your furnace within no time. 

9. Smelt the stone in the same furnace

Once you have smelted the cobblestones into stones, you can use such stones for further processing. You will have to convert the stones into your desired products. 

10. Again add a fuel source 

Now you will add a fuel source in the same furnace. Make sure that you are adding the fuel (charcoal, coal, lava bucket, sticks, and anything flammable) to the lower slot of your furnace. This item will help you fuel your furnace for smelting stones. 

11. Again wait for the arrow to fill completely 

After you have added the fuel to its respective compartment, you will have to wait for some time. You will wait until the arrow fills in the furnace menu. The completion of the arrow is an indication that the stones have completely smelted into smooth stones. 

12. Turning stones into smooth stones

You will see that the stones have turned into smooth stones successfully. Here you will also see a filled arrow. That would be an indication that your product is ready to use now. 

13. Drag and move smooth stones in your inventory 

You can remove the smooth stones from the furnace. You can use your newly made smooth stones for different purposes in your Minecraft gameplay. First, you will have to drag and move smooth stones to your Minecraft inventory slot. 

You have successfully made smooth stones in Minecraft gameplay. After thoroughly reading this recipe, you will see that you can only get smooth stones from a furnace. You can’t craft smooth stones on your crafting table. You can also use the same recipe to make your required smooth stones without wasting your precious time. 

What To Use Smooth Stone For In Minecraft

Smooth stone is a great building block in Minecraft. You can use smooth stone for various purposes in Minecraft gameplay. You will find smooth stone completely worth in your gameplay. 

The smooth stones are:

Used to make smooth stone slabs Used to make an armor stand Used to craft many useful items Used for decorating your Minecraft world Used to make floors and bases of your buildingsUsed to make blast furnace

Where To Find Materials Needed For Making Smooth Stone 

There are a few raw materials that you will need to find before making smooth stones in Minecraft. You can get all the items required easily in Minecraft. Let’s see how you would get those items in your Minecraft world. 


To get a furnace in your gameplay, you will need to use cobblestones. First, you will mine or find eight cobblestones for your furnace. You can use a crafting grid to turn the cobblestones into a furnace. You can also get furnaces from trading villagers, Minecraft loot chests, and many other biomes. 


You can mine cobblestones with a pickaxe. All you need to do is to explore your Minecraft world and the nearby biomes. Without a pickaxe, you won’t be able to get any drop items. 

Fuel source (charcoal, coal, a bucket of lava, etc)

You can use any fuel for your furnace. Make sure that you are using the correct amount of fuel. Or else, you will not get your desired product. You can use wooden blocks that would be flammable as your fuel. You will use the fuel depending upon your need and availability in your gameplay. 

You can smelt some wood with a furnace to get charcoal in Minecraft. You will not find wood as the efficient source of fuel for your furnace. 

Along with the things mentioned above, you can also get smooth stones directly in your game. You can directly get smooth stones in your Minecraft gameplay. There are a few methods that you can use for getting your hands on smooth stones in Minecraft. 

You can get smooth stones from mason’s chest. You will get smooth stones as a loot material from mason’s chest. You can get smooth stones by double smelting cobblestones in a furnace. There are higher chances that you will get smooth stones from Butcher’s house. Along with these methods, you can also get smooth stones from many different locations of your Minecraft world. You can get smooth stones from tundra biomes, plain biomes, savanna, and Minecraft villages. 

How To Make Chiseled Stone Bricks In Minecraft

Chiseled stone bricks are the special kinds of stone bricks in Minecraft games. You can use chiseled stone bricks for decorating your buildings and other structures. Making a chiseled stone brick requires you two stone slabs in Minecraft. You can use a crafting grid and add the stone slabs in their respective positions. This way, you will get chiseled stone bricks in your gameplay. Then move them to your inventory to use in your future.

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